There is no God that is external to you

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    I don't know how long I will leave this up. (I may alter it)

    There is only one God, thats you, thats me, thats within all of us.

    God is not external to you.

    How you treat anyone is how you treat yourself.

    Do good to another and you will feel good within yourself

    Treat someone badly and you will also create negative energy within yourself

    You attract the energy you put out, negative or positive

    There is no good or bad, only negative and positive energy

    We are all one, its just that others haven't realized it yet. They are not aware of their God status

    God is experiencing itself through you, and through every one of us.

    Religion is made by man and is a scam to control. Religion is politically motivated and serves the few at the top

    Praying to a God outside of yourself is giving some other entity energy

    You attract through your thoughts, that's why you are a creator

    having a human experience

    Angels are real, I am contacted by angels daily

    Have the Christ consciousness, but do not give oxygen to Christianity

    Jesus is an ascended king, along with Buddha and Krishna. I don't mean to put out negative energy because that can only hurt me, but Muhammad from what I understand was very much into war and fighting. This is not God, Muhammad taught there is one single God you need to worship and obey, this is wrong. Also the word love is not mentioned in the Quran not one single time. They twisted Jesus's true message and made a religion out of him. Jesus is a king.

    I love you all
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  2. onceaking

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    You may have a point. I have said before religions are defined by the followers not by their holy books. Maybe the God we believe in shows us who we are as a person. Maybe angry people believe in an angry God and loving people believe in a living God.
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    Have you heard of the Law of One? It seems your ideas are shared by more people than you may think. Id be interested to hear your thoughts on that subject. Check it out, essentially you are talking about the root of the same spiritual philosophy.

    I have also been contacted by entities, and I think that if you were to watch the videos that intro the book you may be interested in reading it. I started an entire thread about it a couple of days ago, but only one person has responded. Hopefully having the thread in this section will draw more positive attention.
  4. onceaking

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    When people say things like this I'm immediately cynical. We have no way of testing such claims.

    Maybe because the thread seems rather nuts.
  5. There is no god as creator. The universe is self existent from infinite times. The only God is the self . Not the relative self i.e body-mind-intellect but the soul. The soul is the true God. We are the soul and not the body. The soul in its pure form is the knower of things not doer. The water eats, the soul just knows about it. But due to ignorance the soul thinks thats it's the body and its root cause of all suffering. Once we understand we are the soul and not the body are are free from all miseries and we come in only knower state and not the doer and sufferer state.
  6. Very true. When the propogater of the true truth dies. Following His teaching and praying to him makes religion.
  7. I won't be debating on my ideas here. Kindly inbox and DM.
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    Actually it is because the thread was moved to the spirituality section. Do you know where that is? Before it was moved there I did not, and i assume many users do not even know the thread exists.
    There are many things that the scientific community claims with certainty without proof, ex. Claiming there is no soul or spirit. The scientists are basically throwing out the scientific theory when they make those claims because they have done no tests that prove that their is no existence of such a thing. They in essence are speaking their beliefs to the world through their scientific platform, the same thing religious groups are doing. The religious community also does the same thing obviously when they claim there is proof, and claim the bible to be proof of such things. You becoming cynical, and pointing out that their is no proof is an example of??? what do you think?

    Clearly there is no proof physical proof involved in those type of claims, but that is far from the point because there is no proof for anything in this realm of metaphysics or philosophy. Im just curious what do you think auditory hallucinations are that people who are termed, "mentally ill" experience? That is a form of proof of something, I am just curious as to what you think it is?

    Well surprise surprise I was diagnosed bipolar over a decade ago. I've had "auditory hallucinations", and visual hallucinations that are all a result of what was happening in my mind during the manic or depressive waves or am i really in it for some sort of self-interest? No far from it, rather I am trying to help those that deal with such things try to make sense of them..
  9. 12ove

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    I also hope that this does not become a thread where debate is needed rather a discussion that helps all progress and understand themselves.
  10. Yes I said that because people start to abuse me for telling the idea
    So to avoid making this thread spam o
    It would be easier to answer in Inbox
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    Jesus claimed to be the Son of God.
    If you dare to say "Jesus is a king" and "God doesn't exist" that means that
    Jesus is a liar, what means He can't be a king (lying is not very knightly nor kingly).

    So your own statements are contradicting each other.
    A bad base for a constructive dialogue in my opinion.
  12. Actually agar is happening is due to unfolding/discharge of accumulated Karma's of previous life.
  13. Jesus said he is son of God in a methamor way. People misinterpreted it. What he was saying that he understood GOD i.e the pure soul and has become one with him
    Because of his high spirtual level people started to believe that he is the son of God in metaphorical way.
    Like a lightened candle ignites other. So a spirituality elevated being like Jesus helps other to elevate.
  14. Hros

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    Angels are real but God isn't? o_O
    Explain that one to me...
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  15. Roady

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    That's not the only contradiction I read....

    People started to believe who Jesus was because Jesus showed Himself to people. Not only in His days, but He still reveals Himself to people as the Son of God, crucified for our sins.
    As He can't lie, His words are trustworthy.
  16. Hold it in

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    I believe in God.

    Why would God need to experience things through us? He knows everything already.This touchy feely new age doctrine is really something else I tell ya. We are all the Creator? lol

    It's always so fascinating when people invoke The name of Jesus and Angels, but no no no God definitely is not real, why in the world do we need Angels then? Or Christ's consciousness?

    To battle evil? demons? To just have that experience because God is knowing himself? So we are all "God" knowing ourselves, so he will know himself? Oh jeez This just sounds like the worst playwrite ever, hah.

    Meanwhile back on Earth, You better believe Satan is real. We need Angels and the mind of Christ to defeat him and his ilk

    And then after all of this he says Jesus is King. Okay YE

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  17. 12ove

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    We are co-creators in our own reality. Science is starting to explore all kinds of experiments that have begun to prove that point.

    That article should be proof to some extent of what the original poster is trying to point out.

    It has to do with Energy.

    Just to refute a previous point made that was incorrect,
    The mere notion of infinite knowledge of 'everything' would imply that God experienced, is experiencing, and will experience an infinite number of experiences to know the true definition of experience of self..for it is very safe to say that each experience is genuine and unique in it's own way.
  18. Hold it in

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    Reality is what you make it? Dude I'm no scientist and I could have told you that.

    Yes I know, everything is made of Energy, I know other dimensions exist but to say we are the Creator IE: we made everything, in order to know ourselves is really well so far out there it's to the point of not being believe able.

    Implying so means he has? I really don't think it's that complicated

    Yeah God has seen Evil. He has seen Evils throne and knows where it is. That doesn't mean Evil is apart of God. He doesn't need to live through us to know that at all. God is not a created being

    The funny thing is you guys believe all this mumbo jumbo in new age theology but find what the Bible has to say impossible. The message of the word is simple, and I think that's why you just can't believe what it says. lol

    It's too simple
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  19. God is such a great creator!
    For he made some people deaf by birth. Made some mom's lose their child in pregnancy childhood, made someone poor and made someone rich!
    He wanted to see which of his creation realises him first for this infinite time just so he can enjoy a nice puppet show!
    God has so much ego for he wants to give liberation if they believe in particular religion only for a hellfire is for the non believers so much ego huh?
    Even like humans god had a desire to create!
    So basically God is not a perfect creator who has ego , desires!! cool cool cool cool cool cool! All praises to such god!
  20. Hold it in

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    Wrong. Creation was perfect in the beginning, Sin made everything corrupted. Thus why you have every problem under the Sun

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