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    Good stuff here. Lucky 7's
  2. I just love that quote. I know personally I fought the hard way for too long, so I resonate what you said there.
    So easy to over complicate these things when we get into a rough spot (like pmo habit).

    Day 24
  3. Agreed.
    I'll add in...
    I'd encourage those of us who are having trouble to really take the wins of others in this group as their own.
    We're all individuals here, AND we make up a group.

    As individuals, each of us is responsible for our own success.
    Yet the success of each individual makes up the group's success.

    We are here for each other, to keep each other strong and to share our wins. That ought to inspire.
    Taking in those wins gives a sense of success and possibility that sustains us moving forward.

    Hope this helps.
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    Today is Day 50 for me. A half century. Chuffed to bits with that.

    Urges are much flatter now. I’ve had a few bad days mentally this week, but somehow PMO didn’t offer itself as the answer, as it often has done. Not too bad at all.
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    Hey @Schia,

    50 is a milestone, I'm pleased to hear you made it this far. Great to hear that the urges are flattening. It is the time now to still stay strong and vigilant because a lack of urges could otherwise lead to complacency.

    I'm sorry to hear about the bad days you had. I too have had a fair share of those and I expect to have more. Each time we find way through those times without acting out, we get stronger.

    Delighted with your progress, stay strong!
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    Thanks, @BrohkenCompass, but you might have me listed wrong. I see that I'm under both the "legend tier" and "platimum tier" at the same time, whereas you might have meant to put me on the general list of participants and the Legend tier. Best!

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    This is gold.
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    I'm in a tough spot. Vividly seeing and thinking of things I shouldn't be thinking about. Been up since 4a. 2.5 hours of distractions and it's still there...

    Maybe writing here will help.
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    100% agree with @Ian Of Freelandia.
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    I'm really gutted to admit that I relapsed again today. I let the chaser affect get me. I didnt veiw porn or go into a chatroom. I fantasised.

    Today I had an epiphany

    I always have know that I need a good reason to do nofap, Iv been doing nofap for myself for all the benefits I get, that's been my reason.. Me me me. Iv had this Mgtow mindset. I was hurt a few years ago and it turned me into this Mgtow guy, Iv been coming out of the Mgtow way of thinking for the past 6 months or so because I think it's flawed. Iv been doing some journaling and thinking today and I know that deep down I really want to get married and start a family, the thoughts always been there but Iv buried it. I now have a bigger purpose for doing nofap, I will now do nofap for my future wife, who I haven't even met yet, but I know that I do not want to bring this out of control addiction into her life.
    So.. I'm going to start behaving and being the husband I want to be while I'm single.
    I'm getting into a new mindset guys.. And I think this time it will really help me.

    I'm sorry Iv relapsed again but I feel this is a new start. I'm actually very excited
  13. Did writing help?
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  14. Day 25.
    Similar to some of you here, it's been a rough day for me. I'm staying clean though.
    For those who are also having a rough day, I'll share what helps me.

    I went for a little hike along the river.

    I've gotten into asking two main questions.

    "How do I feel? And what do I want?"
    I stay with those for a bit, and express whatever comes up.

    It's interesting at times how I can go from feeling numb and uncertain to very in-touch with my feelings, and clear on intent.

    As males, it seems many of us are turned away from emotional awareness.
    I've never seen that help though.
    It's worth considering that there's a difference between being in-touch with your feelings and having them control you.

    Again, for anyone who is willing, here is the question:
    "How do I feel; and what do I want?"
  15. Teutão

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    Man, I have a journal, and this helps miles...

    Day 24. Some sneaky thoughts, but beeing away from the phone helped a lot.
  16. thikk

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    Massive update: So I hit day 90 two days ago. The streak was super clean and I maintained honesty to myself. The news is that I actually had successful sex on day 91(I should probably add that it was with an escort, not sure it matters). Brief note I have had PIED for 7 years hiding it and using pills, add another 4 years with pmo use before PIED came along. Everything just worked yesternight, excellently. I've written a summary here (first time writing a success story) -
  17. BrohkenCompass

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    I haven't relapsed,...
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    Day 23. I am filling the gap left in my life from porn by other productive things. After 23 days, i still have bad days from time to time where i dont feel like doing anything at all. But i know that it is just part of my brain deaddicting, so i let them pass. Eventually i know that my mind will normalise, and i cant wait to reach the day when i will be free of this addiction and be free and have control over myself and my actions.
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