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Do you have what it takes to become a Super Saiyan?

  1. I don't know yet, i'm gonna start training now!

  2. Yes, but it will be hard.

  3. Not only Super Saiyan, but i can go even beyond. AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

  4. I can only reach the level of an Elite Warrior, nothing more than that.

  5. I can't even beat Yajirobe, i'm a failure. ;(

  1. () Welcome to the Super Saiyan Challenge ()


    @Invincible Under The Sun

    "I will never forget you guys, please, continue to use this thread and keep the true Saiyan spirit alive. For a better world, I believe in all of you!" - Invincible Under The Sun

    Read to know the rules and how to join.

    Are you tired of relapsing? You know you have a greater power within you but can't unleash it? Join me in the Super Saiyan Challenge, train hard and become your strongest version.
    Rules are simple: NO PMO.
    (Sex with partner is allowed. How do you think Trunks was born to save the Future?)

    I challenge YOU to reach at least the level of Super Saiyan.
    If you relapse, Zeno the King of all will erase all your Super Saiyan powers, you will LOSE ALL your transformations and techniques, you will be back to zero and you will have to start your training all over again.
    To Join you just need to simply use this thread to report your days, journal here, help each other and fight together. By using this thread you are already a Saiyan.
    Use your current transformation and its color in your signature with a link to this thread, showing everyone that you are a true Saiyan warrior, copy and paste this: "(悟) Type here your current form Training in the SUPER SAIYAN CHALLENGE
    " in your signature by clicking here -> link. Feel free to discuss all things DBZ and other animes if you wish.
    Now, here are the following transformations you can get by training hard:

    Day 0 - Low-Class Warrior

    Day 15 - Elite Warrior

    Day 30 - Oozaru


    Day 45 - Super Saiyan

    You have awakened the legendary warrior within you.

    Day 75 - Super Saiyan 2

    Day 100 - Super Saiyan 3

    Congratulations if you made this far. You are the ultimate warrior. Can you get even stronger? :emoji_comet:

    Day 150 - Super Saiyan God

    Day 200 - Super Saiyan Blue

    Day 245 - Super Saiyan Blue Evolved

    Day 300 - Ultra Instinct


    Day 400 - Mastered Ultra Instinct

    You are unstoppable, invincible, the perfect warrior.
    You can beat anything in life.

    NOTE ABOUT THE TRASNFORMATIONS: No more transformations will be added, simply because the forum won't allow more words to be typed nor more than 20 gifs. All transformtions were thought out and are the relevant ones. Thats how it should be. Only cannon ones and that have a good gap between one another and relevant cannon information.

    Current Z Fighters:


    Report daily to be part of the Z Warriors.

    :emoji_star2:SUPER TIPS:emoji_star2:


    Eat Healthy:emoji_yum:

    Training / Work out:emoji_punch:

    Read and Study:emoji_nerd:

    Focus on your career:emoji_money_mouth:

    Take Cold Showers:emoji_sweat_smile:

    Well... That's it folks!:emoji_grinning:
    I hope you can join me and we can all see your progress. Together we are stronger.
    So... what is your power level? See ya! :emoji_hand_splayed:


    Thinking about giving up? Watch this NOW:

    "You're better than that!"
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  2. Ok so let's do this, day 0, here i go.
  3. A week of nofap completed. Not feeling any urges, i feel i can do much better. I know i can.
  4. You got this warrior. :emoji_fist::emoji_zap:
  5. 12 hrs into day 3. Studied for almost 6 hours now. And I'm getting my study drive back. There are only 3 places where I do MO. I don't have a problem with P. Devised a strategy for tackling these 3 places. Feeling energetic . One day at a time works like a gem.
  6. You are doing great. What are these three places? I'm sure you can overcome this.
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  7. Day 8, having nightmares where i relapse and fail. I believe the dark forces and evil spirits want me to fail so bad making me having this nightmares, but i won't be defeated like that... not anymore!
  8. Bed, bathroom and outhouse. I've decided to set timer for bathroom and not entering bed unless for sleeping and not entering outhouse unless when there's a need.
  9. you can do this mate. Just your brain trying to trick you. KAMEHAMEHA the evil things
  10. 10 days completed. Bad dreams about sex have been haunting me. Waking up with a lot of urges. I could defeat the first wave, but i'm expecting more during the day. A hard battle, but i can't afford to lose. It won't be easy.
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  11. I fucking relapsed, i knew it was coming, the urges were insane, i tried to fight back but it was too strong, i can't take it anymore, i need some time now...
  12. Holy shit dude thats amazing. :emoji_smile:
    I will train harder next reboot so i can one day get closer to you. Haha
  13. aznric3boi

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    This sounds interesting. I'm on my 65th day. :)
  14. Okay, I've recovered from my last battle, i'm back to training now, learned a lot from my last mistake. I'm stronger now, i think this time i can go further. Let's do it. Day 0! A new warrior is born!
  15. renaissancemerveilleuse

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    This looks like an appropriate training ground !

    Count me in !

    Day 64 !