The Tinder Torture

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Chef Boy, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Chef Boy

    Chef Boy Fapstronaut

    So you’ve seen the sorry state of the dating scene and download tinder as a semi-valid option. You match with girls, they’re all the same.

    You know the type; entitled, sexualised, not needing a bio because they’re the prize and looks alone is enough to hook 90% of men on tinder. She has 100 matches a day and a plethora of options to choose from.

    Now, with nothing to go by but a few pics or a couple of nothing words in her bio; you have to come up with an opener that is perfectly poignant. Witty, showing personality, masculinity, non-neediness - whilst knowing nothing about the girl. A simple “hey” or “how are you?” Is suicide. She already has hundreds of such message and will not bat an eyelid.

    You conjure something or recycle a chat up line that was received somewhat decently in the past. She doesn’t reply. You try another girl...this one does. A simple “haha” or “that’s funny”. A response that’s almost a non-response. She knows her worth - she doesn’t need to try; her stock couldn’t be higher. If she’s a 7/10 or more, she’s effectively God in the online dating realm.

    You should be grateful that she even typed a couple of words. She felt you were worth those 5 seconds of her life. She’s waiting for your next move, and you have no idea what to say. Waiting is inaccurate. She doesn’t give a shit; dozens flooding her inbox and you’re already forgotten.

    This process repeats itself - you have to dig deep to find another witty engaging line; not realising that you’re talking to the sexiest wall in the land. No personality for she doesn’t need one. No substance because society dictates that curves and cleavage triumph all.

    Soon enough, you give up. Or settle for a 6 or below who knows her position in the dating marketplace. Porn puts an arm around your lonely shoulder; porn can give you access to these women in ways you’re clearly not going to experience IRL anytime soon.

    Delete tinder guys. It leads to the loathing of society and your position within it. I have relapsed several times in the past in this manner.
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  2. Truegamer007

    Truegamer007 Fapstronaut

    I was gonna download Tinder, then I read all the horror stories about it. Online dating isn't what it's cut out to be. It's just for hookups, nothing more.
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  3. Kikobraz

    Kikobraz Fapstronaut

    you though you were going to find true love in Tinder? I however think tinder is better than PMO. At least it gets you out of the house and doing something.
  4. Chef Boy

    Chef Boy Fapstronaut

    Do you know what tinder is?
  5. Truegamer007

    Truegamer007 Fapstronaut

    That's not what it does... And yes, I hoped to get a relationship.
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  6. SanityOverVanity

    SanityOverVanity Fapstronaut

    Only 'something' Tinder ever got me doing was PMO
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  7. CowardlyLion

    CowardlyLion Fapstronaut

    Get off Tinder. It's garbage, makes you view women and judge them instantly. I did that garbage. I regret it every single day. Delete it, never look back.
  8. Tinder is cancer to the dating realm. I hope it goes under.
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  9. I Never got into tinder and never plan to.

    It's good that you realized it triggered you and then stopped using it. It's always good to improve yourself
  10. sakeen

    sakeen Fapstronaut

    Holy shit. Perfect description. Agreed, Tinder is poison. Fuck hook-up culture. It's easy to forget that the girls that have real worth aren't slutting around on Tinder. Let's stay classy nofap, and remember our worth.
  11. DM79

    DM79 Fapstronaut

    I think we need to rethink our scoring system if you can write nothing on your bio and still be considered a 7+. Maybe if we deduct 5 points for no profile and add on 5 for a really good profile?

    I might be alone but for me the sexiest part of a woman is her sense of humour. A girl that can make me laugh is a lot rarer than one with perfect hair, skin and bod. And I know which one bores me quickest.

    Good luck in your search I know you will find someone speacil.
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  12. Andreid

    Andreid Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Guys, I was using tinder for almost 2 years, but not constantly and most of the matches were pure fails, not all of them though. A had a girlfriend several months ago, I met her on Tinder. She wasn't like most of the women you see there. She wanted something serious. But that happened only with her and let's say 4-5 girls I chat on Tinder, but I found them in a 2 year period which is a huge amount of time.

