The universe will TEST YOUR MIGHT!

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Sri Holdanut, Mar 29, 2020.

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    This is an idea I've been entertaining for a while. I have noticed that after overcoming strong urges, not only I feel relief but I feel like I have made some massive progress. Sometimes while going through I rough patch, certain triggers will come up as if some omnipotent asshole was trying to poke through my streak. I might start going around the idea of a relapse, trying to justify it with reason.

    "Masturbating is natural after all"
    "Just one quicky ain't gonna throw me back to day 0"
    "What is one last time, for old times sake?"

    FUCK NO! And once I throw out that garbage out and decide firmly that I won't fap, I suddenly feel envigorated, more confident, like I could just punch through a wall. So to everyone out there tempted to relapse, DON'T! You are about to advance to a whole new level, if you aren't feeling the benefits yet trust me, once you beat the shit out of this urges you will. Do something to distract that energy, lift some weights, play an instrument, write something, but don't throw it away, because it's four minutes of pleasure followed up by four days of regret. If you start getting these triggers one after the other, you are doubting this whole thing, then god, the universe, whatever you may call it, knows you are doing something benefitial for yourself and wants to see if you are ready for the upgrade, it's just checking your balls LOL.

    I know it's kinda woo woo, but you can also see it from a rational perspective. Your brain is enticing you to go back to old behavioural patterns with all it's strength- It's even tricking you to put the blame into some external trigger. If you get over that, you show that brain of yours who is boss. I'll give you an example with other discipline I'm trying to incorporate; 24 hour dry fasting, once a week. Today is that day, and in every single conversation I've had through the phone people talked to me about food, about this kick-ass bread they cooked, or they had to leave for dinner, I even had to listen to my bud chewing on some mac and cheese. A friend sent me a video of a dude coming into a restaurant and eating churros until he was kicked out, you see what I mean? The bro in the sky knows I'm doing something good for myself, and is testing my determination. If you feel like you are experiencing something similar, keep it up, and if someone can relate comment in the thread, just to check the jizz hasn't gone to my head.
  2. When you try to eliminate old behaviors the universe and other forces will try to drag you back down i.e, Crabs in a barrel Stay focused and Stay dangerous.
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  3. Keep writing stuff like this. It is motivational and I absolutely agree. The universe is always going to test you. The world isnt here to make you happy. It is here to enlighten you.
  4. Wow. That is a great quote! Reminds me that Jung once said something like, "I'd rather be whole than happy."
    The world is here to enlighten us. I love it. Thanks.
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  5. This is that day for me. Unbelievable but you’re right. If I wake up after my sleep and have not relapsed I might have advanced to a new level of discipline.
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  6. I completely agree. Motivation is our only ally sometimes
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    That's right man, but about the food I always find myself argue with people about eating healthier and the effects of sugars and stuff. I think I would just leave it and stop arguing but the problem is once you started judging people's bad eating habits, theyll always try and confront you about this. I just want my parents and family to eat better and stuff so I don't care if I have to confront. But I don't wanna be a pain in their ass :).
  8. Just let them be I guess :) The only thing you can really control is yourself and your own actions. It isn't your job to enlighten them. Show by example. Maybe they one day will get inspired by your ways and catch up.

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