THE TRUTH: why we keep on relapsing?

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    I've been there yes and it's really hard to fight this libido crawling up. The longer the days, the harder it gets.
    I want to make my post real quick as short as i can. These are my personal realizations and I HOPE that these will also help a lot of Fapstronauts.

    #1. Find your most painful experience from PMO addiction, and engrave it in your mind. Every fcking single day.
    >> in my case, limp dick and mental slowness/thinking very stupid is my most painful experience. There's nothing frustrating than seeing your partner/GF look unsatisfied after sex and just played with herself: JUST because you have a limp dick.
    >> My realization: i can fuck a girl for 20,30,40 minutes with a ROCKHARD erection just by stopping PMO for 2 weeks. I tell you, it is the most satisfying feeling as a man. Your partner will really enjoy it. And you feel more masculine!

    #2. Create a GOAL or project for yourself, and fcking stick to it. Why??
    >> Sexual Energy is the most powerful energy of men. It is the reason why we feel motivated, intelligent, aggressive, happy, energetic, etc. This is also the main reason why you are lying on your bed whole day, feeling depressed, unmotivated, socially anxious, uncertain, etc. after you keep on spraying your sperm in front of your computer. Because there is no more DESIRE. And sexual energy is our DESIRE. Why we keep on saying that we get "super powers" doing nofap? I can tell you it is our DESIRE. To go out, to run, to talk to people, to approach a stranger, to start a conversation to a women, to feel confident. Because our body is screaming with DESIRE and Sexual Energy. Now lets reverse it: let us spray our seeds 2x or 3x a day in front of porn. Do you think you are ready to face the day tomorrow?

    >> GOING BACK. NoFap means ENERGY. nothing else. it wont make you good at basketball. It wont make you a good conversationalist. it wont make your posture better. it wont make you seduce that women of your choice. WHY? these are all SKILLS. and skills must be learned and practiced.
    Now, how will we use nofap to better ourselves? It is up your GOALS.
    We will use this built up desire to do other things. To focus on other things. Remember that this is men's energy?
    If you don't DO SOMETHING ELSE and just wait in your bed for the day to pass, this sexual energy will be transferred into WANKING/MASTURBATION.
    So read a book, practice a skill, start your projects, perfect your posture, go to the gym. ANYTHING that aligns to your personal goals besides wanking or sitting all day waiting for your nofap counter to rise.

    >> My realization: i've DONE majority of my projects. Read a lot of books. Overall energetic. My mind is crisp and super fast in thinking and deciding. I want to see people. And i have magnetism to them.
    Is this super powers? NO. It is the natural biological male energy flowing inside you. It is like magic i can tell you.

    To end this post, i would like to share a MINDSET and a CHALLENGE:
    1.) Mindset: NOFAP is MOTIVATION. It is bottled up UNTIL you use it. NoFap alone will never improve you. So i will use this pent up energy to get moving.

    2.) Do Nofap for only 1 week. And FEEL your overall energy and reflexes. Then try to start watever project/goals you had.

    Goodluck to all of us!

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