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    Realised suddenly my last relapse was technically today, as it happened later at night after midnight (doesnt usually happen but it did.) In the interests of being fair to the counter I'm gonna reset it, so I wont be out of Borg hell till tomorrow, but I havent actually relapsed since last night.

    (I know you can set the counter for any time of day, but setting it for like 5 past midnight just makes the turnover weird to me lol)
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  3. AtomicTango

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    Reset after less than a day. I'm really getting tired with my behaviour at this point. I'm only PMO'ing because of psychosomatic urges. I've conditioned myself to PMO in the early evening so every day I get urges at this time. I know I can overcome this because I eliminated the urges for a long time on my last long streak. But god damn, I cant seem to get far enough to begin the process of weakening the mental link. I set myself stuff to do so I'm not in a position to relapse, but when the urges hit, my lizard brain overtakes me and I do it anyway.

    A bad situation, but I wont give up. One day at a time. Aiming for a week. Then a month. After that I should be able to have enough momentum to get back on a long streak.
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  4. Vanquisher12

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    Day 7 completed, retaking my Starfleet Entrance Exam
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  5. Vanquisher12

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    Day 8 completed, Eager Young Space Cadet again!
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  6. AtomicTango

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    Day 1, finally lol. Out of the collective.
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  8. AtomicTango

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    With you there dude. Keep trying.
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  11. Vanquisher12

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    I like this challenge i'm in too!
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  13. AtomicTango

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    Welcome aboard.
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  15. modern milarepa

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    Q checking in

    475 days SR
    46 days no sex

    Friendship, no more girls & austerity

    This fitness girl I dated two weeks ago texted me yesterday telling why I wasn't talking to her anymore, I didn't feel like replying, also she hasn't tried to talk to me too. I think I'll just let her go. I could easily have sex with her but there is something negative and heavy about her energy also she's coming too strong, that text yesterday was very uncalled for.

    Yesterday I went to see the girl I'm dating at her house, it was good. I'm going to stay with this girl, we are almost like friends I never had that with a girl, she'll be my first female friend.

    She only had sex once and I'm not certain if we are going to have sex soon, we have seen each other since two weeks ago. I don't really care about it, but at the same time this doesn't help to see her as a partner, at the moment I enjoy her company and talking to her.

    Friendship is something I rarely experience maybe in my teenage years like 15 years ago. I'm pretty much a loner, except I date girls from time to time.
    So I appreciate this girl's friendship even more than sex or an actual romantic relationship. Even do we kiss and all that but no sex. She also says, she doesn't want to rush things up because it has turned bad for her in the past. I haven't mention sex too, I told her that when she feels ready we'll do it. There's also some flaws in her character and inmaturity that doesn't help me to see her as something serious, maybe this can change, only time will tell.

    Some exes have reached out to me these past days wanting to see me and have sex, I simply ignored them. It's so great to not be dependent on sex, nothing compels you or makes you dependable on someone else.

    Free of lust = freedom

    For the time being I'm going to take a complete break from girls probably until march/April next year I need to focus on my studies 110%. Maybe if a girl I like a lot comes in my way or if this girl I'm seeing right now we become serious I'll reconsider girls again in this period of time. I just don't want to spend any time or mental energy on girls right now. I have to study like crazy.

    Day 1/30
    I'm going to do some austerities this always helped me in the past to have more energy and a sharp mind.

    1.I'll be out of the internet or any screen unless it's for studying and nofap posting but mostly on my journal, making threads and in the challenges. Also always open to help if someone pm me. girls except the girl I'm seeing or if another one I like a lot comes in the way.

    3. Waking up at 4am or even earlier.
    4. Not lying on my back in any seat.
    5. Chaste look
    6. No music

    7. Simple food, no junk food or anything like it, maybe an ice cream or a pizza very rarely only if I'm on a date with a girl and most likely only after having sex, I don't really like junk food.

    8. Cold showers
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  16. Intonator

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    Great idea for a challenge @AtomicTango

    Started my journal today called Unimatrix Zero then saw this thread. I'd like to join.
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  17. AtomicTango

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    Welcome aboard.
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  18. Onan the Barbarian

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  19. AtomicTango

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    Of course! Welcome aboard!
  20. Vanquisher12

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    Fell and masturbated today, though without porn at least which is better than last time.

    Back to the Collective
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