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    Still trying to shill your holohoax narrative? Maybe you should consider reading this.
    You're genuinely disgusting. Who do you think has set up the division plan? Totally not the jews even though it was in jew's favor? You think it is right to pillage a nation of it's lands and oppress it's people because "you deserve it"? Your country does not support the Arabs, looking at what you're doing with Palestinians, it's quite the opposite.
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    I don't know one place on this earth where this stuff doesn't happen, humans are bad (and good) by nature. I don't know where your from (maybe England?), but try not to judge this stuff off of what a few are like. Whatever it's not like my words are going to make a difference eh?
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    venezuela with its "socialismo del siglo 21"
  4. SoaringEagle

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    I want to first sum up the typical zionist defense for stealing the lands of the native Palestinians:
    1-We have a right to the land because our holy books say we stayed there for a short time thousands of years ago.
    2-We didn't steal it because it was for the British and the British gave it to us. There was no such thing as Palestine.
    3-All arabs hate us and we fought them in 1948 and won the land, "They" have a lot of land, why wouldn't they give poor zionist us a piece.

    1- Holy and religious books are not land deeds, you cannot claim a land couple of thousands years later because you say your holy books mention you have been there briefly, and even according to your own history, you have just invaded the land yourself the first time 3 thousands years before which belonged to the arab Yabosean tribe of the canaanites (so even back then you were murderous invaders!), Arabs had through out history had a consistent presence in Palestine that never stopped. Secondly as it is very obvious religion is not an ethnicity! As proof of how differently jewish people look like (You are now going to claim the jewish gene, etc.. but I am not going to get into this, it is obvious to anyone that you are not an ethnicity or a pure one at the very least).

    2-I mean I don't even know how you can dare to say such claims, but chutzpah! So the British could have given you India, and you can say well it was never really a country?
    The Ottomans controlled areas from Morocco, Algeria, Iraq, Egypt To Greece so basically did these countries never exist because there was no official UN established, are those people just some random people that can be moved and discarded with to the whims of a jewish rabbi. Regardless of borders and UN, there are native people who have been staying in that land for generations, who the f*** are you to tell them to move elsewhere? Do you even listen or think about what you say?

    3-Again you have no right to decide who lives and who moves, you just lump all the arabs as some random generic arabs who have plenty of land which are up to you for grabs. And enough with the lies of all the arab fought you in 1948 making it look like some incredible feat, in 1948 all those Arab armies were commanded by the British or their minions! The same British who gave you the land which is not theirs or yours, remember! The armies and fight were tightly controlled to make sure you win, as it is to be expected, some patriotic arabs soldiers commanded by the British did disobey commands and tried to do something about the invasion of the supremacist zionists hordes but they were vastly outnumbered, had no ammunition. If only Abd Al Qader Al Husseini have been given few more guns you would be back in Poland now.
    The British created all those so called Arab armies to make sure the zionists are protected and not to fight you. The fight the Palestinians were making was basically one against the British empire and the Arab armies which didn't allow them to have any weapons while the zionists were getting top training.

    The incredible feat was not that you stole Palestine, or won in 1948 that was only a conclusion.
    The incredible feat is that through banking you have gained an incredible power that controlled all of the major powers, led to Balfour declaration and to the current zionist state of America.

    You think it is ok to do evil to others as long as your erroneously perceived ethnicity steals from others, you think it's ok to kill and torture children as long as it means you can control others but this shall not pass. If you ever have children yourself one day you will look them in the eye and perhaps you will understand the criminal part you are now playing, certain events in your life will give you the opportunity to change your path, it is up to you to take them. If you and your likes do not reform do not think you can ever get away with your crimes. What is wrong is wrong and what is right is right, not what your rabbi says is right and wrong. Keep that in mind.
    You have no right to steal other people's land or kill their children.
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    NoFap Defender

    Guys this thread is exactly why some people are put of nofap - because they think were anti-Semitic or something, it gives the medea fodder to use against us, it is a very touchy subject. I'm not saying we are, and in this argument I TOTALY agree with everyone that sides with Palestine, . BUT we are getting very off topic and I don't know why mods haven't intervened yet.
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    Why being critic of bad geopolitics is being anti-semitic? or should be percieved like that? I don't like to put every jew into the same sack, every individual is different, I've a close friend that is jew and he obviously have nothing to do with everything discussed here, but what it's being discussed is still worth of discussion, why should muzzle ourselves just because is a touchy matter?

    Is not completely offtopic, I voted for Spain, people voted for Israel, now they discussing why they think is the worst country.

