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Do you have what it takes to become a Super Saiyan?

  1. I don't know yet, i'm gonna start training now!

  2. Yes, but it will be hard.

  3. Not only Super Saiyan, but i can go even beyond. AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

  4. I can only reach the level of an Elite Warrior, nothing more than that.

  5. I can't even beat Yajirobe, i'm a failure. ;(

  1. cyp77

    cyp77 Fapstronaut

    Day 39
  2. Thanks Z Warriors for all the likes and kind words S2

    I appreciate myself

    I appreciate you all

    Still heartbroken

    Still praying



    Her return

    Looking at a picture of her

    Asking her to come back soon

    She has already come back to me

    There are already messages on my phone from her

    Asking to meet and talk

    We have already worked it out

    All is well in our relationship

    She has already asked me to be her Kareshi

    She has already stopped criticizing and questioning me

    She already trusts me

    We no longer have arguments

    Just healthy communication

    We have already made it and are together forever

    We are together forever

    We accept eachothers 80/20

    We appreciate and love eachother

    Etcetera haha


    I take of my self love and respect myself first

    All the single girls want me

    I am attracting emotionally available partners to my loving and giving spirit

    I'll maybe start affirming those as my backup plan

    Idk about the 'i can get any girl' affirmation

    That's more her thing she says 'i can get any guy'

    She dropped her sort of playerish thought patterns to be with me though

    But then she just like

    maybe she was just a little too honest?

    And pushed me to do the same

    And we actually needed to keep a little of our

    'game' or whatever u wanna call it

    Game eachother so we could like

    Not get too vulnerable too quick

    I think it's ethical to game eachother if you

    actually liuke eachother and wanna be together

    It's unethical to try to get with someone when

    All you want is sex

    Unless you're upfront about it and say

    Yeah I'm just looking for a hook up

    Not a relationship

    Before the sex

    Then it's at least their choice

    To risk catching feelings to sleep casually with you

    Idk what the point of saying all this is at this point

    I think I just need to move on

    Do my manifestation and prayer for her to come home once or twice a day

    No more than like 10 minutes total

    And just get it together for myself

    Take care of me

    Check my phone once a day at 6pm and

    if no response then just turn it back to airplane mode

    Wait to check again the next day

    Unless of course I need to hit up my mom or my new friend

    New friends chill

    It's nice to talk about my friends on here

    I'm not allowed to talk about them around bae

    She gets jealous

    She's a lil Yandere

    She doesn't like go full Yandere though

    Sometimes she just crossees the line and is too Yandere

    I'm gonna say something like

    Babe not so Yandere please

    Try to keep from her getting out of control again

    She did slap me in the face to try to make me do soemthing

    one time

    And says things like

    You can't think about other girls at all like not even a fleeting thought

    I don't want you to look at other girls

    You can't have friends that are girls

    I'm also afraid you'll leave me for a guy

    That's my biggest fear

    I feel insecure about myself

    I feel like my looks are all I have to offer

    And if people don't think I'm pretty

    Then I'm nothing

    The only thing of value for me

    Is not validated

    I need to know that you think I'm prettier than every girl that we see

    On television while we're watching

    Any girl we talk about

    'Who's prettier me or her?'

    'Babe not so Yandere please.'

    A little Yandere's healthy but

    Not too much

    Just enough that she wants me to not go past a hug with another girl

    We tried to agree not to fantasize about others sexually or romantically

    But maybe that was too Yandere of us

    I think just don't go past a hug with someone else

    Is enough

    That's what the norm is anyways

    And don't hang out with people you have gone past a hug with

    I need to focus on myself and stop thinking about it

    Gonna start referring to them as it

    To help me detach

    Except when it's time to manifest/pray her back


    No more sad songs about missing it

    I will lift weights at the gym today no matter what

    I get off at four

    I can check my phone in the 6-830 window

    I turn my phone on airplane at 830

    I don't turn it back on till the 6-830 window for socializing

    Even that much is a lot

    Unless it's for our once weekly call

    I won't do more than 20 minutes of being open to texting my other friends

    I got things to do

    Me to work on

    Books to read

    Spiritual mental and physical practice to maintain and build

    In 20 mins I can say whats up to my friends

    And like yeah that's alright

    I want to hang with my gay friend

    But I know Yandere isn't going to like it

    She's gonna be scared to death I'll leave her for him

    Even though he's like basically married and we

    Won't do more than a hug

    (No pelvis)



