THE SUPER SAIYAN CHALLENGE! What is your Power Level?!

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Do you have what it takes to become a Super Saiyan?

  1. I don't know yet, i'm gonna start training now!

  2. Yes, but it will be hard.

  3. Not only Super Saiyan, but i can go even beyond. AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

  4. I can only reach the level of an Elite Warrior, nothing more than that.

  5. I can't even beat Yajirobe, i'm a failure. ;(

  1. Sure friend, welcome! :D
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  2. MJ93

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    Thanks, dude :)
  3. Day 5 on the run...

    Not an easy day, im not feeling 100% good, my inner demon is destroying me.

    I have a few things to do but i end up procrastinating and letting the inner demon of negativity strike me back all the time...

    Enough is enough this is not the time to let it happen to me, i've been at the top before, i gotta get there again, its now or never!

  4. MJ93

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    Still day 45

    Here are more videos for you guys to get you all hyped! Stay strong, everyone! Y'all can make it!

  5. demon_slayer_asta9687

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  6. Day 0 again.
    Today before dinner i had too much stress inside me, with just 2 worlds i got my stress to the stars. So i PMO again.
    Just keep going is enough? I tried to sleep, but couldn't.


    I thought about one day when i saw my parents having sex, my dad saw me, but i run away. Maybe i was about 17/18, dunno.
    But tonight i had that day in my mind, searched some help on google but ended up to read a hot story about another guy who looked at his parents, and there his mom was watching him jerking off while she was riding and smiling at him. After they all cum, his mom went to his room and said "Did you enjoy what yous saw? I'm sure you did". This made me hard i couldn't stop masturbating. My first cum was for this story. After a few minutes i cum again by watch hentai at PC.
    At this point i'm afraid, even if i'm 25yo now, but duno if can talk with somebody and get some help, i never talk about porn/sex with my parents. Only with one friend who's still i chat with.

    ANY HELP? Thanks ;(
  7. demon_slayer_asta9687

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    I hope you don't fall back into PMO and one more thing, please do not watch any motivational videos if you're going through PMO Withdrawal, because, it is only short term motivation and it will not get you through the week.

    I would suggest to you that you should first think about getting through the week, then during that time, watch some sexual abuse stories and take some of these abused people's stories to heart. I thought it was tough to take their words to heart, but after I kept watching and using breath control, I realized that PMO should be controlled.

    I hope some of this advice helped you out, feel free to reach out to me and have a good day.
  8. First of all take a deep breath, take some rest and try to not think too much about it. Second, you are not alone in this so many people here had the same problem, maybe not like watching parents have sex but it could be similar. But i urge you to please, try to reach at least the minimum of 90 days of nofap, it will certainly help if not then maybe you should go see a therapist but i dont think its necessary. There is no need at all to talk about this to your parents especially if things can get weird between you all after this kind of conversation. Just take some rest, focus on other stuff, have discipline to not look for porn, nor stories like that. Focus on other stuff like studying, reading etc... Reach a considerable amount of days doing nofap then you will see these thoughts and urges will slowly start to fade away. Endure.
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    What @demon_slayer_asta9687 said is true. Motivating videos alone may no be enough. We gotta build a strategy in order to get rid of the addiction.

    @TheHolyTrinity, watch and pay attention to this video that I'm about to show you. It should be helpful. You gotta relax and stay calm. We've all been down that road before. So, don't beat yourself up because of that. So.. again, watch this video. And you should check out Improvement Pill on youtube. His videos are really helpful for me.

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    Day 34 check in
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    NoFap Defender

  12. Final Check: Day 0! A new dawn.

    Last sunday night i had a dream, the one i want to make it be real one day. But this dream showed me something: i will get help and my life will change with something i can't expected, so it was.
    Today i've got my ass up, call my mom in my room, and talk for the first in real life about my problem and addiction with porn, and what cause could it be. I didn't tell anything about what and when i saw stuff, just a simple talk. I think this is was one of the best moments of my life till now, i was able to speak with someone about a problem i had from few years. It helped me a lot, now i can start for real my journey to a new life, with the focus that one day "i'll do what i saw all this years" with a beautiful wife :D
    This really helped me to cut out that porn was a problem for me and being able to speak with somebody it's good, and it was my mother, this mean i changed now.
    If this could help you, try to speak and get the courage and strength to tell to someone close to you about your problem. I told you i had problems about sex, incest, etc... but just talking(not of that topic, sure) it's really good to find inner peace. Now i can go on my life, knowing one day i will find a girl and after my first time, most of my sexual desire/fantasies will be done, even those forbiden, dark or just "illusion from your mind".
    Today this was(i hope) my last break point: from now i can start a new day every day, knowing i can count on my family.
    Have a nice day.
    I will reduce also time i visit this forum only one time every day, just for check up.
  13. Check in, if this is still going on. 10th day running today, if it counts, with 3.5 hrs left. 5 days from becoming an Elite warrior
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    You've done a very brave thing, man. Nicely done.
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    Day 7 looking at my own pictures and videos rather than porn. ;P
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    My first check-in here! :)

    Good luck everyone

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