The START 2021 STRONGER Challenge [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by BrohkenCompass, Sep 3, 2020.

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    Seriously. Now, more than ever, the world needs an aware and value driven populace. Living for our own comfort and the comfort of those around us isn't enough anymore. As stewards of the Earth it's our responsibility to advance the knowledge and well being of this planet.

    “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and make a change.”
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    This is VERY familiar. I had sex on Sunday...and it didn't go great. I wanted to MO all day to have a premium orgasm experience all by myself. I resisted, but then Monday I was still feeling like I needed to orgasm. Ended up begging the wife and bothering her until she gave in. But.... the fact I didn't MO is barely rewarding in the guilt if making her have sex.
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    Day 7.

    Whew. Its like this day, started busy, and ended busy.

    An affirmation my friend sent me this morning had this quote:

    "Acknowledging support for personal pain with a Thank You is a powerful spiritual awaking"

    Today I was going over to the gym to workout, and something was just off. I was uncomfortable. I thought of the morning affirmation, pulled my car over, parked, and called a trusted friend. I shared my personal pain to them, opening up about the day, and things that made me uncomfortable. At the end of our conversation I felt so much better. I told him Thank You, and I meant it. Boy, did I mean it.

    It would have been just as easy to ignore my feelings, and my body, the way it felt, and just went and worked out. But, afterwards I would still be left feeling the same as I felt before working out. So taking the time to put my emotional healing first, was the right choice.

    For everybody in this challenge, I want to say Thank You. This is something that I cannot do alone.

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    Hello Guys hope you all are doing great.....

    Day 46 check in.....
    Exam season not yet ended:p:)
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    Relapsed again. Tried to resist the urges but couldn’t take it anymore. It’s easy until my insomnia kicks in and there’s nothing to do in bed except pmo. Another strike for me
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    2 weeks done successfully and pretty easily. Already seeing the effects. The superpowers are real.

    The next few days will be easy because I will be away from home without my internet devices. However, once I come back , the first few days after that will be hard for me. Hoping to stay concentrated and get through them.

    Day 14
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    Right, I have now 47 days... I can feel the complacency creeping in, and that aint happening this time. I still gotta get on the NoFap forums and speak my truth. Because without it I am in danger of just going back to the beginning.

    Monday was a good day, I went to visit my Dad and his girlfriend, who I'd not seen for some time, they are both looking and keeping well.

    The subject of my estranged mother was discussed again. Although I'm not happy that this distance has had to be put in place, it is absolutely the right thing for now.

    When I am ready I will approach her again, but it has to be when I'm ready and on my terms, she cannot be made to feel that she has successfully manipulated me into contacting her. Although I may be overanalysing things here, I do know exactly what she is like.

    I think family therapy is ultimately needed, but all I can do for now is stay clean and sober - until as and when the time is right to venture down that road.
  9. Brahmacharya_UK

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    Hey there,

    2 Weeks is no mean feat - you should be proud of what you have achieved.

    We have to be careful around devices, so yes stay disciplined and maintain your same state of mind that got you to where you are today, and you will be able to build this streak even further.
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    @New Focus
    @banana man
    @Renaissance Man
    @Jefe Rojo
    @Ghost in the Shell
    @John Uskglass
    @Gregory S
    @My Best self
    @Ian Of Freelandia
    @Teo Whispers

    Hello and Happy Hump Day to everybody. Sorry, I've been away, lurking in the shadows so to speak. Had a great weekend with the family, and then my work days were pretty busy followed by some committed evening workouts. I have updated the tracker with some strikes and a couple of additions @gegenavenger and @RollerCoaster who both came on with streaks that began before the 03 OCT cutoff. Not wanting to turn away a brother in need, I am happy to add them to the support roster as CHALLENGERS!

    I've read a ton of your guys' posts and the back and forth support is incredible. That and some of the admissions of fighting and struggling with urges, winning some tough battles, and generally just staying alive in this challenge are pretty darn motivating.

