The "who do you want to be" - Challenge

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    Who do you want to be next Sunday? - challenge


    To reach your goal, you need a vision. And the vision itself is the journey towards that goal. To succeed in living your vision and reaching your goal, you got to break that vision down into achievable milestones.

    Come with us on a 10 Week journey towards the man or women you want to be, become and meant to be.

    Ok, let's start. With these simple 4 steps.

    Step one, find your goal:
    (Step one and two can be prepared right now before you start your journey next Sunday)
    1. Take a piece of paper and write (scribble) down everything you want to achieve (for 10 Minutes).
    2. Circle around ten things, you consider important.
    3. Highlight the most important 3 out of these 10.
    4. Now look at these three and distil it down into one sentence, which represents your overall goal in the best possible way.

    Step two, declare a list of 10 Milestones towards this goal:
    1. Start every milestone sentence with: I will...
    2. As guidance use all the important words as possible indicators towards that goal.
    3. Check them for validation. Is this a milestone which is valid towards your goal?

    Step 3) Start your 10-week journey towards your goal this Sunday.

    1. To participate in the challenge share with us your goal and ten milestones in a comment below.
    2. Then to begin, take the first milestone from your list and share your positive affirmation as a call for action. Like this:

    Next Sunday I will be a man/women who is _______ by _________

    Step 4) Active part - Live it
    Your task is to connect with your goal at least once every day
    . The more, the better.

    Remark: If you fail to achieve your weekly milestone by Sunday, share your result here by reflecting what did not work and what you could have done differently. Now you have two choices. A) Stick with this milestone another week and go with what you could have done different or B) pick a different milestone and get back to this one at a later point.

    Remark: Hang your piece of paper, with your goal and milestones onto your mirror in the bathroom. The note helps you while brushing your teeth in the morning, to have it present every day.
    If you want to take part, post your til-Sunday goal now.

    Have fun!
    Hug Jörg
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  2. Snakeloa

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    So, who is in for that?

    I am going to share my goal and milestones.

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  3. Address007

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  4. Snakeloa

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    Great @Address007
    Prepare step 1 and 2 before Sunday. Take your time for this (about half an hour at minimum)

    OnsSunday we will start of together into week 1 by sharing our goal, the 10 milestones and take on the first milestone.
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  5. This sounds great, I'm in! Will need to think on my goal and milestones. Seems like a really strong and interesting thread!
  6. Snakeloa

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    Ladies and gentlemen get your preparations done as soon as possible we start on Sunday. I am excited to invest into my future me. This guy is going to be awsome!!!
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  7. Address007

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    Agree, this sounds exciting! Let's make the most out of it
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  8. 123...

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    I will join in. That seems wonderful.
  9. Snakeloa

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    Great, you can join anytime and start off on a Sunday. Looking forward to your goal and milestones tomorrow.
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  10. Snakeloa

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    Good to have you all here. Let's begin this journey.:emoji_dart:

    A note in advance. The level of your engagement determines the outcome of this challenge. The more you achieve to cultivate the milestones in your daily life, the closer you get to your goal. BUT there is no wrong or right. Be kind to yourself while demand the best you can give.

    Be as precise as possible while seeing these points as rough outlines. Your milestones and even your goal might change or develop even further during that journey.

    A final invitation to help you thrive even more. You can post your daily achievements here as a comment. That will not only help others to learn and feel encouraged but will also be a great support to yourself, by affirming your achievements as new beliefs about yourself and your life. You will empower yourself. You are the mapmaker, and you take full responsibility for your journey!

    Now is the time to post your goal and milestones in the form of a numbered list. And then name the first milestone and explain what you are going to practise during that week. And then add the sentence to answer the question: "What do you want to have achieved by next Sunday?" and manifest it by answering like this:

    I will be a man/women who is _______ by _________

    Let me give you my example below.

    I wish us all a great journey throughout this challenge!
    Hug Jörg
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  11. Snakeloa

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    Hey, I am Jörg, and my goal is:
    To always align my life with joy and freedom and to cultivate a supportive and giving attitude in encounters.

    My ten milestones are:
    1. Enjoy family time (worked well on week 1)
    2. Be organized (that did not work 3 weeks (week 2-4) in a row. Managed to get it working 70 % in Week 7)
    3. Exhale, let go and feel (worked well in week 5 and very well in week 6)
    4. Recognize dependencies and let go of them (week 9 and 10)
    5. Show joy (14)
    6. Set priorities (Week 8)
    7. I take care and find friendships (week 11,12,13)
    8. To live out sexuality
    9. I am open to new and curious (week 14, 15)
    10. connect to my Purpose

    Milestone No. 1: Enjoy family time.
    I will organize a significant amount of free time each day to spend it with my son and partner. I will fully be present at this time and well-rested (prepared). No Phone, jobs to do, distractions. Instead, I will listen, share, connect and feel. I commit to sharing the results each night here as a comment.

