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  1. I use to think that if I put my guard up and run away, I would be able to avoid problems and being rejected.

    Now, I see that I must accept rejection, let go, and set myself free in order to be liberated.

    Once I am liberated, I will be able overcome any problem or rejection that will occur.

    Here are some of benefits I have recieved after 30 days:

    -less anxiety
    -I finally got a job in my field
    -less urges
    -not horny all the time
    -feel more connected to my body
    -have strong urges to go to the gym all the time
    -satisfied with where I am in time and space
    -look people in the eye and speak with authority
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    congrats on your days ! great job staying strong !
  3. quit@porn

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    Great going... Keep it up bro...
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