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  1. Hey Folks! :)
    With now[​IMG] almost 30 days of no PM and about a week of exercise under my belt, I've decided to step up the self-improvement, so I can really become the person I want to be. So I came up with the Trident Challenge, in order to take myself to the next level. The rules are simple: Pick 3 things (We'll call them Dailys) that you want to do, and do them every day, for 30 days. The rest is up to you, including increasing periods of time for Dailys like hw, reading, and learning. If you miss a day for a particular Daily (ex. reading) you have to drop it from the challenge, however you are allowed to continue. When you have no more Dailys left, you are out of the challenge. You need to post your Day # regularly to confirm that you're still in, at least twice a week. Today is Day 0 for this challenge, & YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RESET YOUR COUNTER! :) I picked no sweets, no anime, and studying. Every day I will not eat sweets or watch anime, and I will increase my study time by 5 minutes. I will start my study time at 5 minutes minimum today. Those that complete this challenge will have their names posted in the Trident Hall of Fame:

    GOOD LUCK! I wish you strength! :)

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