The START 2021 STRONGER Challenge [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by BrohkenCompass, Sep 3, 2020.

  1. gegenavenger

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    Stay strong @tonyk1982 , we all believe in you and stand with you :)
  2. gegenavenger

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    Day 26. Another day down, Slowly my brain is improving and i also feel that it is trying to get addicted to other things (like day dreaming, i have a problem with excessive day dreaming, today i struggled a lot with it and day dreamed a lot, nothing P related, just general bullshit), but tomorrow i will devote myself strictly to work. If my brain wants to get the slow release of dopamine, i would rather give it by working on my studies or going to the gym. So that overtime I can adopt positive habits and i no longer have to struggle with these things.

    I would like to remind myself the same things that i wrote once for another fapstronaut, ' The brain will take time to improve, you can not make this process go any faster. So have patience, wait and in the mean while carry on with your life, do positive things, and over time your brain will improve.'

    Patience and continuos work are the key.
  3. BrohkenCompass

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    Change of scenery....

    Exactly. Whatever it takes, go to the mall and walk around in public...anything.
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  4. JoeinMD

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    Yesterday - Day 38 - was my greatest withdrawal suffering yet. Today - Day 39 - was my greatest day of bliss. Moral: If you hold out during the big storm, you will be given a great reward.
  5. Teutão

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    Strike for me @BrohkenCompass .
    Relapsed. Was having maybe the most peacefull of my streaks, until yesterday. After a 6 hours fight against a persistent urge I relapsed. However this was a different relapsed. Before It was like if I was a bunch of iron coins scaterred trough the table, now It is like if someone took these coins and destroyed then by melting, and is now using this new metal to forge a sword. Although I wil not be able to reach 2021 with 90 straight "clean" days, I feel that I am stronger, and know myself better.
    Day 0.
  6. _Just_For_PRJ_

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    [Just for little-bit fun]
    You people don't mean anything to me.
    You are not the sunlight of my life.
    Without you I was fine.
    You all never helped me.
    You never motivated me.
    At last you didn't helped me to come out of dark days of pmo

    [I hope you all are familiar with the word irony]
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  7. gegenavenger

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  8. Thank you guys!

    And that's a very worthy message @_Just_For_PRJ_ .
    I hope more can get it.

    Thank you for the reminder
  9. Yesterday was a "rough day". First day on a new job. And generally struggling with integrating growth as a person in my life.

    Here's the positive:
    I made it through and today marks
    Day 30

    Keep going my friends.
  10. tonyk1982

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    Excellent milestone! Congrats. Stay strong.
  11. Samurai_God

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    Hello brothers and sisters.
    I'm been gone for a while and I relapsed twice unfornately. The first was 5 days ago and the second was today.

    I distract so much in the cell phone and social media that I waste hours and saw women every where in social media and one thing take to another. I must stop using my phone and this right now.
    Instead of doing important things I wasted hours in my cell phone.
    What should I do? I'm a student right now.

    Day 0
    I will never give up on my own.
    Let's go!
  12. JoeinMD

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    40 days
    in the purification desert
    - a Spring (Lent) out of season!
  13. Jefe Rojo

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  14. BrohkenCompass

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    Let's lift up our friends @Jefe Rojo @Samurai_God @Teutão who have stumbled. I've been there many times personally and as we all know the difference between lingering in the failure and binging for a few days vs. getting right the hell up and out of that ditch is a positive attitude.

    We had a few success stories too this week already. Folks feeling very tested, and very irritated or vulnerable - yet they overcame this and continued the march forward. If you're feeling down right now, remember the feelings of despair, shame, guilt, remorse, anger or anything else that you've felt after a relapse. Use that memory to not relapse today. Then remind yourself tomorrow and through the weekend.

    As October is coming to a close so does the door to 60+days. Lets be honest, even if you relapsed today - 70 ish days is still a HUUUUGE accomplishment that we can ALL actually do if we just DECIDE.

    I'll give an example. Today, my Facebook ads led to some women attire outlet. There were some nice little t shirts and other attire. The models were attractive, but there was a t-shirt I wanted to actually get my lady for Christmas. I told myself..."In and Out". Buy it and go. I did. Then I went and hugged my wife in the other room and now I am here checking in. I am setting my mind up for the inevitable urge that may come. I don't need it. And quite honestly, aside from noticing their attraction the whole process did nothing for me dopamine and sexually, etc. I feel absolutely fine.

    7 days for me. 70 to go. Dare I say - I can do this. I think I actually believe it.
  15. Teutão

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  16. Jefe Rojo

    Jefe Rojo Fapstronaut

    Thanks! I’m already back at it. Time to build the streak back up.
  17. Kingler

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    Happy Birthday Bro, Sorry For Being Late :)
  18. Kingler

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    Bro I too am a student. We have to remember a lot of things but PMO keeps affecting that. Why don't you try to stay away from all devices for one day. This helped me, give it a try. All The Best Buddy. You Helped Me When I Was Lost. Don't Give Up Bro. You'll definitely succeed. You can do it man :) :)

    I've got an important article from the book "Your Brain On Porn". This will motivate you :)

    Link =>
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