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Do you have what it takes to become a Super Saiyan?

  1. I don't know yet, i'm gonna start training now!

  2. Yes, but it will be hard.

  3. Not only Super Saiyan, but i can go even beyond. AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

  4. I can only reach the level of an Elite Warrior, nothing more than that.

  5. I can't even beat Yajirobe, i'm a failure. ;(

  1. Day 26, though I am struggling with my urges. I felt I nearly slipped up & was going to pmo feeling that I've failed and just started over. But feel that it would put me back in the chaser stage. So I'll be kinder to myself and not start over, though I'll be more diligent in my actions.
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  2. Toni7

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  3. DRAGON_

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    Day 40.
    Had a PMO free birthday after a long time and hope that it always stays that way.. Really happy about this.
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  4. Rihard Wagner

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  5. Progaymer690

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    day 19:
    - feeling good and motivated
    -refer to reboot journal for more notes
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    Ah, sorry to hear that brother. Don't binge, get back up! You made it before you can do so again.
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    Happy birthday bro! Yes, I understand the sense of accomplishment. Keep going.
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    Checking in Saiyans!

    Day 347 free of Porn and day 275 free of MO.

    I am doing well, not much of an eventful day. I had a good workout and took it easy as i'm on vacation.

    I came across a post on the semen retention section, where an individual seemed to stress about nocturnal emissions. I would like to share my advice to him here as well. This is for anyone looking to go down the path of semen retention, alongside abstinence of PMO. If you don't believe in semen retention no need to continue, I respect your opinion and I am not looking to force my thoughts or beliefs onto anyone.

    I would not pressure yourself too much about nocturnal emissions. To me it seems people who are advocating semen retention are forgetting one important step. Most of us who were/are addicts, would utilize PMO as a stress relief or perceived negative emotional "management." Which means once you remove that your body is in "freak out" state of sorts. So in that state your body will eventually force out a nocturnal emission to ease your stress from life and/or withdrawal because that is what it is accustomed to.

    I believe time is an important factor, while you introduce new habits to manage your stress and any other emotions you would use PMO to cover up, along side a true form of abstinence from PMO. Don't fall prey to the elitist mentality, with regards to this need for immediate retention and do not pressure yourself. As long as you see the distance between each emission growing over time, then you are going along the right path.

    Arm yourselves and retain your seed as you can.


    Stay strong my friends!
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    Day 75! Here's how the journey feels:
    giphy.gif giphy (1).gif super-saiyan3-goku.gif goku-ssj3.gif

    Let's get this Z warriors!
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  11. Day 10! Double digits again. Enjoy your weekend!
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    Back to day 2. Had a moment of weakness on Thursday. Ive seen that a few brothers on this challenge have relapsed as well in the last week, however I want to say keep going. Back at the end of July I had a 2 week streak which I broke and from august and September could only get small streaks of a few days going. Until September 27th.

    Since than Ive screwed up 7 days. However by the time the end of October hits, ill have only messed up a small percentage over the course of a little over a month. I recommend tracking your time for the first 3 months daily on a calendar or an app that lets you check off days individually like habitbull, because even if you relapse(knock on wood), you'll be able to see that even if you mess up 1 day, you would have still made lots of progress. Remember success isn't linear, you will fall, but every time you get back up is what counts. This bring me to my next point.

    If you fall but keep getting back up, every single time, not only are you strong, but I guarantee you will make it. YOU WILL beat pmo forever, and become your bet selves. I'm right in the middle of this battle with you all brothers. And while we may fall in the battle sometimes, we will win the war.
  13. Day 84 PMO
    Day 17 semen retention

    it worked

    sitting back lying

    No problem

    just need to


    side lying

    also I could use an ice pack. Thinking about talking to a girl but monk mode dictates no sex or approaches till February.
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  15. Day 27, I'm really pushing it on the near pmo, I want to stop it before it gets worse.
  16. Progaymer690

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    Day 20
    - good overall
    - refer to reboot journal for more notes
  17. SnifferBomber

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    Day 30, deep flatline, no depression, but like a "bah" feeling, my habits keep me sticking on my routine so I did not wasting time.

    I'm become in a Oozaru.

    I accepted pain like what it is: Part of the life, now I like "suffer" because I know it makes me stronger and I will grow up.

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    2nd relaspe I belive part of my second relaspe was a lack of motivation and that because I've haven't been posting and cause I haven't felt well at all recently been thorwing up since last week still not feeling well after I get my surgery I know I would do alot better and finally start doing more last time I was able to get ozzaru this time i got to ssj now next to I will go ssj2

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