    It baffles me that you can criticize almost every country in the world and no one bat an eye, but hey, criticize the made up country of Israel and everyone panics and call you names.
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  7. SoaringEagle

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    I completely understand your point, but I have a feeling that whatever we do, even if we avoid discussing topics like this one, we are going to get that accusation for two reasons.
    1-Anyone who will suffer from porn addiction will sooner or later research at least some info on the history of pornography and who runs the biggest establishments of the business and any discussion of this topic will get him/her the infamous label.
    2-Anyone who will try to fight pornography addiction, is much more likely than the average to be "unorthodox" so to speak of his/her beliefs in the world one way or another. If he/she is completely mainstream he/she will not believe pornography to be a problem in the first place. And it is only natural that such a person would have researched more of an unbiased history of the world that is not discussed, and that without a doubt will lead you to the infamous label again. (of course this still only applies to a small percentage)

    If people against pornography completely abstain from touching these topics even remotely rest assured that the infamous label will be replaced by another one such as the nofap conspiracy theorists, the abstinents, the monks, or whatever name they think is more derogatory. Pornography is a strong drug that is very useful for many vested interests and those who are addicted to it do not wish to believe the truth that it is damaging, whatever we do there is going to be a back lash of some sort.
  8. Jews were first in Israel and controlled it for ~1000 years. Then they got replaced by Arabs and then they got their land back.

    To tie it back to your analogy - it works in the opposite way. The modern state of Israel is comparable to the Reconquista.

    Also from an outsider's pragmatic view I'm very glad that there's a non-Arab power in the Middle East. We'd get 100 terrorist attacks every day in Europe if the towelheads weren't preoccupied with their conflicts with Jews.
  9. I couldn't disagree more. One doesn't need to be a contrarian to be avant-garde.
    Porn is objectively bad.
    1. Watching other people fuck is creepy.
    2. Your sex performance tanks if you watch lots of it.

    Everyone already knows 1 and will realize 2 through observation of functions of their own body regardless if they ever even heard the word "nofap".
  10. TheBigJ

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    Really my problem isn't that Jews want to be in the Middle East but with what philosophy they go there with. Jews literally are the worst supremacists there is and nobody bats an eye. They believe that all "goys" (non-Jews) will be slaves to them when their "messiah" comes. They believe we "goys" are worthless and expendable. That's why they've been able to commit the worst crimes in human history. And when they go to Middle East with this attitude and all the power they have, Palestinians are as good as dead. It is inhumane what they are doing. And if we didn't import the 3rd world to Europe, we wouldn't have 3rd world problems. Was there Israel or not.
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  11. Sure! Save for Orban, Kaczynski, and perhaps Kurz and recently more red-pilled Macron, our leaders have no balls, no clue, no survival instinct, no respect for their own culture or any combination of the four.

    But since the marauders are already there we better be grateful for every distraction their bosses back at home have to deal with.
  12. Let's concern ourselves with that when it happens.
  13. TheBigJ

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    What? It's happening. Almost done. You can't reverse it when it happens. Though when it happens all Christians will be happy because we know Who is coming. And He doesn't like murderers, slave masters and other horrific people. But I will be fighting against the slave masters and murderers.

    Yes because they are puppets. They are designed to be cowards and bad leaders. You know who control these puppets who captain Europe to turmoil. The slave masters can't allow strong Europe or their plans won't work. They can't have white Christians who know their worth. They must have self-hating white people like now. They can't allow us to be strong. That's why the USSR happened, for example. God bless you, get right with God.
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  14. I forgot to mention the Balkan. Those states seem to be alright, too. The West, the South and the North are generally cucked.

    Btw analogically to the ME situation we should thank Croats and Serbs for keeping Bosnian and Albanian Muslims at bay.
  15. SoaringEagle

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    Nop! You were not first even according to your fables which you call "history". Before you, were the canaanites.
    For nearly 2,000 years you didn't step foot in Palestine. Which in this period due to the high level of prostitution among you and converts you can hardly say you have any relation to the land.
    Why would a khazarian convert be allowed into Palestine and a Palestinian who can trace his lineage back 300 years forbidden from it is something only supremacist Zionists can answer to.

    LOL and BTW those making terrorist attacks are mostly your mossad, people know about Epistein and September 11th you know.
    The first terrorists attacks in Palestine were committed by your haganah and stern gangs.
  16. Why are you using "you" and "your" lol? I'm not a Jew.
  17. SoaringEagle

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    Ah sorry about that o_O

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