The theory about approaching women on street.

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  1. Can't lie, these are good points. So I guess I just have to improve my conversational skills and just keep talking to folks. I'm guessing you got better by just continuing to chat up people, eh?
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  2. Read it again. I never said it was the women doing the approaching. If you would pay attention:

    The above meaning I'm talking about women being cold approached by men. And that this thread is about guys approaching women... from an OP that's a guy talking about approaching women. Obviously.

    Also, I'm confused. You said this:

    But then said this:

    So... they do approach, then. And in my experience, they do as well. It's just they're far less likely to.
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    Yo - we're talking about the same thing: men cold approaching women. I wasn't ragging on you. Just ragging on the reddit OP who thought asking women's opinion about cold street approach would absolve his duties of "man-ing" up and chatting up girls. (I could be wrong but the psychology of that OP sounds like, "see guys! I told you women hate being street approached! And that's why I don't have to do it! Yay incel!)

    To clarify: I'm simply saying because women don't initiate the courtship ritual, their opinion about initiating the courtship ritual ought to be disqualified. If you ask them "how do you feel about being cold approached?" they have no idea what they're talking about. This is pretty crystal clear when I said:

    "You think women would bitch if Leonardo Di Caprio cold approached them?" That's a pretty clear example of a guy approaching a women, wouldn't you agree?

    Hence, don't ask a fish how to catch a fish etc etc.

    Going a bit further, I surmise in the reddit forum post you refer to, women conflate "cat calling" with a street approach. And I bet 99% of women have never experienced the latter. It rarely ever ever ever happens in 2019. So while they mean well answering the reddit question, they simply have zero clue what they're talking about.

    Lastly, I'm not sure what you're confused about. I'm simply saying as a dude approaching women, cold approach is the only means to "bat in your league/above your league" (whatever) without relying on social circle game (online dating sucks lol). Cold approach is a great way to deliver your SMV if it's high enough.


    1. women aren't qualified to answer anything about initiating the courtship ritual because they don't initiate the courtship ritual (so kindly disregard their well-intentioned opinion).

    2. cold approach is the only way to meet and date women "in/above your league" without relying on social circle (online dating blows)

    Happy hunting broseph!
  4. I was unemployed for a while and too broke to spend money chasing women at the club so for a while this was my only option. I just made the effort to talk to everyone in my vicinity.. Old ladies, bitchy looking chicks, middle aged white dudes or whoever. I didn't walk around like a wierdo saying hi to everyone on the street but if you were in my vicinty, in my line at the grocery store, looking at the same pile of avacados or in an elevator with me i'd usually make some kind of joke or shoot the shit. Once I started working, every morning in the elevator I adressed everyone and struck up a conversation or made some type of joke.

    I never got one negative response and I was usually surprised how receptive people were to me being soical. I realized that akwardness was in my head and and that initial apprehension went away. soon starting a conversation became as natural as breathing and your skill level and calibration improved. I'm very introverted and I have no natural inclination talk to hot chicks but doing this for a year improved my baseline level of confidence and I'm just way more socially competent.

    The few times I walked up to hot chicks and was like, "Damn, you are fucking gorgeous", their eyes lit up, they smiled and they were blown away that some guy walked up to them confidently and calmly said that. It made me feel super powerful because before in my mind it was not an option and I it made me feel like I just did something super human. I totally expected the girl to be like, "get away you creep" but it never happens. When I walk up to a girl all weak, unsure and un confident they seemed to disgusted and reject me right away.
  5. Not gonna lie, this is pretty inspiring and true. I used to be pretty uncomfortable speaking in front of a crowd, but a college class of mine made me do presentations semi-often. As I did more presentations, I got more comfortable speaking in scenarios where all eyes are on me. So your story would definitely corroborate that.

    I think most people want to form good connections with others, but have no idea how, including me. I'm introverted as well and I don't usually approach people. I always want to do the same you do, strike up a conversation or make a joke, but I never know what to say. :emoji_sweat_smile::emoji_joy:

    I'm in another class right now and in it, I sit with folks that I thought about engaging with, but decided against. I don't like that. I think tomorrow I'll start trying to strike up a conversation with people in my vicinity, after reading your own experiences. :D
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  6. You should go for it. I find it's usually more way less akward just to say hit than it is to pretend the people around you aren't there, lol. Most people aren't very comfortable doing this so just being bold enough to engage often impresses them.

    I've said this many times that I hate that people view PUA in such a negative light because learning about human social interaction is what gave me the courage to engage people and gave me a loose structure to use as training wheels. It highlights all the reasons why all these lonely incel dudes don't do well with women and offers practical solutions to improve.

    I never got into using the lines and the material that they incurage you to develop for opening an interaction but reading about it really helped me to kind of understand how to do it and helped my conversatons to flow more naturally. Theres an old PUA manual called magic bullets and the material is considered a little dated, it provides a great general overview of "evolutionary social psychology" which improved my interaction with people tremendously. (You know I don't believe in evolution but I do like natural selection). You can find it pretty easily online but if you can't, message me and Ill send you the PDF. It was seriously life changing.
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