There is life in all of us yet

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  1. I just want everybody to know there is life yet.

    Porn tends to elevate sex, objectify people and create unnecessary expectations that the ordinary person is meant to last 30 minutes like a porn star. My addiction took me to watch things like what happens backstage in porn and in film making, most of what happens in porn is edited, scenes are made to look longer, angles are adjusted so the man looks better endowed, not even talking of the pills they take to maintain their libido.

    There is no reason for the common man to try and emulate someone who is busy doing their job.

    I have been on this journey for the second time in 3 years. I have had my episodes where I thought I have been cured, only to flatline again. In my second journey I have used this process as a tool to self discovery. When I am in flatline, I have come to understand that it is the body's way of healing itself. After exercise, you cant heal yourself with more exercise, your body needs rest, a flatline works in a similar way.

    Outside of sex, I am living my life again. I am happy with the person that I have become. I have no intention to back to the anxious life of PMO again. I enjoy the wonderful touch of a woman and the feeling of knowing that I am in control again. I worry no more about sex supplements and if they will work again. I worry not if and when I will have sex again because I now know what it is to truly live and to be free of bad habits.

    I just want to encourage fellow Nofappers that there is life out there. I got tired of reading and following NoFap journals only to find someone relapsing again and again. I decided that the Success Stories forum was more inspiring and I have been reading this at least once a week. Like minds attract
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    Thanks for sharing this. It's very inspiring
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    Really inspiring....
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    Congrats man!

    I look forward to seeing this life! See you in 90 days ;)
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    'After exercise, you can't heal yourself with more exercise'. Well said.
    Maybe also this: after injury, you can't repair yourself by re-injuring yourself.
  7. True that.

    I look forward to you guys sharing your success stories.

    We are in this together.

    Asijiki (Zulu for Forward we march)
  8. The most amazing thing happened to me.

    I was sent a few Porn videos on Whatsapp thanks to a soccer group.

    As I started to watch, I felt totally disconnected and emotionless, I moved on to the second one, same feeling by the third one I deleted all that looked like Porn.

    I am now sure that in my mind, body and soul, I have divorced myself from Pornography and its harmful effects.

    My divorce came through this week and not once did I feel like engrossing myself in Porn and Masturbation
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