There's just no point! I am hopeless just like I was before.

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  1. Relapsed 4 times today and I feel like shit I have not interest in anything anymore I can't concentrate to finish assignments I am now drinking beer and life seems pretty shitty I sometimes wonder what's the point?
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    The point is that by abstaining from pornography and implementing positive habits, you'll soon be in a much better place.

    I know the frustrations of what you're going through. It's horrible, and it does feel like there will never be a time when you're not trapped by pornography, but there will be. You've just got to remain confident and committed.

    You said you relapsed four times today. What caused those relapses? Did you disable a filter? Have you neglected to take cold showers? Are you failing to meet with your SA group or accountability partners? Have you started staying up late and drinking/smoking excessively?

    If the answer to any of those questions is yes, make the appropriate changes. Continue to seek out opportunities to develop your passions and meet with others. If you don't currently have any hobbies, try out some new ones. Maybe you've got a talent for woodworking. Maybe you've got a gift for graphic design. Whatever it is, I'm sure you've got some as yet undiscovered talents, so keep trying things out.

    Either way, like I said, I do know the feeling. I've had success though, and so have many others, so I'm sure you can too.
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    Benn i your situation bro...mamy times fail also but really trust me bro if you can get rid of pmo out of our life you will become better person and enjoy life way even more!
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    Echoing everybody here - we've all been there !

    Key is to understand what is causing you to relapse then working to bypass.

    As a guess might the stress of assignments be causing you to relapse ? Perhaps shifting to a public location might help reduce temptations and provide some fresh air ?

    As an example just a month ago I was convinced something major was wrong with my body - maybe blocked arteries, M took ferocious effort to O (pre NoFap) and my tackle needed superhuman efforts to actually get hard.

    Two things have changed :

    1) NoFap - within 3 weeks I was getting morning wood, felt like I was 20 years younger, fingers tingling with energy, sleeping better etc
    2) Joined a running club - been running for 3 weeks on an Intro to Running course - now I feel fantastic once my runs are over AND I've found it easier each week to run (sets went from 1 min run -> 1 min walk and now at 4 min run and 1 min walk - feels the same effort now). Social interaction helps as well

    Why tell you this ? Results can come quickly with NoFap (pun not intended !) but adding in exercise can really give you something to focus energies on and feel great.

    So get a change of environment right now, go to the library, park or wherever and maybe do a quick run (or whatever you like to do) then focus on your work.

  5. Thanks guys I was kinda drinking when I wrote this so I was a little drunk. yeah I am going to learn the lessons of yesterday and never do it again.

    I went a wall because in the morning I had a wet dream so that really upset me then from there I thought yeah what's the point I am already feeling terrible because I had a wet dream might as well pmo now. Just to let you know I felt 1000x worse when I watched porn and masturbated then my wet dream so I now know a wet dream is not the same.

    sorry for being a tad melodramatic It's funny I actually swore of beer but having a night like that makes me realise then drinking never helps me so I am going to continue my effort of no beer.

    Thanks for the support guys much I really needed it!
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    Sounds like you're back on track Chris. Hang in there man ... you can do this!
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    Wet dreams give the chaser effect. Its always a danger time if I have a wet dream to take extra effort next few days to be really cautios of a relapse. I quit all driniking and drugging and went to AA because I could not not masturbate when drunk or high.. just a note.. saying "i will never do it again" is a set up for defeat and failer to beat yourself up and hate yourself if you slip. I used the "just for today" model i wont do it. That way i only have to not do it for only 1 day.. I also flipped it into a positive thing im doing instead of not doing something. I roll my hips like doing the hula and say "sexual energy is great, beutiful, and wonderful but, [touch my heart] should be transmuted to love and campasion, [touch my throat] higher creativity, [ touch top of my head] and spiritualty." This way i have a place to send the sexual energy and raise it up to fuel my higher self with a positive mental attitude that it is a good thing. I say this 4 times as i roll my hips in both directions 2x each. I know you didnt ask for any tips on this, but the i was in the shame pattern too of beating myself up with each relapse and this really helped me out.
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  8. Thanks dude I wont give up. trying to get stuff done but when I relapse it takes me a couple of days to become productive again.
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  9. I really appreciate the tips dude, no matter if I ask for them or not. I'll definitely try this!

    Thanks man this is definitely a learning curve for me it was my first wet dream in awhile and of course I came on to nofap and saw stories about how wet dreams are almost like a relapse so that made me very upset.

    But I am looking at this in a positive way now. I know now that a wet dream isn't even close to a relapse and will now be better prepared for the next time I have one. This last streak was the best thing that happened to me since before the summer. My summer was frustrating could only make 7 days once but this is the streak that proves I can do it!

    I usually never drink beer and actually sworn off it in August but I am not going to kick myself for Last night because nothing good will come of it.. Alcohol or drugs has never been a problem for me and I am fortunate for that.

    I am so glad I found this community You guys give me the support I need to keep going.

    All right that nightmare is over time to get back to work!
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    Take a second, breathe, and ask yourself:

    "How do I feel about shit? Is a life full of shit something I dreamed about as a kid? When I look in the mirror, do I see someone I'm proud of or do I see a steaming pile of shit?"

    I'm certain that this feeling isn't something you strive for and I'm sorry you are having a tough time. Coming to the site to post this is a great step. It shows you haven't given up and still have hope for a better life in you. HOLD ON TO THAT HOPE!

    You're current options are:

    1) Commit 100% to change and the process of abstaining. Look at yourself in the mirror and see someone you are proud of. Someone who might tell a lie here or there to someone else, but NEVER lies to themselves. Someone who, starting today, will NEVER let themselves down again. Someone who is STRONGER than anything an addiction can throw in your path.

    2) Feel like shit. Live like shit. Get stepped on like shit. Stink like shit.


    In my opinion the choice is simple.

    and Smile; You Can Do It!

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