    I will be a man who is enjoying prioritised family time by connecting to my loved ones in a loving, calm and present way
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  12. 123...

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    Hello I am 123 ... I will enjoy a high degree of study and will get rid of all the problems that stand before me
    The ten milestones are:
    1_ get the first place on my country in my education
    2_ get rid of the habit of confidentiality and porn
    3_Make my family happy
    4_ gain self-confidence
    5_make good friendships
    6_ to be diverse culture
    7_ to be an important person
    8_ to become a doctor in the future
    9_ organize my time
    10_ I find a suitable job for me on the Internet beside my studies
    What do I want to achieve next Sunday?
    That I can study methodically without feeling tired and studying without wasting time
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  13. Address007

    Address007 Fapstronaut

    Hello, I am Address, and my goal is:
    To strive towards true happiness.

    My ten milestones would be:
    1) Developing healthy habits and a healthy schedule.
    2) Breaking free from technology.
    3) Connecting with myself and nature
    4) Fixing my unhealthy dopamine addiction.
    5) Losing 20 lbs
    6) Eliminating fear of failure, and rejection.
    7) Snapping out of my social anxiety and depression
    8) Gaining more self-confidence.
    9) Having a more fulfilling social life.
    10) Experiencing true happiness more often.

    Milestone #1: Developing healthy habits and a healthy schedule.
    I will slowly fix my sleeping schedule, and start eating healthier as I need to lose weight.

    What do I want to achieve by next Sunday?
    To be in bed by 10 PM, waking up at 6 AM.
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  14. Snakeloa

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    Here is my Checkin for today. I have chosen to enjoy family time as my first milestone. I have done well today. I managed to get all the work done before my son came out of school. Then we had some father-son time before he had to go to bed. I was reading a story to him, and we cuddled. Tomorrow I will get up earlier to prepare an excellent breakfast for all of us.
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  15. Snakeloa

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    @123... and @Address007

    I need to clarify one thing to help you get the best out of this challenge.

    GOAL: This needs to be the one big thing you want to achieve.

    Milestones: These are the steps you take to achieve your goal. Please verify that these milestones align with your goal in at least some way.
    Each week you try to reach ONE of these milestones. Start with the first one (do not choose a tough one to start with)

    Have you achieved this milestone by next Sunday? Then take the next one. If not repeat or choose a different one and come back to the previous one at a later stage.

    So when the question is asked: What do you want to have achieved by next Sunday?
    Then you name the Milestone you are working on for this week and describe how you can achieve that.

    The idea is that we break it down into smaller bits. The great goal gets broken into milestones, and these milestones get broken down into daily actions.

    Take a look at Post #11, where I shared my Milestone for this week.
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  16. Snakeloa

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    Checkin For Day2 and 3 (today)
    Yesterday I spent every minute I could with my partner and son. Playing card games, having dinner, cuddling. That was a good day.

    Today I have my day off (1 per week), and we are going to cook together, take a guitar lesson and spent all evening together. I am grateful.

    How are you guys doing? Is your milestone No.1 being practised every day?
  17. Snakeloa

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    Checkin for Day 4 and 5 in milestone week 1.
    Damn it did not work out yesterday. The family time frame was just 1 hour yesterday, and someone destroyed that hour and got me extremely angry. I managed to bring my son to bed in the end, but I could not let go of the anger. That is a big lesson for me.

    Today worked out a bit better. I did all I could, but was it enough to calm down inside? I don't think so.
    Tomorrow I will spend the day with my partner and son. I scheduled half a day on my girlfriend's calendar to have a family date.
    When was the last time you reserved some family only time?
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  18. Address007

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    So main goal this week is taking the steps towards developing a healthy schedule. I finally fell asleep by 10 PM last night, which is good. Hopefully I keep this up and make it a habit to be in bed by 10, and waking up at 5 or 6 AM
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  19. Snakeloa

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    Good morning @Address007. How did your this week's milestone work out during the week?
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  20. Snakeloa

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    What a great week. I managed to reach my milestones as good as possible, especially on Saturday and Sunday
    Milestone 1 achieved! :emoji_unlock:

    My next milestone for this week is: Be organised

    Here I will challenge myself to organise my week. Therefore I will go to bed early and prepare a task plan for the next day and the week in total.
    I will celebrate the achievements by marking them off and reflecting each night what was possible.
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