The START 2021 STRONGER Challenge [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by BrohkenCompass, Sep 3, 2020.

  1. tonyk1982

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    @BrohkenCompass - thanks for the suggestion to Universal Man channel. I was at my wit's end yesterday even though I took a very long strenuous workout. By nighttime I was about to give up, read your post and went to this youtube channel and watched a couple of hours of videos. Made it through and stayed clean. Damn I'm 70 days in and these last few days have been brutal. This will be my first holiday season on nofap. I'll need to take my game to the next level somehow if I am going to make it to year-end.
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  2. tonyk1982

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    Hello brothers - a shout out to @BrohkenCompass - this is what this site is all about. His suggestion got me through another day and provided a resource that I was unaware of to help me stay clean. I hope I can return the favor to someone here someday. Let's all try to support each other like this. Many thanks and stay strong all.
  3. espresso18

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    Thank You! It’s worth it.
  4. BrohkenCompass

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    Heck yeah man. Way to go. Glad I was able to assist.
  5. Brahmacharya_UK

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    Hi Tony,

    Family stress is what lead me to my PMO and addictive behaviours in the first place.

    I recently discovered that my mother is narcissistic or she has Narcissistic personality disorder.

    It was only from going No Contact with her for 5 years, that other family members figured out what she was about and broke contact as well.

    It's only by talking to those other family members and other professionals that I've been able to open my eyes.

    Stay strong, and stay clean NO MATTER WHAT. Deal with the pain any other way.
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  6. BrohkenCompass

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    Current Challengers:
    @New Focus
    @banana man
    @Renaissance Man
    @Jefe Rojo
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    @John Uskglass
    @Gregory S
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    @Teo Whispers

    OK everybody. Good morning. Things here are still going well. Kids are moved(moving) out of the room this week, wife is fully on board and being super supportive and helping make sure they stay in the room and go to sleep.

    It's almost Thanksgiving here in the USA, and that probably means that we're either going to be stressed out about the family obligations that are happening or sad/depressed about the family and friends we're missing during this unique holiday. Whichever boat you find yourself, consider you safe and danger zones. Don't get caught alone in your familiar fap zones, or get too complacent killing time on the computer and phone pinging your brain with digital overload. Stay in a safe place, with others if possible, and get some meditation or quiet time in as needed. I like to tell my wife I'm gonna lay on the bed and listen to a meditation. She knows I'm there, and that keeps me from disappearing into the bathroom for some me (MO) time.

    Some of us might not be around as much in the next couple days but let's all keep our eye on the group as much as possible and be there for anyone reaching out for help.

    Nearly in December guys. The final 30 days of 2020 is almost here. Lets set ourselves up mentally this week to make it awesome and a SUCCESS.
  7. sunn

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    I want to start 2021 fresh and rebooted.
    Today is day 3 of my reboot
  8. Brahmacharya_UK

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    Day 96 (Had to check where I was at)...

    Had some pretty big realisations recently about how my addictions have been given such fertile ground to take root.

    It's very deep stuff relating to my family and a particular caregiver who didn't actually care at all.

    I have a few things going in the background that threaten to derail my streak. One is the position
    possession of a hard drive with a whole lot of dangerous stuff on there (I have the drive, just not the cable that connects the drive to the computer).

    As much as I want to keep the physical hard drive.... but delete the stuff from it, it is just FAR TOO DANGEROUS to my recovery to keep it around any longer.

    Therefore the only option would seem to be to destroy the drive, take it to the tip, run the giant electromagnet over the top of it and consign it to the rubble, before it does the same to me.

    This will say a lot about my priorities, because I am making NoFap a "front and centre" principle of my life, then all potential dangers have to be dealt with, and the importance of anything else has to be adjusted accordingly.

    Another thing is that I still receive emails from a gentlemen who scans fashion magazines for me and some other fans. This may have served me before when I was so very much obsessed with this, and they formed part of the PMO/FAP agenda.

    The agenda for me has now moved on, and, as much as I hate to cut off this correspondence, it is just yet another sacrifice I must make to stay clean.

    When you put NoFap first, a lot of other things will fall into place, but first you have to make some decisions that are tough, but with an obvious outcome.

    I hope everyone is staying strong and on course for a 2021 and beyond that they have earned and truly deserve.
  9. BrohkenCompass

    BrohkenCompass Fapstronaut

    Way to go man. Take these small but significant measures to protect yourself. There's nothing there you need, and when you dobeantbit, it will inevitably be for the purpose of crashing your ship. Onward and forward!
  10. JoeinMD

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    On this Thanksgiving Day, I have reached 75 days of no PMO, for which I am truly grateful.

