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Do you think you can conquer the Kings of Hell and Save the World?

  1. Yes, I am so in!

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  2. Nah I am running in any direction that I can find

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  1. This would be funny hahahah
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  2. @Hero:HOPE Try to put all the eggs in the same basket, please
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  3. Okay ^^
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  4. Vigoth

    Vigoth Fapstronaut

    Jours 4
    Go pour une promenade qui dure 20 minutes ou plus [200XP]
    Lire un autre chapitre d'un livre [50XP]
    Méditer pendant 20 minutes ou plus [200XP]
    Faites une liste de vos objectifs à court et à long terme [300XP]
    Prenez une douche froide [100XP]

    Mission précédente réalisée aujourd'hui:

    Aller au salle de gym
    Faire une bonne chose pour un ami ou un membre de la famille
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  5. Fuck, just relapsed.
    I did 20 days clean and now this shit. Sorry guys I failed.
    I'm fucking ill and I stay a lot at home.
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  6. Sorry I don't speak excuses neither does life
  7. Vigoth

    Vigoth Fapstronaut

    Continue to persevere one day your efforts will eventually be rewarded.
  8. Jeremy_Jr.

    Jeremy_Jr. Fapstronaut

    @MrAlive @Vigoth Thanks for sharing! those are interesting.. Im currently starting a new book. " A man's search for meaning" by Viktor Frankl.. he said
    We cannot avoid suffering but we can choose how to cope with it, find meaning in it, and move forward with renewed purpose. I'll share more when as I progress, just need to find more time to read.

    MONSTER MONK Fapstronaut

    Master Monk steps in Hell!
    Count me In!!
    How does side quests work?
  10. You just do them I guess... This concept is really good.
  11. Jeremy_Jr.

    Jeremy_Jr. Fapstronaut

    Day 4 check in!
    Side Quest:
    Go for a Walk that Lasts 20 Minutes or More [200XP]
    I took a walk going home today. I actually wanted to go for a run again.. maybe soon..
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  12. Jeremy_Jr.

    Jeremy_Jr. Fapstronaut

    It's part of the process, I hope you've learned something from this relapse. Continue your journey brother! We never give up!
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  13. Trust me once you walk angrily at your addiction to beat it up... you get even more pissed because then you see how weak and little this parasite is and that this little sh*t messed with you for this long. Okay... maybe it's just me.
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  14. Jeremy_Jr.

    Jeremy_Jr. Fapstronaut

    It's true :) you can't get rid of something that you still like or love to do.. somehow you will need to set your mind and heart
    " how I hate PMO" to be able to kick it away from your habits. Change of mind takes time, because for many years it made us a slave. Now when you're able to make it weaker.. beat it up until it dies.. never feed it again so it doesn't grow back.. "What you feed grows, What you starve dies".
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  15. Yes! Every punch you swing at your addiction must be with the intention to end it! If you don't want to end it then it will survive.
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  16. It's not a excuse, it's a fact.
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  17. You are right
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  18. Good. It better stay that way. Now heal good, rest yourself and keep fighting!
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  19. Guys, after looking information during this last hours I've arrived to the conclusion (as most experts say) that as more you think of your addiction more you are tempted or close to relapse. (it can be drugs, nofap, junk food).
    Like if I say "don't think of a pink elephant, don't think of a pink elephant", yes you thought, I'm right?
    I know there are other strategies to rid on this sh*t, ones better than others but I will give a try to this one.

    The theme of this challenge is awesome and it could help to some people but only in a short term, very few ones will arrive far and they would be the exception but the majority will keep relapsing, I'm refering in general of the challenges.

    My two main IDEAS are:
    1. Don't think of this addiction.
    2. Introduce some other habits.

    Of course I will continue doing (meditation, reading, going for a walk, cold showers...) but not thinking of this and even not entering in this website.
    I will comeback here after I think I'm prepared to see how are you going.

    PD: I stay here a few more time to see your thoughts.

    This post is the best one I've found since I registered here, you are great guys.

    Thanks and see you!
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