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Do you have what it takes to become a Super Saiyan?

  1. I don't know yet, i'm gonna start training now!

  2. Yes, but it will be hard.

  3. Not only Super Saiyan, but i can go even beyond. AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

  4. I can only reach the level of an Elite Warrior, nothing more than that.

  5. I can't even beat Yajirobe, i'm a failure. ;(

  1. zars

    zars Fapstronaut

    check in going strong with it.
  2. MJ93

    MJ93 Fapstronaut

    Checking in, day 35. I went to the medic today, and got a block injection for the two herniated discs on my lower spine for a temporary relief. They required me to get a surgery soon, which is exactly what I need.
  3. Day 2 baby! I'm feelin good, barely any urge to relapse! Lets keep pushin!
  4. Toni7

    Toni7 Fapstronaut

    There is no other way to deal with that except surgery?
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  5. MJ93

    MJ93 Fapstronaut

    No. I tried everything to heal, but nothing worked. It's the only way, because I have two discs that are in bad place, and they need to be repaired to be back to normal. Plus, the doctor said that if I get a surgery, chances are 80% that I would get healed more.
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  6. Day 148. Still fighting!

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  7. Toni7

    Toni7 Fapstronaut

    There is no chiropratic or physiotherapist that can help? But ok if your doctor is self-confident and he thinks that it will be ok. Then fine.
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  8. lionkingdom

    lionkingdom Fapstronaut

    Day 0 starts
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  9. MJ93

    MJ93 Fapstronaut

    There are, and I've gone there last year, but nothing still worked.

    My doctor is self-confident because he saw and analized my MRI results. Seeing and knowing how bad the discs are, I had to accept the request for surgery.
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  10. Toni7

    Toni7 Fapstronaut

    Ok then. You will finally be heald. I mean of course it is better that you don't need operation. But it is what it is. Hope everything is going to be fine. Good luck.
  11. Welcome Lion, please update your signature if possible! :)
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  12. - Day 4
    Feeling a lot better, its only gonna get better ;)

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  13. Toni7

    Toni7 Fapstronaut

    Day 45!
    So I have awaken my power once again.
    I'm a Super Saiyan!
    Lots of things happened. Worst one is that my pet who I adopt from the street in his worst shape, has passed away(he was with me for almost one and half year). Or should I say. He was murdered from posion :mad:. He was the kindes and the sweetest little budy. And he was nothing but loyal to me. My day would start and end with him. We have such a strong bond. My litle guy. I'm so sad that I couldent do much more for him. I always rush somewhere. But I never rush home to play with him. I miss him so much. But his death is not going to be for nothing. I make sure that his life matter.
    So @Invincible Under The Sun you can upgrade my power level.
  14. MJ93

    MJ93 Fapstronaut

    Congrats, man
  15. Toni7

    Toni7 Fapstronaut

    Yeah, thank you. But I feel so sad. I would change everything so he can be alive.
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  16. MJ93

    MJ93 Fapstronaut

    What happened?
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  17. Hey warrior, congrats on becoming a Super Saiyan. I'm sad to hear about your beloved cat, i have a cat myself and i could imagine how hard would it be to lose him. We should always do what we can to protect and take care of our pets, but i also believe that sometimes when they die maybe its just the way it had to be. I read a book once called The Lion People, i don't know if you believe in spiritualism and stuff like that, but the book mentioned that all animals have their own ''karma blueprints'' and its like ''destiny'' to them, or you can say ''their own path on earth'', maybe it was the time for him to go, but sure he is in a better place now. Take care friend. :)

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  18. Damn these sudden urges. I am i full control over myself, battling urges like a siyan. Man but when I wake up in between the sleep then it poses a threat like freeza. I mean, I am semi unconscious firstly, then there is no will power, so these urges take over. Only thing I can do is relapse and when I do properly wake up then regret. Damn, any one got tips or share similar experience ?
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  19. Nevistio

    Nevistio Fapstronaut

    Repeat this mantra when you wake up in the middle of the night, "I have it in my soul to keep out any evil, desire, or any kind of disturbance -- instead, seeing the true nature of things, I will give them only their due."
    -- Marcus Aurelius

    Or, ask God/Jesus for help in conquering temptations.

    Maybe both.
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