    Best wishes, All!

  11. Schia

    Schia Fapstronaut

    90 days completed. Tonight will see me reach 13 weeks, tomorrow three calendar months.

    There’s a lot going on in my life at the moment. My wife is very heavily pregnant, so I could become a father for the first time any day now. However, she is having a few issues, and is barely sleeping, so I’m looking after her, and also trying to keep our home presentable. I’ve also been getting lots of job applications in, many of which are leading to interviews, so there’s scheduling to be done there. All in all, these are busy times, and there is no way I’d have been close to coping before I stopped PMO. Now the shoots of recovery are definitely showing. Even a month ago, it would have been unthinkable for me to be handling all that is going on as well as I am. There’s no going back now, but I need to make sure it stays permanent. And long term.

    @BrohkenCompass I was wondering if you (or anyone else) was thinking of starting a new version of this challenge? Christmas to Easter is somewhere in the region of 100 days (it may be 101...), so would be a perfect opportunity to set a challenge. I’d be willing to get things started, because I want to pay back to this community who have been so helpful. Whether or not I’ll be able to follow through with a newborn here...
  12. BrohkenCompass

    BrohkenCompass Fapstronaut

    I am glad everything is going so well for you. Your plate is certainly full, yet you're keeping focused on the bigger prize of health versus temporary insanity of fap soothing yourself to comfort.

    I am not sure if I'm looking to do another challenge yet. A few people have hinted at the sequel - NoFap 2021 and to be honest I get the feeling that there's going to many versions of that coming on the site. And lots will join, and struggle, and thus I created the finish strong challenge, because everyone gets motivated in January.

    @master3 wrote me this message in which he is hosting a 2021 Challenge that may be what you're looking for. :emoji_point_down:

    { i started a 2021 no porn challenge which i don't know if you say and which i will be participating starting this december next week; }

    Other than that there's dozens of 100 day challeges to plug into in the events section.
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  13. Brahmacharya_UK

    Brahmacharya_UK Fapstronaut

    Hi @Schia - may I wish to you all the very best with the newborn when they arrive on the planet

    @BrohkenCompass I just wanted to say I'd be very interested in joining the challenge that Schia has suggested. We will need a new challenge to replace this one when it gets to the conclusion.

    Hope you can get something set up - thank you for this challenge!

  14. Day 67:

    Big mix has been going on for me. Good/calm, then stressful events.
    Therefore, it's been difficult to make sense of things, and what to do. Trying to make the good decisions or "do the next right thing", yet not fall backwards in the process.

    I am moving forward.

    Remember to breath deep and smile (this as been advice to myself).

    Thanks for being my virtual counselor :)
  15. BrohkenCompass

    BrohkenCompass Fapstronaut

    Atta boy. You're right on pace for greatness
  16. BrohkenCompass

    BrohkenCompass Fapstronaut

    I relapsed again. There's a certain psychology if having this strikes and safety net system in place. Originally I was looking to create a One strike and you're out challenge. Sure, lots would fail, but I think that it's better.

    There's lots of ,30/60/90/100 day challeges. Especially the 100 day specially themed ones. They're great I think with extensive Titles, and status levels to reach. The problem though,as I interpret them, is that it's too easy to just click reset and start over.

    After all, this, or any other Challenge does not define our recovery. Recovery is continuous and relapsing is a part of recovery. You you failed a challenge, so what? What happened next? That's what matters.

    Anyways, I've added my 4th strike. So at this point it is do or die. Also for anyone keeping track we are nearing the cutoff to qualify for the SILVER tier (30 days).

    Good luck everybody as we beat the home stretch.
  17. Steppingintotheunkown

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    43 days, my longest streak since 2017!!!!!!! I’m over the moon right now
  18. Relpased on 27 November.
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  19. tonyk1982

    tonyk1982 Fapstronaut

    Day 77 - made it through the U.S. holiday weekend here...the family stress turned out to be less than the early polls were suggesting. Had some "shared moments" with the wife for the first time in 6 or 7 weeks. Did not feel any chaser effect whatsoever which is new for me. I think part of that is I really don't care that much about sex right now (any more?). Don't know if that is flatline or a real change in my perspective. It's almost like managing the sexual part of my life is way to much work versus just avoiding it (IRL and PMO) altogether. I don't know wtf is up with this. For today, I will stay clean. When tomorrow presents I will stay strong. I hope the same for all of you too.

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