There is a hope.

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    Greetings from Czech republic,

    it is already 3 days that I think about writing short story about me here on nofap forum. For those that are trying to stop obssessive masturbation or watching disturbing porn videos or pictures I want to say that just to stop isn´t the ultimate way for the most of us here. The right way to end this nightmare is to find where is the core problem and then masturbation or viewing of this disturbing porn will end automatically.

    For example I am interested in psychology and new ideas and one day I randomly find something about BDD. Like with other psychology ideas I read about it on wikipedia and I had these 2 "AHA" moments. Something clicked in my brain and it suddenly stopped.

    I diagnosed myself with Body dysmorphic disorder. What was the part of the body? The penis. You think that you have small penis but you really don´t have, you everytime that you have chance want to touch it and think about how it is small and how it is horrible. And when I read that these two things are diagnostic criterias for BDD it suddenly clicked in my mind and it stopped.

    What do you think? Wonderful? Am I hero? Genius? Wait a SECOND.

    Think about it. You suddenly stop to watch brutal videos, Yapoos market, cuckold porn, Femdom, you stop to self-mutilize yourself. Great. But... I have now 10-12 hours a day of free time. Last few days just sitting in the chair and starring from window and thinking. Brutally depressing! However now is the chance. There is a hope. And I think it starting with this thread. Because I fill this free time with something that I want to do. To share my story with you.

    Good luck!
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    welcome to the site, start your own journal so we could hear more of your thoughts!
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    Love this. I am excited to see you succeed.
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    The way to cure sexual masochism is to increase serotonin. Please see a thread in my profile.

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