the stagewise method (for heavily addict and weak willpower people)

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    for heavy addicts or teens.. you know you guys go for nofap but relapse on 8th day and then start binging instead of starting again. why? because your try was not succesful. also the urge was so strong right. but what had made you so heavy addict that this urge overpower your willpower? it is nothing but unnatural way of satisfying yourself that is making ou addict. because there ARE ALWAYS SOME NEW CONTENT IN IT.
    so my suggestion is quit p only for now. i mean you want to complete 90 days right but first defeat loki before fight thanos ..just quit p for 45 days.
    stage 0 just no p for 30 days (for noobs) aka beat justin hammer
    pics or stories are allowed
    can fap as much as want but no p
    motive is to prepare mind to braek habit of opening that toic website
    stage 1 no p for 45 days (aka easy mode) aka beat loki god of mischief
    rules p or p sub strictly not allowed just m is allowed
    2.fap as much as you want but with your imagination only(trust me either you wont get hard or will get tired of same fantasy as your mind isnt used to thinking this much as p was always there)
    now that for 45 days you didnt relied on technology for fapping congrats you will be not a addict anymore it was just options that were making you addict.
    now you have better control over behaviour and had you will feel good about passing stage 1 and is many many times better than failing at day 8 of hard mode.also now you dont use tech for fapping and it is just fapping that you want to quit to get your life back as semen preservation is also necessary you should try hard mode
    stage 2 hard mode for 90 days (the real challenge ) aka beat thanos
    read nofap guide for details of hardmode aka monk mode aka no pmo mode.
    it is real reboot and will be easier as you are not triggered easily buy your goddamn phone.
    i have tried and invented this method and is ofcourse a copy of easy mode but it is the staircase i.e stage wise promotion that will make it easier. and maybe wrong or a weak method that may or may not work..and those who feel that this method is smart way of preparaing for nofap should indeed try it.

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