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Do you have what it takes to become a Super Saiyan?

  1. I don't know yet, i'm gonna start training now!

  2. Yes, but it will be hard.

  3. Not only Super Saiyan, but i can go even beyond. AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

  4. I can only reach the level of an Elite Warrior, nothing more than that.

  5. I can't even beat Yajirobe, i'm a failure. ;(

  1. What does orgasm mean ejaculation or just when. Your penis throbs but doesn’t cum?
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  2. zars

    zars Fapstronaut

    day 53 check in.
  3. Mysticalz

    Mysticalz Fapstronaut

    Day 82
    I've been relaxing and getting better but not forgetting to exercise and eat healthy it's been so long since I last had the chance to exercise it feels amazing.
    See you tomorrow Z Warriors!!!
  4. MarioCorrelos

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    Means no O derivated from sex (of any kind) with my girlfriend.
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  5. Yambo

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  6. Uh having a tough time right now. Letting go of my ex is rough. Shrugs.

    having all kinds of dreams. But not having sex in them. I guess I just gotta not think about touch people or whatever. Try to keep my stress low while talking to people. I was on the verge of going to me exes house and just showing up even though she ghosted me. She did once tell me to do that if she ghosted. But

    thankfully another friend asked to phone call Sunday so I’ll have company each weekend day. Phew.

    I’m really scared of getting angry like ever. I don’t want to get angry at anyone. It ruins my relationships. I think just a lot of zazen is good for me. Pray to Buddha is enough.

    not so much. Less is more. Eat three meals that’s it. Trying out a yoga studio now. Then probably another next time. It’s difficult. I kept my streak before by having no friends or partner. Just me mom and my job. But I’m trying to make friends and a Gf this year while maintains streak. So I guess I’ll just keep trying.

    I felt like my ex was looking for flaws in me sometimes. And she’s pry for info too often. At first it was nice to have someone curious about me but then it was like I had no privacy about my thoughts.

    I’m still not sure if fantasizing is healthy for me or not. I guess if it’s with people I’m considering or like idk idk man, hehe.

    I could just only do it when I’m talking to girls about sex. Otherwise just like don’t do it. No touching in my mind, I feel like even thinking about sec with a girl kinda makes me feel like. I’m losing energy. But also it calms me down. Maybe it’s the lesser evil. Like it will help me keep my streak and not have sexual dreams.

    my ex prayed for me to become obsessed with her. It was kinda scary. I’m still struggling to not think about her. Especially when I’m in bed at night, maybe it would help to think about someone else rather than to try to just not think about anyone.

    yeah….this nofap stuff is tough hehe.

    it’s the dreams and sleep and keep stress low that’s the major challenge for me.

    kegels are working well

    Having female friends

    that might? Be single

    is going well

    exploring coffee shops seems ok

    talking to people at yoga

    and the gym is nice

    I spotted a girl the other day and was like

    Woah I got to touch a girls wrist

    I was happy like al night lol

    She was good and I’ve been celibate three

    years good looking girl what I can say

    I like girls that’re into like goodness. Not much swearing, like their religion esp buddhism, not too many expectations, sighs. Reasonable secure healthy relationship.

    I’m happy to have a friend. Honestly. I was content to live as a celibate for a while but I think my exes loneliness and drive for socializing rubbed off on me. I’m like wanting to be around others everyday now. Although it’s reasonable like an hour at a coffee shop.

    I feel my drive and resilience are still here but after Ex left it’s not as intense. Guess I’ll learn to live without it.

    Keeping it short on here didn’t seem to go well for me hehe.

    I think it’s best I just try to enjoy the journey and make the best of this moment. Focus on the present and good things about my life. I think I want to be done talking writing about things that made me unhappy.

    I’m jacked now it’s cool. My bench and squat went from 45 to 165 in like a few months or so. Yay. It’s cool looking in the mirror and seeing all this muscle. I’m really lean now too since I don’t do sweets deep fried or red meat

    I thought about red meat today but passed on it through the grace of god for sure hehe

    I sit on the ground now mostly.

    my body just got used to it

    be who you are and say what you feel

    for those who mind don’t matter

    and those who matter don’t mind

    I almost threw out my vegeta masks

    felt they were too intense but

    idk man I like vegeta

    but I wondered if they made me prone

    to anger and fighting

    We’ll see

    I just want to sleep and uhm

    I’ll sit and Zazen if I feel lonely or whatever probs help

    watch anime

    I don’t do meetup anymore

    I didn’t like it

    tending towards going places I want

    to checkout and doing my best

    to say hi to people there

    if I’m in a committed loving relationship I’d be ok with having sex but I want to make sure it’s secure and healthy for both of us. And the person will probably stay.

