The Truth about PMO

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by rockstarpsr, Apr 7, 2020.

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    Hello to everyone including myself,
    why I aim to stop PM and have started on this nofap journey? I am writing this to remind myself and others why, so that it prevents any relapses in future and I stick to my word.Let me not waste time and come to the point:
    • It makes me feel depressed, reduces self-confidence badly
    • It eats away long hours of our limited beautiful life
    • It gives an anti-people mindset which makes me making friends difficult and girlfriends impossible
    • It gives me eye strain due to long hours of exposure to the screen
    • It inhibits me from doing productive work and improving my skills
    • It prevents me from being congenial and happy
    • It kills creativity and embraces complacency and laziness
    • It is a vicious cycle which is very difficult to escape once you are in
    • It kills our sense of appreciation of small things in life
    • It makes our mind a slave and compels us to venture into dark places both metaphorically and literally
    • Finally, these actions online may influence unacceptable behavior in real life as well which is a huge threat
    Hence, guys the above reasons should motivate you enough to stay away from this cancerous PM. We can achieve it without relapses, though there might be resets which can be handled. But try to avoid resets as well.
    " Whatever we do in life, echoes in eternity" - Gladiator
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    True, i had experienced all of the above, that you mentioned. time let go of this habbit.
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