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    Deception is a very common tactic in the industry. The face of porn has changed since the birth of the internet.

    What is most disturbing to me is high class snuff aka 'kill porn' which is more common in Russia these days. High class sex slaves forced to do porn at the threat of death, and some do die to keep the others in line.

    2 videos that paint a symbolic picture of this dark underworld in Europe and Russia of organized crime lords ruling the porn industry and the incredibly dark secrets of all tentacles of the industry from brothels for the elite upper classes to underground sex dungeons where slaves exist for the uber rich.

    This world is a dark place. Most people don't want to see the entire truth. Porn is a fucking life destroying monster. What you see on the internet is only one tentacle of the entire beast that the industry is connected to.

  2. Just embedding some of the videos that are not displaying above:


    A naturally urge quelling stress reducing link:
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    Here's my contribution: Anything you do on the internet is eventually seen by someone somewhere. There are data brokers and military and federal cops and probably even hackers who know what you're getting off to and how much you do it. Whether you trust them with that data or not (and whether or not this embarrasses the hell out of you or not), it has a way of getting around. I'm not saying I support this, either. But that is a scary enough thing to think about that you might find the urge passes very quickly when you do. That said, even this is not guaranteed to work in the face of a serious-as-a-heart-attack addiction. It's still a matter of discipline and willpower (and I don't pretend to be a disciplined person, mind you!).
  4. Lol I stopped by the local FBI office the other day with all my devices on me asking for a chat. Gave them express permission to browse through all my internet activity too. Not even going to begin to explain why, but talk about taking accountability to a new level lmao.
  5. I don't know why but this song just does it for me. It is an "antifap ballad" you could say.

  6. Wow so many NoFap vlogs on youtube. Like I kind of get it, but in a way making a public vlog of what day you are on is a little weird haha, I mean just take a look on youtube, it kind of seems like people are trying to be some kind of "nofap star" lmao. Guys the great men of yesteryear naturally just did not masturbate and it wasn't like a big deal, it was simply understood in the East that sexual sublimation is a very natural and healthy way of maintaining vibrant health and vitality and in the West sexual transmutation became widely popular when Napolean Hill's book Think and Grow Rich was first published.

    Lol I'm sorry but I can't help but feel embarrassed for some of these dudes, especially the ones making day count vlogs.

    This one is actually is decent,

  7. Here is an urge queller if I've ever seen one, next time you're all alone and feel like touchin' willy or chloe to catch a rush of dopamine by treating your sexuality less than special, try to visualize if a fapper would stand a chance on the mat against Teddy Riner:

    Or if you have a chloe try visualizing if a 'flicker' could ever carry herself as lively and energetically with downright graceful exuberance as Lindsey (if you are a heterosexual male pervert step away, sorry for your own good probably):

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  8. Today's queller goes something like this, really think about all the time you have wasted binging on porn and masturbating over the years. Was that shit worth it? Lol I have a friend who quit and he says he thoroughly enjoyed fapping to porn when he was doing it, but he is now trying become a better person. I think he thinks too scientifically to see how fake porn really is. We have the same Master and she has told me porn is totally fake, but him and her have never come close to discussing it. My mind is wide open and I have no shame of the things I've done, a closed mind will limit you in life. Anyways damn getting way off topic, just a little more ranting then the queller.

    I fucking hated myself everytime after fapping, I felt subhuman and just wanted to be high or drunk to numb the regret and the drain from the loss of semen. I never fucking want to fap ever again. This shit is as fucking addicting as meth, cocaine, or heroin and what's worse is the shit is just a click away.

    This is the hardest addiction in the world to overcome imo. Yet it can be simple, simple but not easy. Meditation is the key. Changing your perceptions of porn is the keyhole. Never fapping again is the door you unlock.

    Fapping just destroys everything that is going good in your life. Us veterans know that even one fap after months or years clean is enough to either mess shit up or send you spiralling downwards faster than you can say what the bejeezus into a binge asmodeus would give you a trophy for.

    Fapping is a huge waste of time and once you take an intentional glance at something erotic (pixels, like once you deliberately make the choice to go out of your way to consume something erotic on a screen or in a magazine) remember you have just awakened a monster in your brain and think (right now don't wait until the heat of the moment to contemplate these things) how much time do I actually waste fapping and perhaps this is why I am not at the level of health and fitness I wanted to be yet and perhaps this is why I haven't been socializing more and getting into that relationship you could have been in years ago had you not chosen the pixels instead. If you are in a relationship and continue to fap that is a one way ticket to ending it. How does looking at porn make your mind and spirit feel? Ask yourself how you feel physiologically and cerebrally after you waste semen which could have been stored up in your brain to make you feel like a million bucks,

    It takes someone who no longer faps to know how to truly love another. If you're like me this is the most important thing in your life and the thought of fapping should be apostasy to you,

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  9. [​IMG]

    Violins. Nature. Amp Live For President. Colorado. Wilderness. Decent Human Beings. Loving Couples.

    It doesn't get much quellier than this.

    This song is a tribute to the Heirs of the Sun. Haters gonna hate. Fuck 'em.


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  10. We all just want to love and be loved. We want wholesome relations with a lover and to be physically intimate and devoted to a partner we are attracted to.

    The way I like to view attraction is by viewing a partner as someone who is similar to us in physical traits, but perhaps different in certain character traits to provide a balance to the relationship. Physically partners should match each other imo, it is the way of nature in a sense (not talking about color of skin at all).

    If we all found a special someone and built a beautiful relationship and were satisfied intimately, why fap? Surely some folks here are in relationships and yet still have found themselves victims of fapping. How sad that seems.

    May you find a relationship and be fulfilled and never return to this forum dear reader. Until then, let us walk together and heal. I speak for the singles here. If you have a partner and keep fappin you have one serious addiction.


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