The START 2021 STRONGER Challenge [CLOSED]

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  1. This is a personal journey, there is no a roadmap with details about what should be done.

    But some thinkers can illuminate our doubts. I believe that Aristotle is useful in this. He said, "We are what we repeatedly do"
    But, what are we doing? and especially, what am I doing?

    If I consume porn and if I masturbate then I'm a man who does those actions. Are those actions inherently bad? I think not, and this answer is what has kept me awake all day.

    I think this would also explain the benefits, superpowers that I experienced myself. How do I explain them? simple, here in NoFap we fight a monster that we ourselves created. Do you really believe that healthy, energetic and non-degenerate people are oblivious to masturbation? I doubt it, but neither do I seek to justify the practice of masturbation, I just want to keep as a starting point what Aristotle said and this tells me that the action cannot be separated from its performer.
    We spend our free time promoting the message and acquiring a mentality where masturbation and porn are harmful, once we cut that consumption then our thinking and our lifestyle are in accordance and that raises our self-esteem, we are more optimistic and we improve in our daily life.

    But my relfection does not stop there, remember: "We are what we repeatedly do"
    What are we doing here, comrades? We're fighting porn, we're condemning masturbation. I don't want to be a man who consumes pornography in a rampant way, but I also don't want to be a man who is fighting such practices. I don't want to go from thinking about porn all day to masturbate to thinking about porn all day to feel a moral superiority. I don't want to have porn and masturbation as a constant in my life.

    We are what we repeatedly do, and I don't want to be a Fapstronaut.

    There is no roadmap to this journey. Instead of counting days I have decided to take a more qualitative approach, it is not measurable but consists of stages. My goal now will be to eliminate passive consumption, to stop living with a mind that constantly wanders. I have made some progress in this regard, especially with my digital devices, but I must go further, and I must eliminate my account in this forum to move forward.

    Keep improving, but keep questioning. What are you really fighting?
  2. I fell. Give me a strike.
    Got caught up in being over confident and edged knowing it would ultimately bring me to a reset.
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  3. _Just_For_PRJ_

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    Hello People
    Good Morning!!!!!
    It's 6:30am in India, I don't but I am in huge euphoria...
    Light showers of rain, cold Breeze of air, somewhat dark blue sky, You just can't imagine how soothing the climate is today...

    It's my day 50!!!!!:emoji_wink::emoji_eyes:
  4. Teutão

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    Day 17.
    @Chakra_Serpent the book that you talked about, coiled serpent, I started to read, is actually very interesting. However, I sense some traditionalist influence, which, as Guenon said, decifer "or I devour you", might be a danger.
  5. Gregory S

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    Sorry, been off a while. 69 days for my cock.
  6. Yeah, I don't agree with everything in the book but a lot of it makes complete sense.
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  7. Steppingintotheunkown

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    Thanks bro
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  8. Dragydof

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    Day 2. I won't relapse today. I feel it. So I survived the weekend!

    Yesterday I had drinks with my friends till 8 in the morning and then only slept for 3 hours. Now with one coffee I feel pretty okay. I just practiced drums for an hour and plan on doing more music practice tonight.

    I also kissed a girl yesterday. Thinking about it doesn't give me a chaser effect. It even keeps me from wanting PMO because the feelings of real intimacy felt so right.
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  9. PegasusKid

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    I hate to say it but i ended up relapsing. I fixed my sleeping issues by fasting from sunset until sunrise and now my sleep has been a lot deeper, but that's also lead to more dreams, more sexual dreams specifically. After a while, the urges got to me and i relapsed. But i'm gonna keep going anyways. I'm still at a rate of once a week at least, so as long as I avoid binging i consider that progress.
  10. Sorry, brother.

    Added you

    Sorry your streak must begin before OCT 3rd.

    I added a strike already on yesterday, I think it was.

    Sorry, your streak must begin on or before 03 October

    Sorry to hear that. You were on a roll. Get back on the horse my friend.


    Sorry, @PegasusKid . We must keep trying. These setbacks are expected, unfortunately, and are part of the process.
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  11. I prayed that this wouldn't happen.. but I have relapsed and will not be reaching 90 days before New Years. I lost all control yesterday and acted out all day with porn. However, I am going to keep on trying hard and do my absolute best to go hard mode until 2021. I was with my wife, it was too much, it led to another relapse. Something I am familiar with. There is only one solution. I set my counter to 1159 last night.
  12. Jefe Rojo

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    Sorry @BrohkenCompass , I know how disappointed you are but one thing that I’ve learned from you is to keep a good perspective on recovery. You just went over 3 weeks without a single reset or relapse. That is progress. And you have already recognized where you went wrong. It’s days like this one where you find out what you’re really made of. How will you react to this setback? You have two choices, let it continue to get the best of you or kick it in the teeth and go even farther this time. Progress, not perfection. Stay strong brother.
  13. I choose victory.
  14. Day 1 Check in! Let´s go my brothers and sisters!
  15. checking in, having a bit of rough time, expecting the next few days to be bad.
  16. New Focus

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  17. Thanks for the support. Really bummed out because I really wanted that legends tier. Well I'll settle for gold I guess. Let's stay clean the rest of 2020!
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  18. Teutão

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  19. tonyk1982

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    BC - you've done well over these last few weeks. Weekends are tough for some of us married guys. You know this pattern and you'll figure out how to manage this. In the meantime we all appreciate your leadership of this group and are here to support your next streak. Stay strong my friend, stay strong all.

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