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    I have a theory about negative feelings (mental and physical) that comes along with Nofap and during faping.
    And the theory is EXHAUSTION.
    Exhaustion is described as a state of extreme physical or mental tiredness.

    Emotional and physical exhaustion can lead to feelings of:

    • anger and irritability
    • anxiety
    • apathy
    • depression
    • failure
    • lack of motivation
    • hopelessness
    • pessimism
      • confusion
      • difficulty concentrating
      • forgetfulness
      • lack of imagination
      • loss of memory
      • executive function, such as planning and organizing
      • attention
      • memory
      • executive function, such as planning and organizing changes in appetite
      • digestive problems
          • headaches
          • heart palpitations
          • weight loss or gain
          • less ability to connect with others on a personal or emotional level
            • increased rates of absence from work
            • a lack of enthusiasm in work and personal life
            • low self-esteem
            • missed deadlines
            • poor work performance
          • social withdrawal from others
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    So it all makes sense to me. When we PMO we lose energy, mentally and physically. We lose semen, something so powerful that it can start a new life! All the muscles in groin area are fatiqued.
    "Sperm take about 75 days to grow in the testes.
    Just as men are always expected to be making money, they are always making sperm, too—roughly 1,500 every second. On average, these rambunctious li’l critters spend two and a half months developing inside a man’s scrotum before he suddenly murders them by the hundreds of millions during one wanton jackoff session to some online porn of questionable taste."
    That allso explains somehow the theory of 90 days of nofap.
    It is said that recovery from exhaustion takes 6 months ore more, in some cases less. That explains the recoverytime from PIED.
    All the thoughts are more than welcome. Lets dig deep in this one.
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