The START 2021 STRONGER Challenge [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by BrohkenCompass, Sep 3, 2020.

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    I would love to join if you guys are still accepting people.
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    Sorry to hear about that man. Dust yourself off, reevaluate your goals, and commitments and get through the day. DO NOT BINGE!
  3. BrohkenCompass

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    Hang in there. Sounds like it's mind over body. Your mind is superior, do not waver. Wishing you strength...
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    Do you know the saying that success is a journey, not a destination. I'd like to remind you that your journey continues, you're going to cross obstacles, setbacks, unexpected blessings, and more along the way. But with each day, you can grow. I say "can", because it's up to you to take the information, and learn from it.

    Take these two relapses. I'll bet there are some common threads you can identify. Some situations, circumstances, places, people, sources of emotions [TRIGGERS] that with reflection can be changed, avoided, handled better, improved to make sure they don't cause another relapse.

    @Kingler, I don't know every reason you're here. I am not sure what exactly you want to be different for yourself in 2021. Changes. But.... I'd bet you a paycheck that whatever it is - you need it to change for more than a day. You need it to change for more than a year. The rest of your life depends on this. The relationships, the careers, the emotional balance. The fears, the anxiety, the self-confidence issues, the self-centeredness, the pain........ it's all got to change brother.

    There is a temporary thing we must do to make a permanent change. There is not reward. Hell, there is no recognition. There is only the absence of all the negativity that we're trying to cleanse.

    Wash your hands brother.....cleanse yourself. Deep breaths. Let it out. Scream out loud if you must. Just get it out of yourself. I am not ashamed to write here that I have screamed out loud. I have cried and cried and begged some power that be to spare me of this pain. You do whatever the hell you must do - but it's like I said in my intro.

    1. We are out of time.
    2. The time is NOW.

    Make a choice right now that your future self will send you letters over thanking you for your wisdom and discretions.
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    Yes , we are. I am adding you to the PLATINUM tier. The 100 day cutoff has passed. Welcome to the challenge, best of luck to you in meeting your goals.
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    Day 1 - 28th September 2020

    Spent the day on university studying. I'm glad that i was atleast productive but i've fallen behind lately due to the porn abuse and that i had a cold last week, but hopefully i can get back on track. PMO really screws up with my memory and its like whenever i pmo i forget all the things i just studied. Also i have been using korean ginseng for a while and that thing is a miracle not just for your memory but your overall wellbeing. I feel like i have more energy, clearer mind and sleep better at night. It also increase your libido and sex drive which is a downside of you are going nofap and dont have a girlfriend, and its one reason to which has sometimes led me to relapse.
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    Thanks Man I'll Try to Stay Away From My PC & Phones As Much As Possible. Your words promoted the ignited flame inside me. :)
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    Day 73, checking in.
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    Hey, can someone please tell me how I can block porn completely on the PC & Phone??
    How to replace the bad amount of dopamine with good amount of dopamine, so that I can manage the initial days? :)
    Thanks In Advance :)
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    Came through it, filled the day with goodness, early night and slept well. It was just a bad day. Day 32 is already a better one!
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  16. Hey guys (and girls), unfortunately I was weak minded last night and gave in to the urges I was experiencing due to the chaser effect from a wet dream and relapsed.:( I always seem to relapse around the 14 day mark. I'm devising new strategies in order to break my record (15 days) this time. Trying not to beat myself up about it - we get up and try again no matter what!! I've just made it in before the 30th! Let's Start 2021 PMO free!! Thanks for all the support.
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    Okay guys, let me in, @BrohkenCompass , I am on day 5 of my streak, count me in. I will update my progress weekly.
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