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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by 95Chad, Feb 3, 2017.

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    Nice to meet you all my name is Chad.

    My motivations for joining this site are to re-sensitize myself to the pleasures of a woman. A female has never made me orgasm. At first i thought this was a good thing because it mean i had great stamina, but i soon realized its disappointing for me and for my partner when i cant achieve that level of satisfaction. Not being able to orgasm made sex not worth it for me; I want it to be. I have a girlfriend now who i care about deeply. We both are abstaining from sex, but i still PMO. I want in the future when we finally do the deed that I may be able to gain pleasure from her. I want it to be explosive.

    My longest streak without anybody watching out for me has been about 10 days. Any tips pointers from anyone who's been seeing some progress with their nofap journey? Thanks to anyway who takes the time to read this.

    Your fellow Fapstronaut,

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  2. Retentionman

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    If you can 10 days you can do much more
  3. D . J .

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    Welcome to NoFap where you are amongst friends who are here to encourage you and not judge you.

    Check out In Case You Didn't Know for strategies and tips to help you along your journey.
  4. Ayjaydubya

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    Welcome to the NoFap community.
    Here are some strategies that may be helpful:
    • Get an accountability partner here.
    • Start a journal here, select your age group and Post New Thread.
    • It's important to replace the bad habit of PMO with a good habit. Some suggestions: Read articles in a field you are interested in. Learn time management. Learn about self confidence and motivation. Take online courses. Learn about self confidence and motivation. Read a self help book. Go out and socialize.
    • It's also important to be strong physically: Eat well. Drink about 2 liters of water per day. Exercise for 30 minutes each day. Get at least 6-7 hours of sleep.
    • Many have found meditation to be helpful--it can take the place of PMO time and help your physical, psychological and spiritual health. Start with 5 minutes, gradually increase to 20 minutes, once or better twice a day.

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