    Indeed, Tinder is crap when you want to meet a decent person that really appreciates who you are. I will delete this right after I reply to this thread. Thanks for posting this! :D
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  13. Chef Boy

    Chef Boy Fapstronaut

    I commend your standards bro. Men are attracted to the physical and I am as guilty as the next guy in that regard. If I see a hot girl with no bio, I would still match her, unfortunately.

    Let’s call it porn-inspired attraction.
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  14. CowardlyLion

    CowardlyLion Fapstronaut

    Also guys...please stop rating women with numbers. Talking about their worth based on a 10 point system...that's horrible. Talking about dropping some points, here and there? Women are people. You are on Tinder just as much as they are. Guys are acting the same exact way, maybe even worse. We perpetuate this cycle by continuing, even if we don't agree with it, to use the "number" system. Or to come up with other systems for rating women's attractiveness. If you say you haven't done it, you are a liar. Cut this crap out. It's not good for anyone's health or self-worth.
  15. A lot of shallow sheep that I have met always seem surprised wheneved I say I prefer personality over looks, but it is what it is. I completely agree with you on that.

    I never would date or hookup with a girl over looks alone (only because hooking up isn't risk free, and the risks are INSANE...stds, pregnancy, etc). I met this one girl, "gorgeous" by typical standards. Went to lunch with her, she had NO personality, no passions, anything. It was like talking to a gray wall...a sexy gray wall mind you, but a wall nonetheless.
  16. Yes Tinder is poison, most girls on there are university students who just use it for attention and for occasional hookups when they are bored or want to tease someone for there own amusement, with bad grammar and pictures of them posing the peace sign with their tongue out, snapchat filters etc etc. It's like putting a dog in a cage and waving some succulent meat in it's face, pure torment.

    I believe Tinder is aimed at the younger generations, there is some good dating websites out there however, with real people who want to date seriously. My last girlfriend was from internet dating and she was very caring and nice. However it didn't work out in the end, I'm much happier single funnily enough. Before I thought I was lonely and needed a girlfriend to be truly happy, now it's the complete opposite. I'm now grateful for all the free time I have, which I can use to do things I want to do. To grow, learn and have fun. Knowing your self worth and loving yourself is much better than been in a mediocre relationship any day.

    Yes there are real women out there who are worth the time and effort, but the real question is, are YOU a REAL MAN? Only strong, good men can earn a good, faithful, attractive woman. A woman one day you truly will want to marry and have children with. If I was going to give any advice today it would be, work hard, grow strong and eat well daily. Also don't rush into anything relationship wise, rushed relationships do not work whatsoever.
  17. Tinder is crap. Why ? Its very superficial. The type of girl you described in your post is pretty much the type of girl that has nothing else to offer, but her looks. Beauty is great, but if there's no personality to back it up, its worthless.

    These girls have ego, and are in need of attention, once all of that falls of, they fall in depression and feel down. These do not appreciate themselves, as long as they look out the attention and validation from other people. Guys, no matter how hot she may be, delete Tinder and do something else, toxic women (or men) can only hurt your progress as fapstronaut and even put you in worse position than you probably are. Want to hook up ? Get outside and do it.
  18. Chef Boy

    Chef Boy Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the comments and feedback, it's good to some of you can relate. Glad that we've got a number of guys on here less hypnotised by aesthetics - something I aspire to.
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  19. Andreid

    Andreid Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Thank you for posting this! After I read your thread with all the replies I decided it is best to delete this app. It didn't help me much and I think now that I don't have this kind of app I will become more motivated to start conversations with girls in real life.
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  20. SolitaryScribe

    SolitaryScribe Fapstronaut

    Most girls I've found on tinder were kind of ugly... it actually killed my mood for intimacy

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