    I generally don’t have commitment issues. My issue has been getting too angry when they start getting mad at me, being unavailable, and need to finger or oral them more. I feel like I’m good on all of that. Only getting angry is a concern still. But that’s also improved markedly since I did some lifestyle changes.

    the last concern is that I’ve picked bad girls before. It seems bad girls make me feel good but then treat me bad. Good girls make me feel bad at first and then treat me good and feel good later. But it’s hard to tell.

    what’s good or not for me. The only objective measurements I can take are: no history of high promiscuity in the past year, looking dor a relationship now not a hookup, doesn’t swear much or at all, into spirituality, thinks of self as good, reasonable expectations of self and me, kinder to me than to others as I draw closer to them, communication is good, no arguing definitely no fighting, talking maybe ok, I’m doing well maintaining my streak as we draw closer, I’m getting decent sleep at night, my training goes well, I don’t compromise my boundaries, tattoos piercings and neon hair are proceed with caution but not dealbreakers.

    wants bdsm or to tie up or peg me. Concern. Not dealbreakers though as long as they let it go. I want sex that’s just like normal? No bdsm kink. Outfits might be on though. Just no choking slapping swearing .

    Red flag if they slap or hit me. Or get overprotective. Then it’s time to communicate. If we can’t communicate I think I’ll probably leave

    it’s too important. Communicate be faithful and have sex with me 3x a month or more. Yeah. Not that much to ask.

    I want to know they love me. I get a feeling they do often but like. Maybe that’s enougb for me. Asking for more than feeling it is probably extra. Yeah.

    I’d like to at least say it while not touching each other before we have sex each time though. Regardless of how uncomfortable it is. I wanna hear it, and I’ll say it too.

    okay sleep now

    thanks everyone

    may I find my balance

    understand what I can say

    think and do

    and what I can’t

    to live my best life

    and be my best

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  7. Chi405

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  8. Gmornin z warriors

    back in action

    remembering I need to fight

    to survive

    it’s just how it is

    I dunno how else to deal with stuff

    I either fight or I

    start to die to feel like

    killing myself giving up hiding

    it comes at a price and

    I can still maintain things like

    no swearing PMO and no bdsm

    but like uh shoot

    idk what else to do man I have to fight

    I have to train martial arts I think

    or I’m gonna die

    crap Huhu I wish there was some other option

    I tried to just lift yoga cardio

    but it’s not working anymore

    my mind started breaking down

    giving into the will of others doing

    as I’m told by everyone I talked to

    still I’m afraid to like get in a verbal

    and even worse a physical fight with

    people in my inner circle

    mom future SO friends

    one fight has spelled the end of my last


    And I’m smarting for it now

    I just have to say not telling

    when’s hey ask me questions

    they don’t need to know

    They need not know

    if we wanna stay together

    not so nosy

    not so yandere

    not so much reassurance needed


    secure = available doesn’t interfere and encouraging

    that’s what I am

    that’s what I want

    within reason

    from myself from my friends

    and my partner

    gonna go hit on girls now I guess

    there were mad vibes with this girl at the gym

    she was so thick with all these tattoos

    and lean to where you could see abs

    and I swear she was staring at me

    I was gonna say excuse me I think you’re a total babe and I wanted to talk to you

    but I bailed

    finished workout and left

    wondered if that’s appropriate

    worried if she’d get mad and it’d be awkward etc

    but I’ve approached two girls at the gym

    in similar fashion

    They both were friendly

    about it but said no for whatever reason


    they always respond well within reason

    everyone responds well to me within reason

    I have a good enough girlfriend and she always shows up within reason

    that sounds decent yeah

    shows up meaning responds is available doesn’t interfere and is encouraging.

    SUCK A DICK!!!!!
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  9. zars

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  10. Mysticalz

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    Day 83
    I've been looking more into fitness diets and I ordered myself a fitness watch to keep track of everything I do.
    See you tomorrow Z Warriors!!!
  11. Yambo

    Yambo Fapstronaut

    Day 56. That means I'm on my top 4 streak ever. It's looking great this year.

    PS TO MYSELF: If you get too confident, you won't pay much attention, and that can be very dangerous. So stay sharp.
  12. Chi405

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  13. Muphy

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  14. Ugh I wouldn’t say I relapsed

    but I did visualize sex and

    hump my mattress like two strokes Huhu

    Om but yeah I just know it’s not good

    to let my genitals touch the mattress

    like no matter what

    I was just hot and rolling around

    and visualizing sex cuz I was stressed


    kinda nice vis sex tho?

    my penis is sexy hehe

    it’s the truth !

    tryna do the meetup online dating

    reconnect with old friends and approach

    in person yarrrrrr gimme some encouragement bros

    I know we got each others backs.

    we got this team
  15. Pretty bored now

    wanting to socialize but it’sa snow day
  16. zars

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  17. Mysticalz

    Mysticalz Fapstronaut

    Day 85
    Tried to sleep with no underwear never again. I had a wet dream and it was everywhere my god.
    Just made a quick update See you later today Z Warriors!!!
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