    Also I'm not into homosexuality

    I never dated a guy

    Or did more than a drunken kiss with a guy friend who was like all over me


    I'm fine I can be friends with them

    We can hang out if I want to

    But anyways that'll be a while

    I won't make friends with them

    Till like who knows how long

    Long time probably

    six months or more

    Maybe probably even nine months

    Like when I get a new job basically

    I don't want to om



    omm om om om om om

    Bae wants me to get a job that pays a llot

    okay not really

    She'll stay as long as I have a job

    But once I'm licensed

    I wanted to work for this chill company

    It pays 60k a year

    But so loving kind and supportive

    Great environment

    I could see myself working there indefinitely

    If decades pass and the boss has to step down

    Someone else could run it

    I dunno I might even be willing to step up and help run the thing

    But I'm a businessman moreso

    I'd make it more profitable

    It'd change


    Hopefully I can just invest make money

    Retire off that 60k salary by like 50-60 years old idk

    But we won't get to have kids

    She said the only way we'll have kids is if

    I make enough for her to be my housewife

    She talked about making dinner taking care of the kids

    Massaging me when I get home


    I gotta get her back somehow


    baaup bring her back to me please give me her back please help me treat her well enough for her to stay forever when she comes back this tiem around! plzzzzzzzz S2

    So once I get my LPC I'll see if I can like shop around. Try other jobs

    I can be picky

    Sorry about my writing style this is just how it is though


    I could find a job that pays 100k-250k

    If I hit over 100k that'd probably be enough

    For her to housewife

    We could get married and have kids

    Live in the suburbs I picked out for us .

    It'd be perfect


    I just need to manifest that good job for me

    I know I can do it and make that bread

    For my Akachan and me

    So we can have kids

    Because my parents told me having kids was trhe best

    Thing they ever did

    For me

    It'll always be being with babe

    Nothing will ever compare to that

    Nothing will ever be as good as that

    I know I'll love my kids and be a good father to them

    But I'll never love or want anyone or anything more than my babe

    Nothing will ever be as good as her

    She's the best thing and person I've ever had in my life or ever will have for sure

    And I know I'm the same for her

    I am the best she's ever had and ever will have in every way

    She knew it too

    She'd tell me it too


    'She fed up'

    T.t T.T T.T t.t t.t. t.T

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  3. dutchy_

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  4. Sawamura

    Sawamura Fapstronaut

    It's funny. My brain wants me to look at something relatively innocent, but this ‘innocent’ step is the step that leads me down an inevitable relapse. As long as I say no to this, I’ll be okay.
  5. iamking7777