    I am Turning the corner on week three and heading into week 4. Hopefully, soon back to 30 days, a feat I have only managed once. These are very difficult days for me historically, however right now I feel on top of my game dismissing porn, MO urges, etc. and just keeping on the path.

    For those that joined up right away in early SEP - it's already been one month total, and some of you have over 30 days under your belt. Congrats. Keep at it. Don't look back.

    Sorry to hear about, read about and see some of the relapse reports. While I know everyone is torn up each time they relapse, I want to remind you that in the addiction world, relapse IS part of recovery. The fact that you log in, admit your deeds, take responsibility, analyze the situation, make a plan to better handle it next time - AND - maybe even offer up some support, motivation, or wisdom to the next guy is PROOF that we are all getting STRONGER. Stronger for what? 2021. Less than 90 days now. We are right in the thick of it boys.

    I don't care if you relapsed yesterday and are just under the 90 days - the fact is we ALL have a great shot at healing between NOW and JAN. So strap up your boots, tighten your belt, and do the damn thing. I don't want to see any more folks relapse...but you can't do it for me...It has to be for you!!!

    Let's go!
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  11. BrohkenCompass

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    This is no way to think. As others have mentioned, and you have admitted.... you have everything you need to make the choice right now and win. Make the choice. Period.

    Tough news brotha. Read my previous post. Get the hell back up and do this.

    Yes. I added you to the PLAT tier. Don't muck it up :cool:

    Alright man. Game time. 90 days left, give or take. Let that one go and come with us to the winners circle~
  12. Brahmacharya_UK

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    A great example of the bilitiy's that we all bring to this forum.
    ACCOUNTaBility - that we can give to and get from others.
    RESPONSiBility - that which we give to and get from ourselves
    While we can help each other, no one is going to do it for us...

    Make that choice today, you are all part of something greater than yourselves here, each of you has responsibility to yourselves and to the group to keep building better streak.
    Let's make this a true haven of recovery, and each one of us can contribute to making our cumulative days up to many
    When you Fap, you are no use to anyone, especially your brothers on this forum who need you now more than ever.
    Onwards and upwards...
  13. BrohkenCompass

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    Well written... thanks brother.
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    day 22 - a second day of calm, with no urges, P memories, or imagery. thanks for this day. Thanks for this site. For me, my ability to have a 20 or 30 day streak is only made possible by what I've learned here and the support of the community. It is a welcome feeling to experience the improved emotional and interpersonal world that is made possible by not engaging in PMO addict behaviors for hours/days on end. (in other words, not feeling the shame and guilt of having to hide the fact (lie) to everyone around me that I just spent 10 hours with my phone in one hand and...) This is a sense of satisfaction that I'm no longer wasting my life and can be honest with myself. To know that I can have a future that isn't polluted with P and associated bad behaviors.
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  15. gegenavenger

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    First of all, thanks @BrohkenCompass for adding me.
    I have tried for a long time to giive up PMO, but i always failed. But, this time is different, i have realised two of the major factors that made sure i lost everytime, 1. I was always alone in the battles with no moral support and 2nd. that i always had too much free time and got bored easily. This time i have you guys for moral support and i will make sure that my days are filled with work.
    Lets conquer this together.
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  16. Andreid

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    NoFap Defender

    Hello friends! I want to join this challenge too. So far I have 90 days, So I might have some chances for legendary rank.
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  17. There are times to come to a place like this forum just to affirm your wins regardless of how small, or how recently you've done it. Just to keep the momentum and stay positive.
    Today is one of those days for me.
    What a day.
    Day 15, that is.

    Keep going friends
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  18. JoeinMD

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    I don't know what I'm even doing, and carrying it out often eludes me, too. A spiritual person to whom I confessed saw something of God in me, and that was a great motivation, for which reason I'm clinging ever so closely to Him and trying to say "no" to every impulse I know will only lead me on a slippery slope. But, then, there are moments of pain and struggle, and so I just try to bear it (hopefully joyfully even) without compounding it, until it subsides of itself, just as it arose by itself.

  19. BrohkenCompass

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    Yes. I'll definitely add you to the LEGENDS tier. Welcome to the Challenge.
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