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  1. Jews were first in Israel and controlled it for ~1000 years. Then they got replaced by Arabs and then they got their land back.

    To tie it back to your analogy - it works in the opposite way. The modern state of Israel is comparable to the Reconquista.

    Also from an outsider's pragmatic view I'm very glad that there's a non-Arab power in the Middle East. We'd get 100 terrorist attacks every day in Europe if the towelheads weren't preoccupied with their conflicts with Jews.
  2. I couldn't disagree more. One doesn't need to be a contrarian to be avant-garde.
    Porn is objectively bad.
    1. Watching other people fuck is creepy.
    2. Your sex performance tanks if you watch lots of it.

    Everyone already knows 1 and will realize 2 through observation of functions of their own body regardless if they ever even heard the word "nofap".
  3. Really my problem isn't that Jews want to be in the Middle East but with what philosophy they go there with. Jews literally are the worst supremacists there is and nobody bats an eye. They believe that all "goys" (non-Jews) will be slaves to them when their "messiah" comes. They believe we "goys" are worthless and expendable. That's why they've been able to commit the worst crimes in human history. And when they go to Middle East with this attitude and all the power they have, Palestinians are as good as dead. It is inhumane what they are doing. And if we didn't import the 3rd world to Europe, we wouldn't have 3rd world problems. Was there Israel or not.
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  4. Sure! Save for Orban, Kaczynski, and perhaps Kurz and recently more red-pilled Macron, our leaders have no balls, no clue, no survival instinct, no respect for their own culture or any combination of the four.

    But since the marauders are already there we better be grateful for every distraction their bosses back at home have to deal with.
  5. Let's concern ourselves with that when it happens.
  6. What? It's happening. Almost done. You can't reverse it when it happens. Though when it happens all Christians will be happy because we know Who is coming. And He doesn't like murderers, slave masters and other horrific people. But I will be fighting against the slave masters and murderers.

    Yes because they are puppets. They are designed to be cowards and bad leaders. You know who control these puppets who captain Europe to turmoil. The slave masters can't allow strong Europe or their plans won't work. They can't have white Christians who know their worth. They must have self-hating white people like now. They can't allow us to be strong. That's why the USSR happened, for example. God bless you, get right with God.
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  7. I forgot to mention the Balkan. Those states seem to be alright, too. The West, the South and the North are generally cucked.

    Btw analogically to the ME situation we should thank Croats and Serbs for keeping Bosnian and Albanian Muslims at bay.
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    Nop! You were not first even according to your fables which you call "history". Before you, were the canaanites.
    For nearly 2,000 years you didn't step foot in Palestine. Which in this period due to the high level of prostitution among you and converts you can hardly say you have any relation to the land.
    Why would a khazarian convert be allowed into Palestine and a Palestinian who can trace his lineage back 300 years forbidden from it is something only supremacist Zionists can answer to.

    LOL and BTW those making terrorist attacks are mostly your mossad, people know about Epistein and September 11th you know.
    The first terrorists attacks in Palestine were committed by your haganah and stern gangs.
  9. Why are you using "you" and "your" lol? I'm not a Jew.
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    Ah sorry about that o_O
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    I've never heard of Nigeria until now. Might need to look that up when I have time, though.
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