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    Check in monday!
    Fight as your life depends on it becouse it does!
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    Well I relapsed too... @Desperate_Warrior @Wooly horned ruminant mammal

    I really thought that this time I'm not going to relapse. I really should avoid alcohol because I just dont have enough willpower to avoid PMO when I have a hangover.

    I hope that you keep fighting Wooly. These first days are not so funny but we can do this.
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    checkin today. best wishes for everyone. keep going guys! We can do this!!!
  5. Got it! Thank you @M.S.H. :)
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    Checking in. Going strong. Day 22.
  7. Hello everyone :)
    Coming to do a quick check in.
    I also want to report a relapse yesterday @Desperate_Warrior , I'm sorry @JamesBaba, I messed up :(

    I wish you a good week, my friends :)
  8. No worries @Freedom_lover
    Don't let your past affect your future.
    Forget the relapse;Focus on the present. One song's lyrics just ran into my mind:

    When you've been fighting for it all your life
    You've been struggling to make things right
    That’s how a superhero learns to fly.
  9. It sounds like a great song.
    Thank you, James n_n
    I will not give up.
  10. It's a motivational song entitled Superheroes
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  13. We have to do better than this... Sounds good to avoid the alcohol.
  14. Yet another relapsr @Desperate warrior. Ill get my act together soon
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    My Journal
    I've been busy but mainly I have gotten zero notifications to this bloody thread so I kept forgetting, and looking at the last time I posted it was unfortunately 8 days ago. Sorry @</47> I ended up failing you, I hope the rest of the challenge works out well for you mate.
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