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Do you have what it takes to become a Super Saiyan?

  1. I don't know yet, i'm gonna start training now!

  2. Yes, but it will be hard.

  3. Not only Super Saiyan, but i can go even beyond. AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

  4. I can only reach the level of an Elite Warrior, nothing more than that.

  5. I can't even beat Yajirobe, i'm a failure. ;(

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    Day 57 have a great week everyone!
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    check in day 56.Already beaten my best 2021 streak.
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  4. Did a good amount of fantasizing this morning

    It makes me kinda tired when I Do that

    Makes me wonder if it's good or not....

    There was a couple moments I Felt like masturbating but

    Just resisted

    I guess I'll ask Buddha what to do and try to come up with my best rational idea

    Of what to do about fantasize or not . . .'s crazy but it's good too. Whatever :) <3 . It's tough to end calls on time with clients. Oh well. I'll keep trying. hoo. So I learned today from the 'how to not piss off girls' video. That you want to like uhm om OMMM. Just don't say shit and look pretty. Especially when they trash talk other girls say absolutely nothing to chime in with them.

    Never call them crazy.
    Be nice and don't expect sex in return. Don't cat call. But go approach with an honest compliment is cool. Uhm yeah.

    Don't talk over them and see them as equals. damn my memory is so good lol that's like the whole video.

    uhhhhhhhh idk if fantasizing is good or not. I mean it makes me feel kinda tired after but so do weights. So is it bad? I'm not masturbating. Honestly I feel kinda guilty thinking about sex with a girl because it's like. Do I even have her consent to do that? :\


    Am I being too spiritual ???


    May we all maintain our streaks in the best possible way for us and all humanity and the universe in balance and harmony S2 :emoji_hearts::emoji_hearts::emoji_hearts::emoji_hearts::emoji_hearts::emoji_om_symbol::emoji_om_symbol:
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    NoFap Defender

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    Checking in Saiyans!

    Day 362 free of MO and 434 free of Porn.

    I have been dabbling with a variety of b12 vitamin dosages over the last 2 weeks, as my recent blood test results show me as deficient. That and my T levels came at surprisingly low level, b12 can also influence this. This had originally came as quite the shock given my diet is on point and I am not by any means overweight, and oddly enough within 13 months my blood levels went down more than half for b12. It does however, explain part of the anxiety and fatigue I would feel on occasion. I first attempted 1200 mcg daily, which ended up making me dizzy and gave me headaches. I have tried 100 mcg every two days, which was fine but didn't feel like enough. I decided to move up to 250 mcg every 2 days, it seems to be okay so far. I will see as time goes on though. I plan on doing a complete blood work of all my electrolytes and b vitamins, I want to make sure I address any particular issues for the benefit of my health. My goal is to bring my T levels back to something acceptable, to do so will require a variety of work. All of which I am ready to take on.

    Aside from that urges are scarce for the time being. Nearing a year of freedom from MO.

    Stay strong friends!
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    Day 85
    I'm about to go to sleep I did what I do daily Exercise get some work done eat healthy. I'm trying that whole meditation stuff not that bad honestly really calming.
    See you tomorrow Z Warriors!!!
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  9. Checking in! Still going strong.
  10. Yambo

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    Day 58

  11. Keep up the good work brothers!
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  13. Okay so I just had a close call with wet dreams. I had messaged a girl complimenting her and then dreamt of a Korean girl on me making out. And I started to come but did my kegels and woke up. Only like a drop came out. But it was very concerning for me I’m up now and took a cool shower. Did my Brahmacharya mantra. Made me feel a bit better but. This isn’t good I got too close to the flame.

    I want to stop a lot of things now

    sharing about my clients or work

    be honest as much as possible

    no swearing or martial arts no matter what

    no fantasizing either

    I realize I have an addiction to martial arts and to swearing. Probably shopping too tbh. I’m out of control when I do martial arts or swear may I not do either ever again. This is just how I am. I can’t change it. I’ve tried and all I’ve done is fail. I don’t know if I can even be secure maybe it’s best I accept I have an anxious attachment style idk maybe not. But it’s slowly getting more secure.

    when I do martial arts and or swear I start getting very angry. And I also start wanting to do other stuff like fantasize, have casual sex, try to hang out with people who are drinking or drugging and not do it with them. It’s all too close to the flame for me. It’s just not good for me.

    I was edging on a picture of a old flame. I sometimes pray to all the divine beings I’ve ever read about. I dunno if that’s ok for me. Like maybe it’s best I just be Buddhist.

    I think I need to put away the female Buddha statue too it’s making me too like aroused. Because I masturbated and fantasized to it one time

    T.T please give me your tips on maintaining semen retention.

    I feel like I know what to do

    read a couple pages of Brahmacharya

    a day

    do calisthenics Zazen yoga and cardio


    abstain from:

    video games ejaculation masturbation martial arts swearing substances tattoos piercings edging and fantasizing

    also don’t hang with people doing substances

    unless it’s light drinking and I’m with a friend who supports my sobriety yeah

    it’s still kowagatta for me to be around substance use it’s scary for me Om


    what do I do?

    how do I maintain semen retention

    while living my life

    friends swear sometimes, sometimes often

    Most people at least drink a little

    it’s so hard to stop training

    martial arts and still watch dragonball

    I don’t know how to help myself

    I have self control?

    will thinking that help?

    I can’t do any of these things and I

    must do couple pages Brahmacharya and

    kegels every day like lots of kegels

    calisthenics yoga and cardio daily too

    go airplane mode after 8pm

    it’s a lot of restrictions but I don’t know how else to deal with life. As soon as I break even one of these I start losing it and my streak is in peril. My relationships are in danger. Because I become in danger of getting angry and saying something that upsets others. Others that I must keep in my life no matter what the cost

    no matter what I have to do.

    to sacrifice

    I’ll do it

    for them, for my people

    my family my friends

    my future girlfriend

    I will not swear or train martial arts

    I I’ll do two pages Brahmacharya and kegels

    every morning

    no matter what

    no matter what

    no matter what
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    Dude, I don't understand what's wrong with martial arts. I've been training it for almost 11 years and it never lead me to go out of control with rage, it rather helped me do the opposite like self-control and discipline.
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  18. Yeah everyone says this same thing to me but it seems make me just get super pissed off idk


    Martial arts and swearing are the things that I’m most concerned about

    when I do them I end up getting into arguments or really angry with myself and others

    I met a girl who said that martial arts made her angry too so she stopped


    some way to swear and mma and not get angry?
  19. I guess my idea is get a reiki poster and

    recite the I will not get angry verse haha

    That’s my best idea

    I think I’m gonna go like

    friends with benefits with M

    or Open relationship

    or Poly whatever

    I’d say fwb is probably best for now

    we could increase to open then poly

    then monogamous haha

    may she come over this Saturday

    may she come over this Saturday

    may she come over this Saturday


    may I last as long as I want in bed

    may I last as long as I want in bed

    may I last as long as I want in bed



    Baby do you want to come home

    with me?

    I got Dragonball Z and S on DVD

    Baby do you want to come home

    with me?

    I got Dragonball Z and S on DVD

    Baby do you want to come home

    with me?

    I got Dragonball Z and S on DVD
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