The START 2021 STRONGER Challenge [CLOSED]

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  1. [QUOTE="skull67, post: 2746975, member: 300624", Hoping the month of October will go well for me.[/QUOTE]

    Indeed, it can. You're stronger every time you stumble. Getting up is easier. Going just a little further is easier. Just remember that the earliest days will bring your most difficult challenges.
    Strike assigned.
    Good luck.
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  2. PegasusKid

    PegasusKid Fapstronaut

    Day 5, almost a full week now.
  3. Day 27.
    First night on my camping trip alone in my campervan. Will go to bed early tonight and try to get up to see the sunrise. Good times!
  4. Brahmacharya_UK

    Brahmacharya_UK Fapstronaut

    Thanks Brah, LEGENDS now on the signature - I find these challenges an important part of the recovery process ;P)
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  5. banana man

    banana man Fapstronaut

    Day 21 Check in.
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  6. Just checking in real quick and I'm feeling/doing good. Been staying busy. Not much time to dwell on urges. Also no time for video games which I've heard "leads to relapse" for some because if dopamine rushes.
  7. Schia

    Schia Fapstronaut

    For some reason, my brain seems to be focusing in on every woman I’ve ever been had thoughts about but without having intercourse with who fit in with the image of the women in P I like. Trying to get around the no P by giving me fantasies unfulfilled. It’s an interesting tactic, but I’m determined to overcome it! Especially as I’m married to the best woman I could ever find.
  8. tonyk1982

    tonyk1982 Fapstronaut

    yeah man I get in a mindspin like that with P memories of that certain look, especially if I see that similar look out in public. I've had to train myself to just stare at my shoelaces when attractive women are around so as not to be a creepy old man, to avoid generating P images in my addict brain, and of course to not disrespect my wife if I am with her. My challenge is, perhaps like you, my wife fits my ideal physical female look, so I'm almost always getting revved up by looking at her. That is, of course, when we are not trying to figure out how to re-build our marriage. F'ed up - I know.
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  9. tonyk1982

    tonyk1982 Fapstronaut

    BC - glad to hear you are doing well. We all appreciate your leadership of this group. Stay strong.
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  10. _Just_For_PRJ_

    _Just_For_PRJ_ Fapstronaut

    Thank you so much man
    This gonna be the best phase of my life
  11. Yeah man, you gotta let that past go and focus on the present....the blessing of your marriage and a good woman.
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  12. Sounds familiar, except I don't look at my shoes. But definitively can relate to this...
  13. MountainSea

    MountainSea Fapstronaut

    and @tonyk1982
    Crazy how people can be so different and still physiologically similar. I had some wild urges earlier this week, but think I'm over that hump now. This is nearing my longest streak yet so I'm curious what the future holds.
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  14. From my own experience, and a conversation with a fellow NF'er we both agreed there's another rush around 21-24 days. I think for me though (and him) being married with kids the fact is that if I have sex it's often in a weekend...then I'm looking next weekend, I the next, or the next for sex again. Sometimes I happens, sometimes I relapse, but the cycle is usually spot on. Weekends. Days 6/7,13)14, 20/21.... Saturday/ Sunday. It's pretty predictable. I'm pressing for a hard mode reboot during this time, at least the first half. Letting my wife have space and cope with a loss of her Mom. You'd think oh that's easy... but I still desire her and it's been quite challenging.

    Stay good everyone.... this is temporary. The effects are hopefully long term and positive.
  15. master3

    master3 Fapstronaut

    Day 4 - 1th October 2020

    I have still yet to fix my sleeping schedule since my cold last week and just yesterday i slept at 5 o clock on the morning and woke up at 1-2 oclock meaning i wasted half of the day. I spent most of that time left at the university and I do feel that im productive when i actually do study so i need to fix this schedule starting from today. Also the days feels like they are just passing by one after another.
  16. master3

    master3 Fapstronaut

    Self dicipline is a long run process and when I mean self confidence, i'm talking that in the long run you need to believe that you can actually do it to succeed. You mentioned something that many people here who first discovered NoFap went through, in that you were somewhat motivated by the new discovery and its benefits, and realised as the day passed by you could do it which gives even further motivation and confidence. For many and myself who have been on NoFap for years the ''Benefits'' motivation doesn't work anymore. Just some years ago when i discovered NoFap i went 6 month without PMO several times but as i relapsed, over and over again that nofap beginner motivation slowly went away and today i need another incentive to stay away from porn.

    Anyway it looks like you are doing great, keep on going.
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  17. Editor

    Editor Fapstronaut

    Checking in here after day 1. Managed to come through, but it was a highly unproductive day, and I may have been doing actual work for a max of 4/15 hours. I will try to change that, and treat today the same as day 1. New day, fresh things to do. Keep at it everyone! Good luck.
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  18. Jefe Rojo

    Jefe Rojo Fapstronaut

    Just checking in. Still going strong. :)
  19. Teutão

    Teutão Fapstronaut

    Day 8. Yesterday my computer crashed so I didn't checked, but the problem is already solved.
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  20. Gregory S

    Gregory S Fapstronaut

    60 Days, I'm pretty proud of this Cock Control

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