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Who will win the challenge?

  1. Team Gucci

  2. Team Peanut Butter

  3. Team Peanut Butter Sucks

  4. The Barbarossa Sailors

  5. Team Cashew Butter

  6. Team Bananaz

  7. Team The Fellowship

  8. Team Victorious

  9. Team Nine Lives

  10. The Dream Team

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  1. Nice, well done :)
  2. spaces

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    Hi congrats on breaking your record :) , thats one hell of a moto you got there :).
    @Blossom congrats partner on your exams and may you pass all your exams.
  3. Well your decision is your decision.I thank you for participating in the challenge and I wish you the best.

    Thanks for being honest.I am glad to hear your still doing good.

    Damn.Sorry to hear this Batman,thanks for being honest with us and may this streak be the one.

    Its really very sad to have to reply to 3 relapse posts in a row but as always thank you for being honest.

    What you said is precisely what is wrong with that can be both a blessing a curse depending on how you look at it and its exactly why I think people should have a lets you track your relapses and keep count of them over very long periods of time,you can see real progress and decline and when you relapse you aren't back at zero.its can be especially helpful to new people or those (like myself) who struggle to even go a few days to help see themselves making progress(I.E you can that you relapsed 15 times 2 months ago but only 12 in the previous month)So while the counter may have never gotten over 2 or 3 days you know that you improved..also if your into numbers like me it can be really motivating.

    I believe somebody already posted some links but you can click the big blue "Here" button in my signature to look at my google spreadsheet.
  4. Ah never mind @Castielle I didn't realize @Mr.Chips already posted one(you mentioned excel which threw me off).
    Ah never mind @Castielle I didn't realize @Mr.Chips already posted one(you mentioned excel which threw me off).
    Good work.
    Everybody has to find there own way of track(or perhaps decide if they don't want to track at all)however I see the spreadsheet as the best option.has the most comprehensive option.

    My friend......My brother....I am proud.
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  5. Congrats.
  6. Caught up on the thread once again..

    Sad to see all the relapses...proud to see @DeservedCriticism breaking his personal best.

    I also must report that I relapsed yesterday myself but I have to say I once did it once(which is a bit of a rarity for me) and I made it 5 days which is further than I have gone in a long while after going through some very strong urges..all in all it is progress.

    So lets get back up everyone,recover from this weekend and OWN the week.

  7. Praksh

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    I have created a 200 days plan starting from 08/10/2018, 12:00AM and ending on 26/04/2019, 12:00AM(200 DAYS).

    The rules which I have set for myself are as follows,

    (No PMO) One clean day=1 point (awarded after completion of the whole day)

    PMO on any day=0 point for that day & (-4 points to the total score)

    (On seeing of any nude pics/videos knowingly or unknowingly) P on any day=0 point for that day & (-3 points to the total score)

    M/M&O on any day=0 point for that day & (-2 points to the total score)

    Wet dreams & Having sex does not affect the score.

    Logic behind the rules:

    Masturbation/M&Orgasm has least penalty because there is no involvement of porn. Just Masturbating (i.e., edging) also attracts penalty because it leads to increase in urges and chances of relapses becomes high within few hours or 2-3 days.

    Watching Porn attracts a penalty of negative 3 points & PMO attracts a penalty of negative 4 points. This difference is because on seeing porn unknowingly or by urges also, it should not lead to M&O immediately.


    (when score reaches 40 points +5 points will be added to the score

    When score reaches 80 points +5 points will be added

    When score reaches 120 points +5 points will be added

    When score reaches 160 points +5 points will be added

    When score reaches 200 points +10 points will be added)

    Total possible score will be 200+30=230 points which becomes 115% efficient.

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  8. Interesting system.I hope it works well for you.
  9. Hey! Had some urges today, but could quite easily get through it!

    I agree. I think the counter that is on the site is the easiest way for people to keep track and show their progress. But everyone should find a system that works for them.


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  10. spaces

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  11. "The only thing standing between you and your goal is WILLPOWER"
  12. Mr.Chips

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    Some people got a very hight streak and they don't believe in the willpower factor. Would you agree?
  13. Well personally i don't see how willpower could not be a factor unless you aren't really addicted. When the urge comes to pmo and you fight it off, that is willpower. I'm not saying its the only important thing, but in my opinion it is a big one.
  14. One Mic

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    It's what helped me. Not completely, but it's been a part of it.
  15. To put it bluntly I think those people are Liars.

    If you woke up one day and decided you were never going to watch porn again and you did that without a single problem then you either 1.were never addicted 2.Have no sex drive or 3.Are the master at avoidance.

    Willpower is defined as "control exerted to do something or restrain impulses." meaning if you fight through even the smallest urge or tough situation or whatever then you exerted willpower.everything about this hinges on willpower(or as I like to say discipline).So I guess the only way you could do it without discipline would be if you seriously disliked PMO(thus meaning you were never addicted.)
  16. Exactly
  17. Day 39 of our challenge that means 51 more to go.

    This is day 2 of my current streak and I gotta say this has thus far been an absolute cake walk when normally the first 2 days are an absolute slug fest,maybe its the fact that I have kept myself busy(mostly away from the internet)almost every moment of the past 2 days or maybe because I am motivated to make it to 6 days this streak...possibly both.

    I'm real tired right now since i only got to sleep about 5 hours last night,I am alone,and to tired to focus on situation to relapse but I am going to Hold the line today no matter what and I plead with each and every one of you today please please PLEASE DO THE SAME.
  18. I have a friend over at my place for some time now which means hardly any possibility to PMO which is great! So I hope that can push me into a streak which I can withhold afterwards.
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