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Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by Deleted Account, Mar 11, 2019.

Do you have what it takes to become a Super Saiyan?

  1. I don't know yet, i'm gonna start training now!

  2. Yes, but it will be hard.

  3. Not only Super Saiyan, but i can go even beyond. AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

  4. I can only reach the level of an Elite Warrior, nothing more than that.

  5. I can't even beat Yajirobe, i'm a failure. ;(

  1. Day 443! Sorry for the delay. Here is the list :):

    Current Z Fighters:


    Day 0 - Low-Class Warrior

    @DRAGON_ (Low-Class Warrior)
    @pfighter (Low-Class Warrior)
    @Peppy (Low-Class Warrior)
    @kingdawoo (Low-Class Warrior)
    @Risingstar98 (Low-Class Warrior)
    @Spirali (Low-Class Warrior)
    @Yambo (Low-Class Warrior)
    @ZenYogi (Elite Warrior)
    @sufferingmen07 (Low-Class Warrior)
    @Person_Need_To_Change (Low-Class Warrior)
    @breaking-myths (Low-Class Warrior)
    @GhostWalker (Low-Class Warrior)
    @Interface (Low-Class Warrior)
    @Jack778 (Low-Class Warrior)
    @baka_yaro (Low-Class Warrior)
    @Quickaston (Low-Class Warrior)
    @FrenchOliver (Low-Class Warrior)
    @Berserker1512 (Low-Class Warrior)
    @Siaiyiqing (Low-Class Warrior)
    @HakiMatt (Low-Class Warrior)
    @stronaut2021 (Low-Class Warrior)
    @Ūruz (Low-Class Warrior)
    @Resilience personified (Low-Class Warrior)
    @Stoic. (Low-Class Warrior)
    @Fap5tr0naut (Low-Class Warrior)
    @AtomxCardozo (Low-Class Warrior)
    @hewm (Low-Class Warrior)
    @Espritis (Low-Class Warrior)
    @Thadeus Tuffington (Low-Class Warrior)
    @Dovahkin101 (Low-Class Warrior)
    @Ank07 (Low-Class Warrior)
    @ws00525859 (Low-Class Warrior)
    @Kratos_GOW (Low-Class Warrior)

    Day 15 - Elite Warrior

    @ZenYogi (Elite Warrior)
    @axelgg (Elite Warrior)
    @theonlyway (Elite Warrior)
    @Ainz (Elite Warrior)
    @MJ Warrior 93 (Elite Warrior)
    @Against_the_demon_in_myself (Elite Warrior)
    @Redemptionisrequired (Elite Warrior)

    Day 30 - Oozaru

    @Toni7 (Oozaru)
    @KaiokenX20 (Oozaru)
    @Revanthegrey (Oozaru)
    @alpha666 (Oozaru)

    Day 45 - Super Saiyan

    Day 75 - Super Saiyan 2

    Day 100 - Super Saiyan 3

    @LLOYYD (Super Saiyan 3)
    @JB39 (Super Saiyan 3)

    Day 150 - Super Saiyan God

    @Lexro84 (Super Saiyan God)

    Day 200 - Super Saiyan Blue

    Day 245 - Super Saiyan Blue Evolved

    @cyp77 (Super Saiyan Blue Evolved)

    Day 300 - Ultra Instinct

    @Baki Hanma (Ultra Instinct)

    Day 400 - Mastered Ultra Instinct

    @zars (Mastered Ultra Instinct)
    @Kingfisher (Mastered Ultra Instinct)

    Keep up the good work brothers!
  2. Ank07

    Ank07 Fapstronaut

    5 days down :) :)

    @Kingfisher thanks for spending your valuable time and making this list.
  3. Lexro84

    Lexro84 Fapstronaut

    @Kingfisher now that you are at the highest level. Do you feel you're still in the need of recovery? Do you think a relapse is still close for you as it was when you just started this challenge?
  4. KaiokenX20

    KaiokenX20 Fapstronaut

    Day 50 saiyans

    Been feeling really angry about the past. I know its stupid since it can't be changed, but still look at it as a learning experience. Mainly as to how I used to carry my self, and the blatant disrespect I used to tolerate. Some people truly deserve to suffer.
    Fight or die!
  5. 16 days free of PMO, day 17 in progress.
    @Lexro84 inspiring post. I have also felt sad and regretful of my porn usage, especially in my younger years.
    I wished more than anything that I would have a girlfriend to love instead of me being that socially awkward kid back in the day.
    But as you said, we accept the past, learn from it and move forward with discipline, dignity and self-respect.
    @Kingfisher thanks for the list brother.
  6. Toni7

    Toni7 Fapstronaut

  7. JB39

    JB39 Fapstronaut

    Day 114 check in.
    I had a few busy days that kept me away from spending too much time in my head.
    That's good on the side of recovery but it makes easy for old habits to creep back in.
    It is clear to me that being on the look out it's not yet a habit and the old ones are far from being dead.

