The USA has seen over 500 mass shootings to date, and is still extending its world record in a year

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  1. Over 2 more months left in 2022.

    So far, Illinois has the most shootings, then Texas and California are ranked second and third than anywhere else in America. As for the entire nation, more than 545 people, including shooters, have been killed. Having so many mass shootings for a single country in a year is absurd.

    Let's do some math:

    375 days is 1 year.
    52 weeks is 1 year.
    30/31 days is 1 month.
    14 days is 2 weeks.
    7 days is 1 week.
    24 hours is 1 day.

    So, more than 500 shootings in America in less than a year alone is pretty fucking insane, and something needs to change. The 2nd Amendment is so unnecessary in modern society, and your hobby is not more important than the people's right to live. It's about the same as Covid19 deaths (not the whole world, but for a single nation).

  2. NothingMoreNothingLess

    NothingMoreNothingLess Fapstronaut

    We’ve had the same guns for 50 plus years. The guns didn’t change. People did. God forbid you mention that there is a mental illness crisis, instead the politicians make it political and try to blame the second amendment. Our society has a disease and everything wrong and evil is sold as good. We’re being poisoned by our government, social media, and mainstream media. Celebrities, banks, politicians, and athletes are protected by armed personnel. Meanwhile us regular people are waiting to get stripped of the 2nd amendment so we can’t defend ourselves. It’s disgusting that the clowns in the government are defended by guns and the ones asking to remove them. If they want to do that, let the politicians have their guns stripped away and the bank personnel. Obviously they care more about themselves and money than the people.

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