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Do you have what it takes to become a Super Saiyan?

  1. I don't know yet, i'm gonna start training now!

  2. Yes, but it will be hard.

  3. Not only Super Saiyan, but i can go even beyond. AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

  4. I can only reach the level of an Elite Warrior, nothing more than that.

  5. I can't even beat Yajirobe, i'm a failure. ;(

  1. Ice checking in. Day 4, so I beat my former streak. One should celebrate even the little successes, so I do.
    I got an infection. So I'm slowed down in certain ways. But I'm maintaining a good healthy mindset.
    Hope to come back as an Elite Warrior quite soon.

    Have a good recovery you all!
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  2. Day 2 :) I can already feel the chi burning inside. Let's do it Goku!

  3. Merc123

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    checking in, 7 days feeling like i got somewhere, now to do that again, drowning my ears in music and walking out the house did wonders for me, i hope it gets me through the hard times ;D
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  4. I'm gonna humblebrag my routine here. I think telling people what I'm doing will make me more commited.

    This routine, is for the most part, how I've lived for a few years now. The major difference is eliminating porn, masturbation, and edging.

    I wake up and get ready for the day.
    Then I perform a qigong circulation exercise or brain and marrow washing.
    I warm up by punching a double-end bag.
    I then do iron body training. This consists of hitting my torso and legs with a steel pipe. I work the forearms by knocking them against each other.
    The hands I slam against a stack of papers (next week will be something harder, now that this is easy). The feet I knock against a rock.
    After this I lug my oversized backpack three miles to the school gym. Once there I collapse on the mat for a few mintues before doing my workout.
    I bounce only using my feet as high as I can 3x.
    Tuck jump 3x
    Thread-the-Needle 3x each leg (Jumping over my own foot)
    Pike jump 3x
    Chest strike and hipstrike pushups
    Behind the back clap pushups
    Superman pushups 3x
    Aztec pushups (attempts, not quite there)
    Round kicks
    Twisted kicks
    Tornado kicks
    Jump 360 hook kicks
    Jump 360 back kicks
    Pistol squat holds
    Axe kicks
    Front splits 5-7 each side
    Middle splits 10x
    Martial arts splits 5-7 each side (one knee is up, the other parallel with the ground)
    Vertical side-kick holds 10-12x each side
    Vertical side-kick slo-mo 10-12x each side
    Vertical side-kick chamber hold
    Some taiji form each side

    Then, throughtout the day, I take a quick break to work the splits or do a ba duan jing exercise. I will also sometimes knock my forearms together to keep them hard.
    Note that the workout is really about me nailing that vertical sidekick these past few weeks. Once that's done, I will be on a more standard strength building routine. Really, I'm good enough now that I might start next week.

    At night, I will do penis exercises to enlarge the penis, and work the testicles to build qi.
    Slap the head against each thigh 30x
    JAI Stretch 50x
    Jelq 100x
    Stretch five minutes
    Kegal 100x (this is done with the anus, rather than perineium because that's the real and smart way to do it. Westerners have a habit of isolating anatomy when the body doesn't work like that)
    Kegal slams 5x
    Rub the vas deferens 100x
    Tap the testicles 100x
    Testicle massage 35x each direction

    The jai stretch and kegals I do at opportune times throughout the day, as well.

    Sex happens whenever the wife wants it. When it does, I don't do qigong or penis exercises the next day.
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  5. astrobear

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    76 - 82 Check-in!

    Check-in counter: 57 - started on Day 26
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  6. FOR gy3

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    Day 4 successfully completed. So far no any urges and want to keep the same momentum
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  8. Gangster2Tess

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    Day 0, Will reach elite warrior !
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  9. Henry1860

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    Day 0. Starting slow. Only Porn Abstain.

    I tried doing cold turkey but it didn't help. It just became a huge problem making it scary and difficult to solve.
    So this time. Slowly one chunk of the problem at a time.
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  10. Reset on day 5. Starting the new training right now.
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  11. zars

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    keeping at it, i want the full benefits to make a realistic comparison, lets get to supersaiyan 5 days to go!
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  12. Motivated to Succeed

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    Lost this round, but I get back up no matter how many times it'll take.

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  14. warrior292

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  15. Day 5
    Without wasting my time away via internet and PMO I feel much better. Even though I still have a cold. I'm more alert or wake and my thinking seems to work better and more in my favour. Damn, that's the brainfog clearing away! YEAH!

    Also I cut back sugary sweets for the most part.
    With MO it's not so easy. I managed to reduce it at least.
    But my brain is own big porn collection and scene producer. In fact that can help sometimes when tempted to watch porn. You don't need to! Because it's already in your brain (after years of consumption). Give the devil his due :D
    Admittedly, that's a dangerous recovery strategy. Because you need to be able to avoid all porn, including the porn called subs and that which the own fantasy produces - everything which serves the addict and makes him high (so to speak).

    The question for me: what's my recovery goal and how is it going to work out?
    In a nutshell: priority of all priorities: avoid pmo and that which leads to pmo. Next step: hard mode, as best as possible, avoid porn fantasies. Next step: approach women again, have women in your life, eventually sex. Don't become an asexual asket.
  16. Mead123

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    I failed at day 4
    day 0 again
  17. I think it's best to try to stop the fantasies. My own mind is bringing them up, and I just cut them out.

    I also now believe edging to be harmful. I was doing it for a good while as a method of fun and orgasm control, but I see zero correlation between it and staying power and orgasm control during sex. (I can control what my hand does, but not my girl's pussy.)

    I remember reading once from Your Brain On Porn that edging is WORSE than porn and masturbation, because you're just drowning your brain in dopamine for however long you're edging. I feel much better already cutting out the edging. Edging just felt like a magnified, super-porn session.

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