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Who will win the challenge?

  1. Team Gucci

  2. Team Peanut Butter

  3. Team Peanut Butter Sucks

  4. The Barbarossa Sailors

  5. Team Cashew Butter

  6. Team Bananaz

  7. Team The Fellowship

  8. Team Victorious

  9. Team Nine Lives

  10. The Dream Team

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  1. First off thank you for being honest and reporting here.

    I thank you for your support.I don't feel like I've been a good "leader" because I've got more relapses than anybody here,I've messed up so many times but thank you.

    I understand what you mean about not using a break as an excuse to relapse.things got rough recently and I really just wanted to quit however I didn't.I'm still thinking of maybe taking a break from nofap,both from the site and abstaining just to try something allow me to try and get my mind focused once again but I don't think I will be taking that break.

    Thanks batman.
    Thanks very much.I will let you know about the next one.
    My friend...this is absolutely horrible to hear but I hope you understand that not all of your progress is down the made it 11 months without what we are all hear to beat and that is simply incredible! so I pray that you pull out of the dive,get back up and get back on track!
    Thanks for reporting it!
  2. 11/20/2018

    Only 10 more days left to go.It's been 4 days since I last checked in and I am not happy with that,sure I have been busy and I've been going through a rough patch and I relapsed alot but still it's no excuse when updating the thread would have only took a few minutes and yet I still didn't do it.I am glad to say that most of you have checked in on your own however there is one problem.

    @Castielle it seems that you have failed to check in as it has been 8 days.I can't help but feel like this is my fault since I was not online to alert you at 5 days as I normally would.I honestly feel absolutely horrible about it since I thought our final 8 would made it through the challenge and I also hate to see @Akermark to be alone and possibly finish this challenge alone when he has been such a trooper.

    Part of me almost wants to back out of the challenge since I've now got a total of 41 relapses over 80 days and this would pair @Praksh with @Akermark however that might not be fair to everyone else in the challenge for me to intentionally pair 2 people together.I will give it some thought over the next few days.

    BTW @DeservedCriticism you need to check in soon.
  3. It's not your fault at all. I kind of stopped caring much about this challenge, honestly. At this point it's obvious who is going to win, so it kind if started to feel a little pointless to me to keep checking in, especially since I've been so busy.
  4. It's not so much about winning as the challenge is supposed to be a way to push yourself further, be more focused and changing yourself for the better, that in itself should be the reward and not being first.
  5. Yeah, I didnt say that being first or "winning" was the point. But being so far behind honestly doesnt give me any more motivation than I give myself on my own. The point of making a challenge like this is to motivate you, and it was not motivating me anymore.
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  7. I guess, I don't see why it wasn't motivating anymore considering you were still doing good.
  8. I suppose it depends on your definition of good... I would not say that I was still doing good. I've been basically right back where I started before the challenge. The reason this was motivating for me was the competition, both with others and with myself, to win. Obviously, in my overall recovery, the goal is much deeper than just that, but that's the only reason this particular challenge was motivating for me. I dont think that's something I need to feel bad about. That's what most challenges are for, the extra motivation of wanting to "win." When that's gone, then theres nothing left that's any different than just having an accountability partner.
  9. Ah okay, I just thought you were doing better than most of them on here not in the "winning" aspect (although you were) but more about the healing aspect, though I don't personally know your recovery or what it was like before hand so I can't really say anything.

    I guess it can also do the opposite as well, if you're not first and are "losing" you may feel that it doesn't matter anymore and can actually be more discouraging than on your own. Hopefully it's going better for you now.
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  12. Checking in because I've lost all bloody sense of time. lol

  13. Lol :p

    Im chevking in too for a similar reason
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    Thanks for your response @Akermark. I don't know, maybe it was good to get all that stuff out because you have been faultless since - that will be 7 days with no strikes later today (I think). :) What you said, I think that the biggest problem for me was keeping the thoughts out. That comes over very strongly. And yeah, too sloppy with avoiding masturbation. So, go for it man. If dirty thoughts come - eject them. If the idea to look up a body part or sexual word occurs to you - don't. And view p/subs as contaminating and detrimental as hardcore porn. Stay clean and stay happy. :)
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