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  6. modern milarepa

    modern milarepa Fapstronaut

  7. Sup my friends

    sorry you had to endure my emo days

    Demo om

    I wish I could fuck every girl in the world ^_^



    yeah Om

    I guess I just got over it

    I deleted my ex from my messages

    hit up a couple old girlfriends

    they’ll hit me back

    signed up for a singles mixer next weekend

    on my affirmations grind to get the best

    girl for me

    I have some boundaries but

    idk maybe I’ll just sex someone

    if we both just want sex

    but crp says that one always catches feelings

    so it’s kinda unethical to sleep with them

    unless I’d be down to accept when

    they undoubtedly get sprung

    and me to be their man



    huhuhuh XD

    awe I miss that hoe


    She gone


    Ah sighs

    I met a girl at the gym today who was

    a lot like my ex

    but no disrespect she’s finer

    both are middle easter fit tattoos super social all the guys talking to them


    still I’d take my ex back when she returns

    I’ll just have terms

    call me cruel but

    Don’t jusge me I’m spurned

    I was thinking say and write 1000 times she’ll stay with me inshallah

    she Muslim

    and give me 1000$


    then we’ll be bf Gf

    that’ll get her to stay better I bet

    She gotta get the money legally without

    any romantic or sexual favors from others

    better be her own paycheck

    Family and friends donations

    yeahhhhh don’t duck with me ^_^

    I respect myself and there’s a price to pay

    for passing on me and coming back

    girl doesn’t know she missed out on

    the best man of all time

    no disrespect y’all can be the best too

    we can all be the best paradoxically

    Alright bros and sis’S

    sending you all uh

    self respect!
  8. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    you got this bro!! (^-^)

    I’m so pure right now tho

    I’m so pure whores become celibate for life after looking at me
  9. Yambo

    Yambo Fapstronaut

  10. leonpheon

    leonpheon Fapstronaut

  11. Chi405

    Chi405 Fapstronaut

  12. cyp77

    cyp77 Fapstronaut

    Day 40
  13. dutchy_

    dutchy_ Fapstronaut

  14. I do feel she’ll come back

    more than I’ve probably

    felt anything

    but I prayed and manifested

    it’s time to let it go

    and if it’s meant to be

    They’ll come back to me

    I’m gonna live my life now

    I have officially switched from the sad

    missing her songs to

    May breakup playlist


    I still adore her tho

    probably always will

    we’ll probably get married

    but it’s cool

    gonna just put away the stuff reminds me of her

    time to move on

    need to let go

    can’t keep hurting

    thought you could know

    I put away everything reminded me of her


    time for me to do some soul searching

    I came back to balance.

    I’m good enough and I think I’m gonna

    Set my boundaries at

    Kissing and hands okay if we’re kind

    if I feel comfortable relaxed and safe enough



    once we commit to a relationship

    After three months

    in a committed loving relationship

    we can have sex

    I don’t want oral or anal I don’t

    think I’ll do those

    sorry not sorry! ??

    I read they can. Be unhealthy and I’m just like idk whatever

    I’ve never liked them honestly

    I thought anal wasn’t appealing

    and seriously never enjoyed oral that much


    maybe that article was right for me

    who knows

    I hope no one minds my writing style

    I don’t much care for big paragraphs usually

    they’re just so condensed idk

    love you all my ZBros
  15. zars

    zars Fapstronaut

  16. hewm

    hewm Fapstronaut

    Day 74, home alone today.
    Gotta keep busy and not think about P
  17. iamking7777

    iamking7777 Fapstronaut

    Day 9 - Low-Class Warrior
  18. Yambo

    Yambo Fapstronaut

    Day 49

    Congrats King!
  19. Scheduled with a therapist

    M is gone for now

    I let her go

    with love

    I feel a deep need for social connection

    after being with her

    she was such a social creature

    I was such a recluse heh

    I feel in love thinking of her

    maybe it’s best I just

    stop talking about her

    basically don’t compare though

    comparison is the enemy of enlightenment

    gonna train insaiyan

    read the book attached 100 pages

    maybe take me six hours tomorrow?

    get nicely dressed and go to

    a meet up for cute singles like me wink*

    next weekend

    this weekends to recover

    Sleep by 10 up by 7

    hour for spirituality and grooming

    two hours for training and breakfast

    ready for work by 1030am

    so much more free time now I’m not masturbating or fantasizing haha. I don’t even allow myself to make physical contact in my imagination. I think not talking to anyone in my imagination is a good idea too that’s probably the next step.

    no touching. > no talking

    I will say this

    I’ve gone from 156lbs at ~6”0 to 165lbs

    lost two waist sizes and maintained under 10% body fat. I’m doing very well. And I would t have even gotten back into lifting if it wasn’t to try to impress M hehe

    may she blessed me and all my z warriors here

    Namaste Om

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