The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck - Book thoughts anyone?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Deleted Account, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. Hey guys!

    I am thinking about reading "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck".

    Yet I am not sure if I should read it. I have invested a lot of time in Self-Improvement the last couple of months and I am sort of exhausted by it. It feels like every new Video and every new book gives you another 'unbelievable, amazing method that throws your life around'.

    So I am not sure if I should read the book, as it would be another thing that seems to be so important and that it would change my life.

    But on the other hand I feel like it is pretty important for me, as I realised that almost everything I do and think is because of the expectations and views of others.

    Anyone has some thoughts to that, maybe a bit the content of the book or so on - would be much appreciated!

    Thanks guys!
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  2. I havent read it but I have two colleaguea whi bought it and I read reviews on Amazon. Apparently it is not ground-breaking so I doubt you will learn much, if anything.
  3. The only unbelievable , amazing method that throws your life around are bullshit created by people who make money off the books and videos and seminars so for them it is life changing when people give them money and attention lol. You change your life buy DOING, not by sitting around reading looking for a permission slip to LIFE YOUR LIFE DO WHAT YOU WANT, LISTEN TO YOURSELF ABOUT ABOUT WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. When someone trys to talk you out of it, its because they don't have the guts to do what you are doing or there looking to get into your wallet and get money.
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  4. I read the book, I found it quite interesting, not that great but overall It really helped me to look at negative things in a more positive way, it helped a lot in accepting myself and the world
    The book isn't a self help book, it actually criticizes it, it isn't philosophical nor scientific
    It's just a book written by someone who has a unique diffrent perspective on things, and he makes sense a lot of times, I found it really helpful and in some parts it totally shifted my way of thinking and perceiving my life, but of course there's far more better books to read
    Anyway The book is simple and enjoyable, you can read it in one day actually
    So I say go for it if you have time
    P.s: english ain't my native language, I would have loved to give a decent summed up review
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  5. Would not hurt to read it you might get a new perspective but do not expect anything ground-breaking.
  6. I read it earlier this year and it was a great help for me. I liked it and recommend it.

    The take away for me is quit being so worried about wanting to please others and letting others influence my decisions.

    Often times I was living a lie because I didn’t want others to look down on me.

    The book is NOT saying live life as a selfish prick. It’s saying have healthy goals, healthy standards, and healthy ambitions and don’t let others move you off track because you want their approval.
  7. Max666

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    Self-help books are just recommendations on how to live your life from a different person's perspective. Just bear that in mind, we're all different. I tend to examine the author first before I invest time in his book. Unless you take the bus/train ever day to work there are better ways to spend your time if the book is just telling you what you wanna hear..and most self-help books are in my opinion.
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    I read a copy I found in the library, and ended up buying a copy for my wife. It's particularly good if you suffer from anxiety, you might find some of the ideas useful and/or comforting.

    There are only so many ideas out there in the self help world, but it is important to keep reading and find that book that really resonates with you, and will inspire you to actually do this stuff rather than just read about it!
  9. Win_for_life

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    Its a one time read, Although some of the advice in book would not be so good for everyone.
    I’ve read it and found it quite good but not groundbreaking in any way.
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  10. I started reading it. Tbh I think it's overrated.
    Read it yourself if you're curious some people seem to love it.
    In my opinion it is better to read books that give you creative knowledge. Learning how to cook, or invest, or whatever.
    You can materialize the things you learned which may give you confidence as oppose to just not giving a fuck.
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    Yea my friend read it and became a butt. In my perspective it just justifies selfishness. If not for the ones we love, and hate, who are we ?
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    From what I "foggily" remember, it's not a book of a technique or a method.
    In a general note, I'd recommend reading self-help books you are intuitively drawn to, e.i. the ones that spark your interest for the reason you can't immediately justify. Those usually end up feeling like a glass of fresh water in the desert.
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    Hey OP,

    I was in a similar situation as you. Watching/reading self-improvement all the time. Trying to better myself because I never felt good enough. YT channels, websites, books, motivational videos.

    It was a dead end for me.

    As far as the book goes, it has helped me take expectation and pressure off myself. The book states that self-help books and stuff are bs. That we should start by accepting who we are. Not always trying to become somebody who we are not.

    It helped me realize that “I became exhausted by the expectations and views others.” That’s what I had to solve. Not improving myself. I’ve since cleared all these self-improvement stuff from my life.

    Overall, it might be the book that helps you, and it might be not. We all get different things out of it. It all depends on what you personally need atm imo.

    Hope things will turn out well for you.
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    Yes you can read that book, it's good. Though it has a lot of slang language

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