There is a very beautiful girl in my university library

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    She works there,and she is near my age.I see her many times staring at me why i am studying but i cant get the courage to talk to her.I dont know what to do,how can i start a conversation or start building the basement so she can feel relaxed to talk to me?.The problem is that there are many people there and that the exam period is coming to an end so the university will shut down
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    Do you know what is her job there? Is there a way you can ask her for some help finding something?
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    Oh you are right,i didnt even think about that.I will try it but it will be hard to start and keep a conversation in the library that noone should talk with so many people
  4. Whisper :)
    Is this book yours?
    Where can I find book x?
    Even as stupid is this - May I know where's the restrooms/toilets?

    Just go quietly and sit right opposite to her, or in the vicinity where she can see you clearly. Then look at her, smile and nod once in a while.

    Final gem: Make a hand gesture of you drinking something with a cup, by looking at her. You gesturing her, would you like to get a cup of coffee with me?

    How she reacts will be very plain and clear to our reptilian brain to show if she is interested or not. Don't try to read between the lines, guessing why she is doing this or that. Take the cues that are coming loud and clear, and proceed accordingly. If you are not getting any strong signals, then continue the above approach until you get those strong signals. Then drop the final gem :)

    Good luck.
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