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    Hi everyone! First of all I introduce myself.
    I'm a 26-year old Italian guy, dealing with masturbation since I was 10. Yes I started early, and this may be one of the root causes of my problems. It's a long-time addiction that made me shy, shameful and numb. Self-esteem was destroyed over time and made the relationships with others very difficult and painful.

    This addiction got worse during my puberty and early adulthood, as porn came into my life. I started MO when smartphones didn't exist, but in 2009 my parents gave me an IPod Touch, and that started my pornography addiction. I started with softcore love scenes from movies, then I passed to proper porn. I still remember the sense of shame and disgust when I saw my first porn, but it was also addictive.. So I continued.

    Only now I realise how porn and masturbation affected my life. I can't believe how numb, stupid, anxious I became through PMO. The worst thing, I'm virgin and never had a proper relationship with a girl. It's so unbearable at 26,it HAS to end. The only way was to stop, once and for all, and start a normal love life.

    Before landing on NoFap I started a reboot, but I relapsed after just a week. I soon felt the benefits, but in a moment of Great discomfort I PMOed and did it again and again. I felt terrible, masturbating when all this beautiful girls were passing in front of me - I'm working in Ibiza right now.

    Day after day I kept PMOing, until I found this forum. It was like an enlightenment. A community of people dealing with the same problem. I'm not alone any more, I thought. I can relate to other people who are facing the same demon, and help if possible. I felt this was the chance I needed, and I decided.


    From this day on, I will win my this addiction, and come to a healthy sexuality a the end of the road.

    Peace and love to everyone, will keep you up to date
  2. Greetings italy!
    what an amazing intro, its as you said this place is amazing, an enlightment...
    you CAN reboot, a healthy sexual relationship should be everyones goal, goodluck on reaching it! were all here for you along the way!
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    Peace my friend
    I hope that u will succeed and u will for sure!
    Maybe just a little tip to help u : control ur sight its the beginning of all, and try to control ur thoughts (ik its harder) if u cant, u have to be active irl and stpp thinking (sports videogames etc)
    U can do it and be free again!
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    It's true man, when you think of masturbation, just shut down the thought and do something else

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