The START 2021 STRONGER Challenge [CLOSED]

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  1. Came to convey a similar message. Relapse can be difficult. Sometimes our expectations are higher than we realize. But we have made significant progress. Moving into the new year far, far better off.
    We CAN get to the targets we are aiming for.
    Let's get through this day and be glad for it.

    Happy new year
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  2. TheManInTheArena

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    So here I am in, on the last day of this challenge...

    On the first day that I signed up to NoFap, I came across this challenge (literally 5-10 minutes after creating an account). On the same day, I also began taking steps in a twelve step fellowship. This, combined with that, is the reason today is day 93.

    @BrohkenCompass I want to Thank You for allowing me to join your challenge. @Ian Of Freelandia @tonyk1982 I want to Thank you two for your support. You guys liked and responded to a lot of my posts. I always enjoyed reading your responses.

    I also want to Thank everybody else who has been part of this challenge. You can beat porn addiction. It's not easy. I am a double winner (haha! let's just say I have been sober for a handful of years), and porn addiction is a beast, compared to when I got sober. I don't think there is anyway around the mood swings, cravings, withdrawals, etc, other than "through". I have found tools that can help with lessoning the impact of the craziness, but in the end "Time takes time". At 93 days, I am not nearly out of the woods with this, but I do believe I am on the right road, and hopefully will continue to put one foot in front of the other.

    May you find peace.

    Happy New Year to all.
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  3. You're on the right path. Thanks for participating and thanks for sharing. See you next year.

    @patd Hey buddy, this challenge is concluding. Unlike the other 30/60/90 days challenges that go on perpetually, this was set up for and ending on New Years. Feel free to join my 2021 challenge in the signature box.

    Dude, you came in here with a huge streak, and I suspect that the end of year, the end of challenge just got into your head. Something tells me you're gonna open up 2021 with a huge shift in thinking and action. I look forward to seeing your updates brother, best of luck.
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  4. Thanks for being here to share @espresso18 . I learned a lot from many users, and this post you just typed up is no different. "Time takes Time." "There's no way around the struggles other than "Through"". I will take these forward.

    Best of luck proceeding on your journey. Your friend, BC.
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  5. Thank you on three counts @espresso18 .

    1. For being a GREAT part of this group.
    2. For sustaining an awesome streak that is inspirations to the rest of us.

    3. And thank you for showing your appreciation.
    It's helpful to hear that sort of feedback, that something I said or did had a positive impact. Creates a sense of clarity.

    You've been awesome. Hope to see you in the new year and wishing you the very best.

    PS: I think I hear you on the matter of sobriety.

    I quit smoking weed and drinking coming into this year. Neither of those things I did all that much, but they had become a habit with some people, and at some times, and became somewhat routine.

    (I've had a few drinks this year. A beer or glass of wine occasionally. Wasn't frequent. I didn't get drunk or belligerent. Still, I eventually decided I wanted to scale that back even less.)

    Anyway. Neither of those were easy. Smoking was the hardest for the matter that I enjoy it and I did experience some positives from it. It had run its course though.

    Abstaining from PMO though, Phewww. Yeah, a beast as you said.
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  6. gcamt123

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  7. gcamt123

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    @BrohkenCompass and everybody!!

    Congratulations to all of you who have successfully finished this challenge!! And to all those who tried, congratulations to you guys too!!
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  8. Schia

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    Made it through to 125 days. But this is only the beginning. There is still a lot of hard work to be done.

    Well done to everyone still here. Even if you didn’t make a long streak by year’s end, it has been incredible to see your progress. Know that you’ve made progress, and that most people don’t succeed first, second, third time. Personally, my first time gave me a two year streak, but every attempt since then didn’t stick. This one is sticking so far, but keeping it permanent is still an effort. If things did go wrong, I know I’d be disappointed, but I’d also soon realise the progress made, how much better things are without PMO, and that I’ve made steps in the right direction. And doing it once means it can be done again.
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  9. Happy New Year friends,

    As you wake up this morning, regardless of your current streak, I hope that you realize that through trials, victories, and maybe losses....


    May this be the year you conquer your ambition.
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  10. Andreid

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    NoFap Defender

    Happy new year everybody! I did it! Stayed for almost 180 days away from PMO.
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  11. Congrats. Great to see that. Keep going, and never look back.
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  12. Can I participate? Even though I came up late. I'm a student but I'll try my best to stay on.
  13. I've actually gone 5 days without relapsing.
  14. It would have been a good idea to read the post. This challenge built up to / ended on the 1st. I feel like that was pretty well written. There's another one I am hosting for 2021 as well as some other great challenges with lots of activity and participation.
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