The START 2021 STRONGER Challenge [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by BrohkenCompass, Sep 3, 2020.

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    Day 7. I had some urges to look at instagram "just a little" last night but did not do it. Before trying to stop porn, I had never heard of instagram.
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    The one day challenge . Every single day. I'm with us @John Uskglass . NoFap Tuesday.
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    Quick ADMIN note everybody.

    If you message me in the am that you relapsed, and again later that same day that you relapsed again, I am NOT counting two strikes, and here is why.

    A relapse is a return to your addict behavior after a period of improvement. use porn or masturbate for 5 years...or 25. You find NoFap, commit to a change. You go two weeks. You relapse. Then again, and again. This may last 1-3 days....or weeks. I relapsed in 2018 and didn't come back for 18 months. I relapsed to my original addict behavior. In this year, I've relapsed 19 times...however that behavior accounts for 62 days of this year. A HUGE accomplishment if you ask me.

    I hope this makes sense. You're willing to track your counters any way you please. It's your recovery. If you go minute to minute and say you're 42 hours clean, that's great. If you masturbate every three hours and reset your counter, that's fine.

    For me, I count while days. I did or did not use porn yesterday. 0 times or 1 time or 5 times. Positive or negative. Green or Red. Clean vs. not clean. There's only two options. Win the battle - lose the battle.

    The way I do this, is if I relapse at 10:00 am today....I mark my counter for 1159 pm. The whole day is a strike. I must wake up tomorrow and earn my day.

    Notice, this is a war. I will not lose the war. For as long as I am breathing and consciously seeking improvement, the war remains. It does not end untill my last breath.

    If I have not counted a strike - and you REALLY want me to add a strike, please just shoot me a message.

    The bottom line is we are here for encouragement and support....not getting salt rubbed into our wounds. This is a personal space - with no real external motivators. An instrinsic reward system that only you can define for yourself. Me....I thank God for every green day. One day closer to my last PMO ever!!!!
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    You can't have self-discipline without self-confidence - @master3

    Interesting signature quote. I think this is backwards. Yes you must be confident to be able to feel strong enough to make the choices that equal "discipline". I won't disagree.

    But consider this.

    Can a man who lacks self-discipline, who fails to meet even his own standards really have self-confidence? Or will this man have self-doubt and regret his choices over time?
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    Sorry to hear about your troubles getting past day 15. I hope you find the resources needed quickly. Strike assigned.
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    Another strike for you @Ghost in the Shell ? Or observing and commenting on the group's progress?
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    Added you. Good luck. You still have 90+ days you can achieve. We are all here supporting and rooting for you.
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  9. This really is a huge point. I hope others heed this. It's simple and therefore easy to overlook.
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  10. Day 16.
    Instead of blocking websites for a few days and allowing it twice a week I decided to go for the nuclear option and delete all my accounts (except for my email, whatsapp and this forum)
    In my case the internet is a trigger and a problem similar to PMO because I use it as a form of escapism.

    Now the internet will be only for topics related to study, work or personal development. There will be no space for porn on my digital devices.
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    I'd like to join the challenge.
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    Going through the posts here, as there is some really good and inspirational content.

    I am nodding my head as I read this. I have only looked at IG when I want a dopamine hit, which of course, always leads to PMO.

    Checking in as I am now into Day 11. I am really looking forward to a great 2021, but honestly, having this kind of momentum as we end September is pretty awesome.

    When @BrohkenCompass first started this challenge, it was a one and done challenge and I only made it like 3 days and then I acted on multiple times.

    Thankfully, the premise of this challenge changed and I am finding success. I do not want to stradle no lines.

    I am all in.
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    great work on 10!
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  14. I've been around the forum but I wanted to do my first actual check-in. Just to affirm my progress to myself if nothing else.

    Day 7.
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    I am studying as a way to maintain myself occupied... Must people use the time to go the gym, for myself starting exercises just increases my libido, strangely, but this is myself. If my advice is somewhat worthy I would say for you to do something that has meaning for you. Like, lose fat, study something, write a book, start a business, do some voluntary work... you decide. But the while point is maintain yourself occupied through the day.
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    And you are added. Welcome to the challenge. Stay focused, good luck to you.
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    Back around to day 4. Doing pretty good. Had urges to peek but realized that's just stupid if I'm not even gonna masturbate, and I obviously plan on not masturbating. Been playing a video game lately where the main character is slightly sexualized but the game and story itself is amazing, so I just talked myself through it. Not sure why the creators of the game chose to sexualize the character but that doesn't mean I have to be turned on like a 9 year old discovering playboy for the first time. I'm stronger than that. Also for some reason I put day 2 yesterday when it was actually day 3, I guess trying to focus on other things i've lost count of the days. Not sure if thats good or bad.
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