There is no editing in life

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    Before I began to learn how to deal with my inner tension, I was always very VERY tensed when in withdrawal. Every little difficulty within my couple led me to explode way out of proportion.

    I immediately jumped to "fight" then to "flight", and was exhausted 5 to 10 minutes after it all began.

    I've been thinking about it, and I realized that there is no difficulty in the world of pornography. Everything is edited away. The actors never seems to have any difficulty with one another. We never see actors not being ready for action, needing a break. We never see any of them struggling with this or that position, not being comfortable or feeling hurt.

    But in life, there is no editing.

    Porn had such a lasting influence on my brain neuronal connections that I associated the success of a relationship with the "smoothness" of porn interactions : if everything works fine, smoothly, then it's great, but if there is any bump along the way then it's an irrefutable proof that we are incompatible. (Quite handy how the brain works, hum?)

    Know that I have realize this, I'm a bit more able to put things into perspectives, and I'm less prone to outburst.

    Hope this may help someone ! :)

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