The START 2021 STRONGER Challenge [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by BrohkenCompass, Sep 3, 2020.

  1. master3

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    Day 3 done. Ive spent the day studying for exam next week. I cant say that i havent had though about looking up porn and escorts which are nearby, I need to stay strong.
  2. Jefe Rojo

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    Day 32 - Checking in. All is well. Best of luck to you all!
  3. espresso18

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    At the end of day 19.

    Honesty is the key.

  4. Schia

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    Had a dream last night that I bought a box which, when opened, played P in which I unknowingly starred, and then MOed over it. I even dreamed that I was trying to hide it from my wife, and even that I wrote about dropping a level on this thread to let you all know about it at the end.

    It was definitely a dream, as I know the P was not real, and it took place in a theme park. And I don’t live in a theme park. And there was no post in this thread. I guess that’s why I couldn’t get to sleep for three hours after waking up from it. But there was no real life PMO, and no post here, just in case I needed the evidence. And there was no wake up chaser. The shame from the dream was too much.

    From my other attempts, P in dreams has been a common trope. Usually it felt as though my mind was trying to trick me into PMO, although this one made me feel shame. Maybe a different intent? I don’t know. As we are, today is Day 52, and that dream has only increased my resolve.
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  5. _Just_For_PRJ_

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    Don't know the day
    But I know how to enjoy the life :)
  6. PegasusKid

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    Relapsed again. I think part of the issue is i've been too focused on the streak and not focused enough on just moving on from porn. Think it's time to use this site in a different way.
  7. gegenavenger

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  8. espresso18

    espresso18 Fapstronaut

    Start of Day 20...

    When I started this challenge, I made a list of goals that would help me. One of them, was to call someone who is also trying to stay away from the porn, everyday for the next 90 days, and ask them how they are doing.

    On a day last week, the first person I called did not answer the phone. Initially, I told myself that I had did the footwork. I could check this off my list.

    I remembered a friend once telling me that they keep calling until someone picks up. They have a call list which allows them to do this.

    Calling until someone answer's is good for me. It allows me to remain vulnerable, and is one more step away from complacency, and isolation.

    Though not everyday is bright and shiny, overall I feel better. I am starting to believe I can do this.

    Happy Monday,
  9. tonyk1982

    tonyk1982 Fapstronaut

    It's good that you have someone you can call. I shared my addiction problem with one close friend and he ignored me. I'm pretty sure he's sex-addicted too. I can't think of anyone else I could talk to about this. Which is why I appreciate this forum.
  10. tonyk1982

    tonyk1982 Fapstronaut

    Be alert for that 7-day itch...apparently there's an issue with build-up and/or release of testosterone that can create challenges around day 7. When I found out about this, I went back and checked my calendar and damn if that wasn't spot on. Also 14-days. Stay strong.
  11. tonyk1982

    tonyk1982 Fapstronaut

    Day 34 - I had a real challenge yesterday, big emotional upset with the wife. I wanted to sneak away and escape from my pain with a PMO session. I managed to avoid acting out. I PM'd a comrade here; wrote a lengthy note about what I was going through and that helped break the urge, and avoid the old pattern of addict behavior. All I needed was a few minutes to re-orient my brain, and kick the addict out of my head. realize what the consequences would be if I went down that same awful path again. Writing my feelings down gave me the time and space to get right. Thank you friend. Thank you all.
  12. BrohkenCompass

    BrohkenCompass Fapstronaut

    Sorry to hear that. I too sometimes get lost in the numbers. It's been two weeks...oh no I am going to relapse...fear, anxiety, etc. all caused by my own damn self.

    Remove the counter from your signature. Disregard it. Do what you must to be healthy (mind and body).
  13. BrohkenCompass

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    I told the story of how in the Army, we would all just talk about sex and porn like it was going to lunch and getting pizza. I mostly keep to the forums but I do have a few private chats going with some members that I find are nearly as good as phone a friend concept. Make it work for you, right?
  14. BrohkenCompass

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    Monday afternoon in Texas, USA. I'm coming off a somewhat challenging week of feeling the burden from not having sex with my wife. I was pretty horny and fired up but I kept it in my pants and under control. Needing that validation of being wanted... trying to cure that issue.

    Just about 75 days to go. I know the group has had it's fair share of relapses. THIS WILL HAPPEN. Remember, relapse is a part of the recovery process. It is the getting up and reflecting part that means you're still alive, still fighting, still trying.

    I'm well over 200 days clean this year, and yet I have just over 50 days of acting out on that same timeline. I am not perfect, but I feel so much better and I believe that the breakthrough I am seeking is right around the corner.

    We have had a couple of contestants strike out of the competition, but I sincerely hope that we all stick around, encourage each other and shoot for the biggest streak we can reach before next year. There is still so much room to grow - so I am planting a seed for you....GROW little seed....GROW:D

    We halso have some good success stories starting to pop up. 60+, 90+ days, etc and some are starting to find that change is real. If you missed any of it, go back and read on the posts.

  15. BrohkenCompass

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    Removing these members who have deactivated their accounts
  16. Blue Clouds

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    I know not everyone will agree, but I absolutely believe this is true. The fact is, we have a lot of made up rules for ourselves that make this much harder to make progress. The goal is not a rationalized high number, but growth within our own lives.
  17. JoeinMD

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    Tempted but holding on at Day 37.


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