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Do you have what it takes to become a Super Saiyan?

  1. I don't know yet, i'm gonna start training now!

  2. Yes, but it will be hard.

  3. Not only Super Saiyan, but i can go even beyond. AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

  4. I can only reach the level of an Elite Warrior, nothing more than that.

  5. I can't even beat Yajirobe, i'm a failure. ;(

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  3. Exercise is your friend.
    Run 10k every morning and do pushups as soon as you get urges is my recommendation:)

    i’m hitting the gym harder than ever before. But i live in sweden and gyms are open here^^
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  5. Day 1! I'm gonna get serious. No more screwing around. I'm gonna try and go the full mile this time. scheduling, journaling, and self-talk, all the way!
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  7. Some ways to deal with ur urges...

    1st) Dnt take stress for this. Consider NoFap as a lifestyle. U have to upgrade ur potential. When u are continuously thinking of relapse and all those ur brain cant rewire in such scenario so 1st stop thinking in this way.

    2nd ) Find out what is ur real passion , what is ur vision, what do u want to achieve? Dnt waste ur energy on thinking on relapses and porn or girls.. use this enegy to build ur vision, ur passion ,ur goal.

    3rd ) Do this everyday , visualise the negatives of NoFap , meditate on this aspect , turn inwards and think in a mindful way - what is going on with u while masturbating and watching porn . Analyse and get deeper insights about it. This will help ur prefrontal cortex which has gone offline (while masturbating or giving up to urges) to be online again and it will help u disenchant ur bad habbit ( a general phenomenon for all bad habbits).

    4th ) Develop some new hobbies like reading novel, learning different language, or writing diary, be true urself, reward urself with such activities when u get bored. Do some exercises daily, do pushup when u get urges. Its high time now. Just be positive and come out with flying colours.

    If all these cant get u then think why u started this NoFap journey and do anulom vilom 4/5 times a day... lets say 6am ,12pm, 6 pm, 12am... it will calm ur mind.
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    Great advice, thank you
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    Yo whats going on guys. I'm on day 3! Pretty cool man. I don't know I have been flatlined and depressed a little. Some of its the porn, but I also am dieting, i drank a lot of caffeine and I was vaping. But I got out last night and went to chik-fil-a and it was all good. Trying to get a six pack and I don;t know what to eat anymore! lol today I just had some oatmeal:cool: Peace out yall
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    We're all going to make it. Just remember the bigger picture and why you started this when it tries to pull you back.

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    Checking in - Day 211
    Checking in - Day 212
    Just going to be straight up honest here. I don’t agree with the lifestyle you’re in. For sure, you have “open doors” which will cause you to relapse. You have to remain focused. On this journey, you have to make sure your body is also in great health. Disagree with me all you want, but enduring in vaping, caffeine, and of course PMO, will make things worse in the long run.

    I’m not gonna say “Haha dang man cool bro, yeah man keep vaping and drink caffeine, it’s definitely good for you bruh.” And don’t give me the “BUT I heard it’s good for your health..” Well I’ve done tons of research and they would always say “Vaping is good for you” then something in the news pops up.. “Turns out Vaping can cause side affects..” So is it good or bad? Well I’m not gonna stop you, but tbh it’s not good for you. And it’s better to not start it in the first place. Because then you will find a reason to keep doing it, since it gives you that dopamine release. Do your research. Same goes with smoking weed. I have friends who said it’s good for them, next thing I know I see them going to the hospital, expecting them to get cured from a type of disease they contracted. If you connect the dots, any type of addiction of any sinful pleasure can cause a serious effect to your mental and physical health.

    During semen retention, our bodies will heal itself “naturally”. It will take time. It’s how God made us after all.

    I’m calling you out on this because I don’t want the people here to find a reason to pursue unhealthy choices. So please re-evaluate your situation and keep a clean lifestyle.

    You can keep vaping.. “Yeahhhh man 420 blaze it” all you want bro.
    Stay active, eat healthy fruits, veggies, meats, and gain the benefits.

    Enjoy life by working hard?
    Get that small pleasure everyday to waste your time? <-like I said before “Life would be boring if everything would go your way”

    The choice is yours.


    God Bless.
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    To give a short reply to that. In the last 6 Months i smoked more cigarettes than ever in my life.
    In total i smoked 6 year's straight, switched to vaping (5years) but had my cigarette phase's.
    After Day 17-18 I stopped smoking again, and switched to vaping first. Because i go step by step.
    But it wasn't so hard anymore to stop it. And I think when you go trough this NoFap progress, while you suffer from the last years of smoking real ones etc., it's a different sight.
    I feel like it's ok because the more Days you go trough this journey - you will stop by your own. And not because of other opinions!
    You're not totally wrong. But atleast in my case, i suffer from many more problems i have to cure while doing this NoFap thing.
    This would be my personal final step while doing all this.
    I understand that some people can not support this way of thinking because they maybe just don't experienced some of that stuff. Or any other reason.
    Hope you understand what I mean!
    Have a good Day/Night
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    I respect that :). You made a serious change in your life. It took some time but at least you are trying. That’s great man!

    My intentions is to expose the addiction of pleasure. I’m not trying to judge anyone here. But at least you are here to share your experiences. And it can be a reliable source for many other NoFap members.

    Just dont expect to get any results quickly if you still persist these addictions at a slow rate. You might as well cut it off right away and endure the pain until its gone. Then let it heal.

    God Bless.
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    day 3 complete
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    @QBX27 @itz_gioc
    Appreciate you guys. I actually need some accountability. It is difficult to stop everything. But I do drink alot of water and exercise. I do want to stop drinking so much caffeine and vaping. I just picked up the vaping recently because of stopping. I guess I just am continuing to try and improve, step by step. But that's why I keep coming back. send prayers
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    Day 86 complete. Time for day 87 tomorrow.

    This video is for those who have relapsed today. Get the fuck off the pity potty, stop feeling sorry for yourself, and stop being so fucking lazy!

    Sorry, but I had to let it out!

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