    A few difficult days ahead, being on my own with the kid for the rest of the week.
    The panic button will prove handy.

    Stay strong everyone, one day at a time!

    Thanks for the list @Kingfisher.
    Very inspiring post @Lexro84. Don't loose your hart brother, you have achieved so much. Looking back with regret at what was lost is a trick of the mind (remember, you are not your mind). One will always loose something. You are in a good place now, enjoy it.
  8. ws00525859

    ws00525859 Fapstronaut

    Still I come back, spent so much more time than I thought,
    It's better to note here, than just resist it alone.
  9. Stoic.

    Stoic. Fapstronaut

    Day 4
  10. hewm

    hewm Fapstronaut

    Day 1 almost complete
  11. Spirali

    Spirali Fapstronaut

    Day 0

    Relapsed again. I don't know what's wrong with me lately. How did I go from having streaks up to 2-3 months, from rarely being able to make it to 7 days? Posting here or journaling doesn't seem to give me incentive not to relapse at all, which is why I often give up and don't bother. When I decide to relapse, there isn't even a struggle to fight it anymore - I just do it on a whim and don't care in the moment.
  12. Ūruz

    Ūruz Fapstronaut

  13. JB39

    JB39 Fapstronaut

    Hi brother @Spirali, I'm sorry to read this.
    I have gone through the hell you're describing many times. After a relapse and with continuous use you may feel there is no hope and that you will not be able to ever stop. You feel desparate and powerless.

    The truth is that we don't know what will be, but that thinking comes from a weak spot, from the addict self. It's creating a vicious cycle that has one goal only, to keep you using. It's a parasytic thought that will do anything to stay alive, at all cost.

    The only thing you can do is to try again. Block the adult content on your computer, stay off social media, stay away from you laptop, make note of what triggers you and stay away. Tell your addict self to shut up and fuck off when he resurfaces.

    Don't stop. Just try again.
    Last edited: May 31, 2023
  14. Spirali

    Spirali Fapstronaut

    Thank you for your kind words brother.

    It's strange these days. In the past, it was usually a "trigger" that would create urges and temptation. Now even without any sort of trigger, I just do it on a whim for no reason at all. There's nothing I can even avoid to not impulsively do it.

    But... I will not lose myself in despair. I will try my best to make June a clean month. I need to organize myself and my goals better, and declutter all distractions. I still have ideas to try and will not lose hope.
  15. KaiokenX20

    KaiokenX20 Fapstronaut

    Day 51 saiyans

    Still working on a sleep schedule. Been keeping up with training. I know my path saiyans. I know what I must do. For so long ive kept myself distracted with this demon, food, video games etx but my calling is now stronger than any of them. Fight or die!
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  16. Stoic.

    Stoic. Fapstronaut

    Day 5
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  17. MJ Warrior 93

    MJ Warrior 93 Fapstronaut

    Day 20

    Again, I'm really sorry for being absent. Been too busy.

    As always, I woke up to train in crossfit, the workout was way too easy though.

    I kept on practicing on Japanese language, and I'm improving a lot more.

    I finally got to finish reading the book 'How To Think Like a Roman Emperor'. I got to understand more and more about Stoicism, and I'll be puttting it to practice and to test it out in the real world. And suddenly to control more my reactions to what will happen and to control and overcome my anger and my desires, especially my reaction to physical pain.
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  18. Ūruz

    Ūruz Fapstronaut

  19. Lexro84

    Lexro84 Fapstronaut

    Day 182 and the official 1/2 year mark!

    I thought it would be yesterday, but I forgot May has 31 days :D so today is my official 1/2 year mark of complete and I mean complete abstinence of porn. That means: no porn and not even (remotely) erotic images at all and even no reading about porn stars or semi erotic stories online. The only nakedness I've experienced the last 6 months was when I was with a woman I dated for 1-1,5 months. I keep repeating it; yes I have improved a lot on all areas (sleep, productivity, focus, calmness of mind and ability to have sex with a real woman). But I know I am not fully healed and I am aware that this might even take another 1/2 year to even 2 years to really heal up. I will always be this porn addiction, so I cannot have moderate porn exposure, I will need to abstain from it for the rest of my life and I accept this faith.

    Here's a very interesting / motivating video from Mark Manson that inspired me a lot. Hope it will inspire you too.

    Have a great day my fellow warriors, together we can get out of this and at least have a better life than yesterday.
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  20. AtomxCardozo

    AtomxCardozo New Fapstronaut

    Day 3
    Low- class warrior
    yesterday I was feeling very anxious but i found a friend who was also doing NoFap, i feel like doing it but im doing better than yesterday
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