The truth is that jerking myself off was infinitely more pleasurable than having sex with women

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by ultrafabber, Aug 14, 2019.

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    Interesting point you make Trying358. Genetic "abnormalities" both give and take. That's a very useful point for all of us to keep in mind. Thanks.
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    I think the truth is, if most of us didn't have some sort of issue that prevented us from having a girlfriend or wife (or even a man if you're gay or bisexual), have sex with them, and not knowing about anything else would be sufficient. Loneliness > masturbation > porn - it's a simple pipeline that unfortunately branches into even more problematic situations. And that's when we start over-analyzing our (new) behaviors.

    To me it's simple, I never had a GF, barely had any 'real' sex and if I did have both, I'd probably be nice and ignorant without addiction, PIED, extremist fantasies or any of that stuff. It's much more black and white to me. I might probably still want to try out new stuff, but at least it would be in the bedroom with an actual partner.

    Although I won't rule out that the fact that I personally like 'new' and varying things this could then come out in another way - perhaps like cheating or visiting prostitutes during a relationship. But then again, it's all about communication.
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    Why at all would it actually matter whether stroking your own dick is straight or gay??!?

    This implies a strong normative judgement against being gay. Why does nobody here so far pointed that out?

    I believe one must be rather confused about one's sexual orientation if one is considering and fearing M as being a gay act. If one is a self-assured heterosexual, wouldn't one just give a shrug and keep on going?

    Honestly I find it sad if you're so detached of your masculinity that you rather identify with the sensations in your hand than those in your penis. In your theory it seems it doesn't even belong to you - it could be as well the dildo of a robot. Isn't that telling? And it fits with the strong aversion against your own semen, that only levelled off into indifference by habituation over the years. Yet there's no positive emotion about it? Are you afraid that might be gay as well?

    In this case, NoFap is not the solution. It might even be an exaggeration of self-rejection.
    Acceptance would be the cure.
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    A lot of people are breaking it down to a mechanical thing. Touching yourself feels better then sex with a woman.

    I get it. It’s true.


    I personally find one night stands boring as heck. I crave intimacy though.

    I would move to say someone hasn’t found the right woman (or man, whatever your attraction may be and who cares which it doesn’t matter for the purpose of this discussion) to engage yourself on an emotional level.

    There is more to good sex than mechanical insert flange A into slot B for a lot of people.

    The longer you think about it as just a mechanical thing, the harder nofap will be.

    I mean .. there is grinding some cheap hooker in an alleyway for the dopamine burst for the moment that is likely the same as fapping ... one night stands are marginally better, but being with someone you love and engaging your entire brain is a totally different story.

    I also thing you are way too hung up on being gay or not. It’s 2019. If you are gay or bisexual who cares?

    Think about forming an emotional connection.
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    After encountering countless threads from you... I have come to this conclusion...

    You potentially are not at all interested in your own reboot, you just come here for intellectual masturbation and all kind of nonsense, borderline hatred etc.

    Hence I for one decline to take you seriously at all. And I am sure many others will also be in agreement with this sentiment of mine.
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  6. This is the function of a woman? Sounds absolutely awful and kinda gross.
  7. Yep. And apparently he can suck his own penis. He’s special.
  8. You have a delightful sense of humor.
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  9. It seems that you enjoy having sex with your own hands. Do you get aroused when you look at your hands? So you have a hand fetish. Nothing to be ashamed of. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there just like you. Why they might even be lurking somewhere around NF.

    When I shower and I wash my butt with my own hands does that make my hands gay? Should I stop taking showers? Should I get a brush to wash my butt with instead? Will this give me a brush fetish? If I develop a brush fetish does that make me gay or is the brush gay? Is there any such things as gay brushes? How can I tell if a brush is gay or straight so I can keep it from accidentally touching me and turning me gay?
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    Was that directed at me? o_O

    Edit: NVM am really really tired. Was at OP

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    Do you understand why?
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    It's difficult to know if your comment was genuine or sarcasm. Either way, I'll take the boost!
  13. :emoji_grinning::emoji_thumbsup:
  14. I can totally identify with this topic. For me not only was masturbation more fun, but the hassle of not dealing with somebody else's personality was almost an added bonus.
  15. Oh I can so relate. I didn’t want to deal with anyone. It always went wrong and I was tired of it. But now I know that when you’re a P addict and you date a P addict no good ever comes of it and it never ends well.
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