The START 2021 STRONGER Challenge [CLOSED]

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  1. For sure. Folks will/ can join with whatever streak you've got going. We just aren't going back to before September for counting. Happy to have you.
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  2. End of the weekend for me here in Texas. I won't lie, I had a couple tough spots this weekend. Managed to get through. Possibly learned a new cool down technique. We have a few folks that joined over the weekend. I'm excited to see the group growing. Still another week +/- to join so invite anybody you know on the forum that you see looking for direction and desiring to be free.
    I'll try and get on tomorrow and fix up the members list and get us all situated.
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    Count me in @BrohkenCompass I am hitting 90 days next month but I'd like something to keep me going till 2021.
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    How can I join I need to focus and get this out of my head
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    Challenge accepted :)
    Starting today (day : 0)

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  7. And we grow. Stronger , together. Listen guys, I know we are going to lose some champions along the way. This is the nature of addiction, and this is the nature of these challenges

    I really hope you guys will consider my story as motivation. Feel free to check out my journal if you'd like. I put a lot of time in there sharing some pretty sincere thoughts.

    Cliff notes...
    I started in 2019. Probably stayed on track a month or two with relapses. Disappeared a year and a half until this December / New Year. I restarted pretty much for the new year and as you can see in my tracker it's been a tough year but I'm making tons of progress. I'm drawing a line in the sand. Soon this year will be over and I am determined to not start next year 5 days into another streak after relapsing on Christmas Eve because my junk didn't work, or my wife rejected me because I'm still a selfish asshole, or I just felt like getting the rush of one more porn session or whatever other trigger sends me down relapse street. I don't want to be that guy anymore. We all say it...but this CAN be the time we mean it. The choice is ours.
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  8. @andean I read through the post from page one and I don't even see you having joined this challenge. Just showed up and reported a relapse. As far as I am concerned, if you want to join us, now is as good a time as any because you are must like me - bouncing back from relapse, looking to get over the hump. The choice is yours, buddy. I'll wait for your reply before adding you.
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    Current Challengers:
    @Invincible Under The Sun
    @New Focus x
    @banana man
    @PegasusKid x
    @Renaissance Man

    Nearly 20 folks are on board with more joining every day. I have added a couple of red X's on two of our fellow challengers who have already reported relapse. We also have another "challenger" that reported relapse but never really announced their participation. After some consideration I am torn between two options.

    1. Those with an X could remain. They need to be here. They need to keep fighting. However, as I fear with other challenges, it seems some people just wash, rinse, and repeat the cycle. The point of the challenge is to eliminate that "safety net". Next year will be here in about 105 days. Where will we be on that morning. Day three - 20 relapses later, or day 105 and feeling like a new person; the person we "wish" we were? I know what I want.

    2. We can excommunicate the fallen challengers altogether. I feel that given that the challenge officially is open for enrollment until 20 September we could exercise some leniency here and stick to this rule starting then versus immediately (now).

    I'd like to hear from the crew. What are your guys thoughts? I've been on here for a while. I've joined a few challenges and I have seen questions about "What do I do after a relapse" and " DO I count this as a relapse? ; etc.

    I'm on the record as saying something to the effect that Self Mastery has no awards, and we create our own rules. There are no real prizes for the winners. Only real consequences for those that don't reach their goals. These are your goals. These are your demons to battle. The challenge is a mere portal of motivation to find a little bit of solace in the fact that we are not alone, and those with a common goal can share and express ideas.
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    You raise many legitimate concerns. I agree that most people relapse a lot, and with a size of 20 they'll be really few of use left within a month, especially if most of the people don't have decent streaks already. I have a suggestion but it would involve the organiser putting in more time in the challenge. We could have different tiers so that if you relapse, even repeatedly, you just go down in tier. The last tier could ensure that everyone left has at least a 30 day streak going into 2021. To make it easy you could just have 90 days, 60 days and 30 days targets, but if you have more time you could add more. So if someone relapses on a date that they can't achieve 90 days anymore they go down to the 60 day tier etc. Then in December people who relapse in the 30 day group get eliminated. You can make a requirement for everyone to say which tier they are on after a relapse so that all you have to do is check and update the list rather than keeping track of everyone. Although I loved your initial challenge for the 'do or die' aspect, this idea will retain more people, keep the 30, 60, 90 day goals fresh in our minds and give multiple chances in case of relapse. It does have the limitation that some people may get a bit relaxed due to the increased number of chances but with decent motivation we could ensure that everyone achieves some sort of streak before 2021.
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    I agree with @thikk 's suggestion simply because I feel removing them completely will discourage them. Rather, we can create tiers. You decide what you feel is right @BrohkenCompass !!
    Nice initiative. Keep it going!!
  12. I'd say allow rejoin until the 20th cut off, then remove safety net. I would also like to join the challenge. I was thinking today how amazing it would be to see out the year clean. Day 1 here.
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    @BrohkenCompass I really like what @thikk is suggesting.
    I would add in limit by number of relapses - lets say somebody relapses 2x in the week he is eliminated from this challenge - >so there will be the "immediate death" danger.
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  14. Noted. AND, you're on the roster. Welcome to the challenge.
  15. I didn't was on this challenge before. Please add me, I want to join.
  16. Adding @tonyk1982 from a request on my journal posts. Welcome to the challenge brother.
  17. Adding @andean to the challenge. Welcome, bro.

    I did not give you a strike, because you were not on the roster and enrollment ends in 5 more days. You start clean - lets stay like that, okay.
  18. Thanks man, appreciate it.
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